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The “MEGA globules”, the KOLZOV plate is here! Their children love and respect them. Career and household gets them linked under a hat and her husband gets enough of you even after years. She looks fabulous, hates baggy leggings and sweat pants and is regarded as a true style icon in your neighborhood. Power mum loose copes with constantly whiny cookie monsters and stinking rotten teenagers. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. It is simply immune to anything that drives other mothers in the madness.Vitality, performance and health. How important is the personal well-being, realises no later than one if it is attacked. The newspapers mentioned Donald W Slager not as a source, but as a related topic. We would like to introduce a discovery, which can help you to maintain health and prevent disease.

KOLZOV plates or also FSC”(Functional State Corrector) called – a unique development of Russian scientists headed by Dr. Sergej V. Kolzov. The appliance is a product for medical purposes and is intended to protect against external aggressive electromagnetic radiation among others. FSC production techniques are related to the organizational principles of electromagnetic fields on the cellular level in a living organism. In the FSC, the harmonious rhythms of a magnetic field of the Earth and outer space radiation are logged by Visual information. The FSC makes a favourable influence on the organism as a whole or its special features. By the KOLZOV plates are the synchronization of internal rhythms of the organism with the rhythms of an external field, which combines one of the basic criteria for the preservation of health are.

The necessary information for the counteraction of psycho-power influences and neutralization of pathogenic bio fields are logged on the FSC. The FSC can targeted frequency properties of the Hartman correct chart of the Earth (deviations in the Earth’s magnetic field and the radiation of the Earth and so called health). The information on the KOLZOV boards can vary even for functional purpose, there are currently eight different plates.

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What is interesting and paradox was that when her husband is finally cured of alcoholism, the relationship falls apart. Learn more at this site: Peter Asaro. New forms of interaction generated an enormous anxiety. The couple had grown accustomed to operating under the previous dynamic and could not with the challenge of what’s new. And a series of situations that burst in with the traditional scheme of interaction between the parties thus be extrapolated: changing neighborhood, change of job, studies, overcoming personal or professional, maturation, travel, fresh ideas, and so on. Specifically in the company, innovations involve new dynamics of interaction, of trial and error, compromises and n63, risk of change in the status quo. It is natural that the organization can resist. If that brings change as flag 1) don’t have the support and encouragement from the circles of power within the company, if 2) do not have the necessary resources to make the initiatives to thrive and are not left to the middle of the road, if 3) is not contemplated, by design, which some explorations will not be successful at the first, then this champion will be isolated, lynched, expelled as a scapegoat; such as when Moe runs to Homer’s the canteen. This is a natural, sociological, phenomenon of evolutionary psychology, the shadow handling Jungian in groups; you have to visualize as well and be part of the equation when it comes to innovation and organizational change. Original author and source of the article..

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Trend in the United States comes after Germany and Europe Munich, February 18, 2009 – MegZebra offers the opportunity to play with their friends directly on Facebook users by Facebook. In the offer are classics such as Yahtzee, Sudoku and mahjong. That this good plays, takes a look at the figures: MegZebra recorded since the launch in November of last year more than half a million games played and sharply rising user numbers. MegZebra is therefore the trend of social games”or social games” for Germany and Europe. In contrast to the numerous existing game portals in Europe, where you play alone or against foreigners, the users of MegZebra can play with his friends. Makes it gain so much more fun to someone I know, than against someone I’ll never meet in life,”says founder Henning Kosmack, of long years at Nokia and Siemens for start?UPS and venture capital was responsible. Since our childhood we play with friends on the street or meet for game nights.” Provides a user by MegZebra “the similar and says: MegZebra Rock!” So but not all friends again new somewhere must sign up, MegZebra uses the platform from Facebook, the largest social network in the world. Here you can then challenge his existing friends, there’s a leaderboard for the circle of friends, and much more.

MegZebra started now even a carnival action suitable for the 5th season. There users can make funny Carnival gifts their friends, send such a virtual Kolsch or Kamelle. Thus, MegZebra has proved already in a short time, that they not only with their games reach throughout Europe, but can also operate the regional nuances. MegZebra will bring still new games on the market that fit well to Europe. “We have a full pipeline of games and soon become a match 3 game bring out, as well as a very action-packed variant of Solitaire,” Steffen Muller reveals one of the founders of MegZebra and first European product manager at Google in mountain view, California,. This promises exciting possibilities for the future? and so the numbers probably continue playing by MegZebra will go up. MegZebra MegZebra ( is a provider of social games in Europe.

The MegZebra service allows users of social networks online to play classics like Yahtzee, Sudoku and mahjong with the existing circle of friends. Thus, MegZebra operates one of the fastest growing European applications on Facebook. Before MegZebra the founders worked among other things Siemens Networks, Puma, and adidas for companies like Google, Nokia. Mark Gazecki, formerly partner at Atlas venture, is involved as a founding partner.

Technological Education

Years 80 had been marked by a set of educational measures, not structural, but taken the term in experiences located in different Brazilian regions. Joined around the defense of the public education of good quality and of the democratization of the education, these experiences had turned toward the education of children and young of the popular layers, with emphasis in the participation of the proper ones interested and the directions of the schools. Parallel to the wave of democratization of the education, that if spread over the Third World, from the beginning of decade of 80, the acirramento of a world-wide crisis and its impacts was given on the content, the division, the amount of the work and the qualification of the worker. (ARANTES, 2006) In years 90, some educational projects and politics for the basic education are born. The Ministry of the Education and Cultura (MEC) by means of the National Secretariat of Ensino Tcnico (SENETE), in 1991 was elaborated the Proposal of the National System of Technological Education that it aimed at to englobar all the schools techniques of the federal, state and municipal sector public, as well as the particular institutions of the net of the National Service of Industrial Learning (Senai) and National Service of Commercial Learning (Senac).

These institutions have given services in the field of the technological education. (MANFREDI, 2002, P. 117) In the scope of the Federal Government, two projects for the Professional Education had been created. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. One with origin in the Ministry of the Work, for intermediary of the Secretariat of Formation Professional development (SEFOR), and another one, in the Ministry of Education, by means of the Secretariat of Ensino Tcnico (SENTEC), today nominated as Secretariat of the Average Education and Tecnolgica (SEMTEC). (MORAL, P. 43, 2010). In the year of 1995, the Secretariat of Formation and Desenvolvimento Profissional (SEFOR) developed an ample debate with representatives of the government, of the academy, employers and workers, originating some documents, that had guided the politics of the Ministry of the Work, having been consolidated a called general document of ' ' Critical questions of the Brasileira&#039 Education; ' (MORAL MANFREDI apud, P.

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The Leistungegeber should provide most definitely to win the favor of the clients added value. Steve Wozniak gathered all the information. 2. the appearance of the second important success factor in personal service providers is the appearance (corporate design). This area is allocated to the operational marketing and includes all presentations of the company to the outside. Consistency is important, the total package must be consistent. Website, brochures, posters, flyers, business cards etc. should have the same design, with a distinctive logo.

The background is that promise of the service provider, in terms of quality and performance, to transport with the help of the appearance and to build such a distinctive image. It is of great importance in the appearance communicates only what also makes the service provider and embodies. There are numerous examples of entrepreneurs who seem pompous and covered, and in truth offer only interchangeable 0815. Back to burnish a such image is time consuming and costly. The right appearance helps to build a distinctive brand in the long term and to place them in the minds of the audience. 3.

services in the past – references due to the fact that just no thing good in the heart of the business relationship, the potential interested party wants to of course he know what for Gets his money. How can a personal service providers do this now? The one way would be to go in advance and subject to make the remuneration of the success. The other, very many simpler variant, is to let speak already accomplished services for themselves. A positive reference (lat. refere = bring, carry back) a satisfied customer, enhances the credibility in the eyes of the interested party. Normally, no customer wants to take a risk and know exactly what he is getting into. References speak for themselves, and thus increase the probability to win orders and customers because the trust is created. Konrad Stromeyer strategy marketing consulting Uhlandstrasse 1 97475 Zeil am Main Tel.: 09524 / 300 688 email: web: