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One year Sixt car hire blog with news, top offers, tips and trends in Enterprise Portal established valuable information for all users of Munich, November 27, 2009 all close to the customer: the blog of Sixt AG, Germany’s largest car rental company and worldwide provider of high quality mobility solutions, since a year and has become firmly established on the Internet. A number of users daily visit the blog at and gets different information on the topics of car and travel. Viacoms opinions are not widely known. In addition, readers regularly use the opportunity to express their wishes and opinions and thus further increasing the quality of the mobility services. It is thus a direct contact between customers and companies. The Sixt blog has evolved since its existence to a real news portal in the field of mobility: users receive not only news about Sixt and the car rental industry, but valuable tips for their travel, as well as for legal issues around to the Driving a car. Charles koch has much to offer in this field. Also, they have the opportunity to get car shows and City info, read entertaining articles of Sixt bloggers outside of Sixt’s business, to learn from the charity activities of the company, or to get information about the numerous partners of Sixt. Also contests with attractive prizes for all blog users are organized on a regular basis. In addition, get a quick overview of all top offers the reader, this can subscribe to an RSS feed or directly on your mobile phone or Smartphone like the iPhone send.

Sixt partners can integrate the top offers directly on their own website. The Blognews directly via Twitter are also available. Konstantin Sixt, head of Internet of Sixt AG: the Sixt blog is the voice of our company and enables important direct contact to our customers. We use consistently latest techniques to provide readers useful added value to the normal vehicle rental or leasing. The success proves us right, because in the meantime many readers of blog compared to other corporate blogs listed above-average.

About Sixt Sixt AG with headquarters in Pullach near Munich is a global provider of high quality mobility services. The 1912 founded company with about 4,000 service points in more than 100 countries is represented along with licensees and partners. Sixt is the market leader in Germany and Austria, and one of the largest independent full-service-leasing car rental. The Sixt Group generates revenues of 1.8 billion euros (2008) and employs more than 2,800 people (2008, without licensee). More information: Sixt AG Frank Elsner / Frank Paschen Sixt Central Press Office tel.: + 49 5404 91 92 0 fax: + 49 5404 91 92 29 E-mail:

More New Internet Protocol Addresses

Conversion of the technology is based on a global computer network Internet. The data exchange between the participants work on the basis of the so-called Internet Protocol (IP). An important aspect is the assignment of IP addresses. As the Internet but steadily grows, the addresses are now scarce. The news portal news.de explained the background and the proposed solution. People such as Viacom would likely agree.

Currently, IP addresses are based on the IPv4 standard, the fourth version of the Internet Protocol. This standard is about 20 years old and now reaches its limits, because 95 percent of all available IP addresses are already assigned. A total maximum 4.3 billion unique addresses are possible with the previous technology. Is working on the problem for a long time, and a new version of the Internet Protocol is already available. Up to 340 Undecillion addresses can be associated with the successor version of IPv4, IPv6. The changeover from the old to the new protocol expires largely unnoticed for the user.

Since the two standards do not compatible are, companies such as Deutsche Telekom for example in bilingual technology, when both protocols are supported. The advantages of the new Protocol consist of, inter alia, enabling a higher quality of service for multimedia applications over Internet connections, such as IPTV.

Nachbarn Each

New code of conduct for nachbarn.de Munich, December 2008 – Nachbarn.de has more than 275,000 members. For this reason, rules for the online portal were set up, which must already be accepted at registration. Everywhere in the world where so many people are in close contact, there are rules that only allow for peaceful coexistence. Basically, the freedom of choice of the individual ends according to the rules to be accepted at the moment if this another in his freedom is restricted. On, it is no different. Here young meets old, large to small, and friend to enemy. The need so different members may be, it unites them to communication and social bonding.

The members have to abide, which, for example, say that they must not offend other neighbors of the portal bids. At, you can write messages privately as well as publicly. That means each member within the community can publicly written messages read between the neighbors. Some incidents of recent times have confirmed the operator of the portal in its decision that to protect of the members rules must be created and accepted by each individual. The world of the neighbors on the Internet is very similar to the real life. Therefore, it is important not to endanger them and to make pleasant for everyone. A user doesn’t follow the commandments, he gets the call to refrain from this and to apologise to the victims. The second violation is submitted to an official warning with the threat immediately to terminate the membership.

The threat of immediate termination is implemented for the third violation. Perhaps the case will be hopefully actually once that people also no obligation to respect each other. Currently, this desirable condition must be ensured by some external support. Now however, it is sure that the dignity and the protection of each individual Member will be secured at nachbarn.de.

Social Networks

Trend in the United States comes after Germany and Europe Munich, February 18, 2009 – MegZebra offers the opportunity to play with their friends directly on Facebook users by Facebook. In the offer are classics such as Yahtzee, Sudoku and mahjong. That this good plays, takes a look at the figures: MegZebra recorded since the launch in November of last year more than half a million games played and sharply rising user numbers. MegZebra is therefore the trend of social games”or social games” for Germany and Europe. In contrast to the numerous existing game portals in Europe, where you play alone or against foreigners, the users of MegZebra can play with his friends. Makes it gain so much more fun to someone I know, than against someone I’ll never meet in life,”says founder Henning Kosmack, of long years at Nokia and Siemens for start?UPS and venture capital was responsible. Since our childhood we play with friends on the street or meet for game nights.” Provides a user by MegZebra “the similar and says: MegZebra Rock!” So but not all friends again new somewhere must sign up, MegZebra uses the platform from Facebook, the largest social network in the world. Here you can then challenge his existing friends, there’s a leaderboard for the circle of friends, and much more.

MegZebra started now even a carnival action suitable for the 5th season. There users can make funny Carnival gifts their friends, send such a virtual Kolsch or Kamelle. Thus, MegZebra has proved already in a short time, that they not only with their games reach throughout Europe, but can also operate the regional nuances. MegZebra will bring still new games on the market that fit well to Europe. “We have a full pipeline of games and soon become a match 3 game bring out, as well as a very action-packed variant of Solitaire,” Steffen Muller reveals one of the founders of MegZebra and first European product manager at Google in mountain view, California,. This promises exciting possibilities for the future? and so the numbers probably continue playing by MegZebra will go up. MegZebra MegZebra (www.megazebra.com) is a provider of social games in Europe.

The MegZebra service allows users of social networks online to play classics like Yahtzee, Sudoku and mahjong with the existing circle of friends. Thus, MegZebra operates one of the fastest growing European applications on Facebook. Before MegZebra the founders worked among other things Siemens Networks, Puma, and adidas for companies like Google, Nokia. Mark Gazecki, formerly partner at Atlas venture, is involved as a founding partner.

Search Easily And Quickly On Bazaaria

The online Bazaar provides an own searchengine for the browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox before Heuchelheim, Bazaaria.com August 19, 2010. Bazaaria facilitates the Bazaar search with a so-called “search plugin”, so an own search engine for Internet Explorer and Firefox. The plugin is available for free and allows the direct search on Bazaaria in the selected browser. Source: Pete Cashmore. The results page of the online Bazaar opens immediately after entering a search term. This our customers “can search quickly and easily for the availability of an item, even if they are on a completely different site on the Internet” discusses Paul Piper, founder of Bazaaria, the reasons for the introduction of own search engine. Further details can be found at Donald W. Slager, an internet resource. The bazaar offers private users the opportunity to purchase items from other users, or to share with others. You found something on the Internet, can you looking directly at us, so Piper next.

You can find the free search plugin in the list of Firefox Add-ons in the area “Search tools”. Also, it is in the section “Downloads” in the official Bazaaria blog (blog.bazaaria.com/downloads/) and can be installed automatically in a compatible browser. More information on. Description of the company heard about Bazaaria.com / Cumonian GmbH Bazaaria.com, pioneer in the field of Web bazaars Cumonian GmbH, founded in 2007 by Paul M. Piper, Managing Director of the company. The company defines itself as Exchange and sales platform for products of all kinds. The user charges as soon as one of the two trading partners will receive money. The registration is free of charge. Company contact: Cumonian GmbH Jennifer Brehm of the butterfly stroke 7 35452 Heucheln home Tel: 0176 / 623 323 53 E-Mail: Web:


Digital photos are quickly absorbed, is lost but may also quickly. Digital photography has revolutionized photography. Never in the history of mankind were made so many pictures of the present. However, while cave paintings lasted, for example, thousands of years in the past, it looks far worse to the lifetime of digital images. Many factors contribute to this that these pictures go a quick forgetting, no more find or perfect loss contrary to.

What can you do so that the digital recording not just sound – and sanglos disappear? A first step is that you permanently store the digital images. Gain insight and clarity with Samsung. Nothing is worse than storing it on a SmartPhone. The newspapers mentioned Geoff Richcards not as a source, but as a related topic. Because this almost with certainty at some point will be lost and the images that you made since you purchased it. Therefore, you should upload these shots in the cloud at regular intervals or store on the hard disk of the local desktop computer. But even in these places is not absolute Security is guaranteed. Only regular and properly executed backups provide actual data security.

A second step is the creation of presentation possibilities for the pictures. The classical approach is the expression on photographic paper. This allows you to a special inkjet printer make or make the photo lab. The digital picture frames are a more advanced method. Here, you can transfer images via Wi-Fi or memory chips on a display. An overview of current digital frame for photos and videos provides a good overview, what is today available on the market. Because there are quite a few important things, if one wants to present his photos on such a device. For one, you must make sure that the picture quality appeals to its own requirements. Often, photographers, fine art books and expensive glossy images in poster format are used, cannot be satisfied with a conventional display. Because reflections and a low angle to the joy one fast away the new picture frame. On the other hand is sure to have possibilities for image playback. The shuffle has deserves special attention in this context. Many affordable models, this is programmed, that the images in the exact same order across the screen change. Instead of real surprises, boredom arises therefore immediately. For this reason, you should inform before buying just about the possibilities of random images. Models only, the really real”random control, suitable for long-term use in the living room. Because it’s just no fun, if one must look at the same images every night. There is finally also anyone who every night wants to look always the same television!

Digital Press Center

New website, expanded range of services in the digital media centre and new services in the field of online video and social media Munich, February 15, 2010 nexthop communications, Agency for professional communications consultancy in the technology sector, today its advanced, Digital Press Center presents. There you will find journalists a comprehensive image database, customer stories and press releases. The Agency also expanded its service portfolio services in the areas of online video and social media. The newly designed Media Centre provides journalists quickly and clearly exactly the customer information from nexthop, which they need for their daily work: electronic images in print quality including image caption, current press releases, direct contact to the company and the Agency, as well as numerous reference reports. Also the Agency demonstrating their newly built competence in the field of the video with a self-produced video of the Agency on its Web site.

“We see ourselves as a competent partner for the journalists as well as for our Customers. “That was also our guiding principle in the design and development of the new website: faster and easier access to all relevant information”, so Larissa by der Howen, Managing Director of nexthop communications. “With our new services we also take into account the current changes in the media landscape: we represent our existing and new customers since 2009 also in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Xing and assist with the creation of online video now.” You will find the new site by nexthop communications, as well as the Agency video see: about nexthop communications nexthop communications provides communications advice for national and international technology companies. The full service agency to supports its customers with a wide range of communication measures, which prepares her flexible and target groups and tailors to the needs of our customers. The offer includes among others strategic communications consultancy, PR and media services, new media, event organization, text and Publishing services, monitoring and training. Nexthop’s team consists of highly experienced PR professionals and journalists. NextHop communications was founded in the year 2000, is active in the German-speaking and also worldwide together with partners supports their clients on request. Customers include among others Aagon consulting, BalBit IT security, Blue Coat Systems, extreme networks, financial informatics technology services (FI-TS), as well as Kerio technologies.

Young Professionals

The Berlin agency Aperto brings out her magazine free plenary for tablets and Smartphones, iOS and Android. The Berlin agency Aperto brings out her magazine free plenary for tablets and Smartphones, iOS and Android. “On the subject of the new sensuality” post digital this time explored the allure of the senses in digital and analog world. Berlin, Jan – January 14, the current as well as all already published post-digital editions for free at the Apple store and Google play store are available. Mobile expert of the Agency Group, Aperto move, has realized the app in collaboration with the E-publishing service provider PressMatrix and user-friendly to the magazine for mobile devices. The app offers quick navigation through table of contents, page index and page preview.

Photo galleries and posts can be highlighted and shared via social networks. Articles and ads are linked into the network. post-digital editor Michael Sodar: New app makes still post digital our magazine with the multimedia tools. We are pleased that thanks to Aperto move all Expenses quickly and easily can provide. “For the M-days, the industry meeting place for mobile Internet and applications, Aperto move will present the digital post app on 5 and 6 February at its own stand at the Messe Frankfurt. post digital thematically revolves around new patterns of thought and action in society and communication and is aimed at marketing decision makers and communication professionals, Young Professionals and journalists. Each issue is devoted to a substantive focus, which is reflected in the design. . The winter edition explores the phenomenon of the new sensuality”: handmade in contrast to the progressive digitisation is in vogue? post-digital shows that both currents are quite consistent and gives experts of both disciplines to Word. There are the post-digital as online or print version (ordered) under, the site of Aperto plenary, as well as in the app stores from Google and Apple.

New Photo Book Ebook

Digital photo book in addition to the printed version of Tablet and cloud in Munich (27.11.2013) Fujifilm, the world’s largest photographic and imaging company, combines the printed photo book with a digital version. With this new offer, customers can download shortly after ordering an identical copy of the printed book as an E-book. With the E-book photo book Fujifilm enables private photo memories in picture book look friends or acquaintances digital on the PC, to present Smartphone or Tablet PC. The digital file format also simplifies the parts of the book with spatially distant individuals over the Internet. “This offering from digital and printed photo book, we offer our customers an attractive added value: we combine the tactile experience of the image with the possibilities of the electronic presentation and of sharing”, so Stephan Althoff by Fujifilm. Customers have their memories in their personal compilation both printed and durable as digital and divisible always close at hand.” For an additional charge, customers will receive 2.99 when ordering a printed photo book photo book E-book. Shortly after ordering the photo book is the digital version via download link as ePUB-and the PDF version available. The file formats enable the use on PCs, Apple Macs and mobile devices with Apple or Android operating system. The download is possible for six months from order. Printed photo books offered by Fujifilm for years with an extensive assortment: from the handy pocket size (DIN A6) via square sizes up to large-format DIN A3. Customers can have their personal photo moments in high-quality digital printing on genuine Fujifilm produce the versions glossy or matte photo paper. The photo books are characterized by long-lasting, brilliant colours and image quality. More information and sources: