Mandarin Chinese

Unfortunately this makes China one of the most bystrostareyuschih countries. / / – Actually there are many nuances, such as for cities, this policy works, whereas for the countryside is not always the case. There are also various "favors" for minorities, which are a dime a dozen in China. In China, for men aged 18 to 22 years is a mandatory two-year military service. . The women of the same age group are encouraged to carry out various military tasks. Michael Dell may find it difficult to be quoted properly. / / – In practice, turns out quite differently, and sometimes the competition in the military is much higher than at the university. The largest portion of the population are Chinese "Han". Mandarin Chinese is the official language in the country.

However, China is inhabited by 55 other people, communicating a 206 languages. Renmin ribao, also known as the People's Daily is the largest formal publication. Tiananmen Square (Tienanmen) the greatest place in the world holding various demonstrations and performances, and the Three Gorges dam, located in China – the world's largest dam. Useful information about civilization – one of several ancient civilizations, which has its own script. In the Chinese language for more than 20 thousand characters.

The average Chinese person in my life time to learn all 5 th / / – if you went to the tower, then all 9.8! Sichuan province was discovered more than 100 dinosaur fossils. Was found chetyrehkryly dinosaur – Theropoda alleged a lack of transition between dinosaurs and birds. Dynasty Emperor Pu Yi, and was the last Emperor of China 1908-1912.

Network Of The Future With VDSL ?

The abbreviation VDSL stands for very high speed digital subscriber line and in fact is what the rapid development of networks is mainly speed. Data rates of 25 Mbit / s, and later even 50 Mbit / s, are announced for VDSL. In practice this reduces the German Telekom, the length of copper wire to the end customer, as physically simple rule: the longer the copper cable, the lower the amount of data that can be transported. This occurs mainly by the distance from the central distribution station to the local distribution (the ugly gray boxes on the roadside) is now bridged by new fiber optic cable and the signal transducer (so-called DSLAMs), which interpret between copper wire and fiber optic cable, now from the central distribution station in The local distribution wander. If the distance from the local distribution to the consumer not the 300m mark to the announced speeds are respected. So far so good. Despite the tremendous effort, and the no less impressive investment more than three billion euros will not silence the crowd of doubters on VDSL project simple. Why? VDSL is a hybrid technology that combines fiber optic and copper with great effort.

The disadvantages of the copper cable, such as crosstalk, influence them in the parallel data streams of several participants are negative, still remain. The amounts are capped at the top and it can still not all the participants (only about 40-60% are connected). There is also a technique (DSM-dynamic spectrum management), improved by the modulation method and a different encoding up to 100Mbit / s could be realized without new cable infrastructure. Only a rogue would get there no doubt. In addition, say experts estimate that the complete development of a pure fiber network is not up to the end customers would be more expensive than the current plans.

This pure fiber-optic network that would be the future, thanks to the potential for short passive optical fiber technology (GPON gigabit-passive optical network) active even without the previously required amplifier and therefore could do to maintain all the alternatives proposed. VDSL is not only technically interesting but also economically. The German Telekom plans to use its new fast network like on their own and competitors locked out. What a blessing functioning market structures and sufficient competition for us to have customers demonstrates the unique price after the market liberalization, the end of the nineties. All the more incomprehensible is the buckling of the Federal Government of Deutsche Telekom, the monopoly in the future VDSL network. The amendment to the Telecommunications Act by a vote of the grand coalition, known as “lex Telekom”, which is preventing access of competitors for years, will come at us so dear.

Purchase Of New Computer

Before you proceed to purchase a computer, think again, for what you need it and when really that computer you may need. It is possible that when you put second thoughts before buying a computer better times. If you have firmly decided to buy a computer, determine what it must have characteristics, and how much you're willing to spend to acquire it. Advances in computer science is very fast and computer, which is considered good today, after six months or a year would be considered thin, and will cost half the price. So that the sum allocated for the purchase of a computer should not be construed as investment, but only as a waste of opportunity for ongoing work on the computer. Having determined the approximate composition of the computer, select a vendor. Try to learn as much as possible about the price of computers. The first shopping trip should not be end purchase of a computer.

Just walk around a few sellers of computers and take in every price list. In addition, may be sold newspapers and magazines with prices for computers of different vendors. Useful buy more of these publications and read them. If you or your friends have the opportunity to access the Internet, try to find it on the price you are interested in computer models, as well as their descriptions. Carefully study received price lists. This allows you to decide how much money you will spend. Look at how much computer you with the right characteristics.

About Embroidery

Embroidery – a widespread form of decorative art in which the pattern and the image is done manually (with a needle, sometimes hook) or by the embroidery machine in various tissues, skin, felt and other Content linen, cotton, wool, silk (mostly color), metal (gold, silver) threads, as well as hair, beads, pearls, sequins, sometimes in combination with sewn with precious stones, coins and the like. For embroidered appliques (a type of embroidery, often with raised seam) used fabric, fur, felt, leather. Embroidery used to decorate clothing, household items, to create a separate decorative panels. Infinitely varied types of joints: for the "deaf" embroidery, ie of whole cloth, is characterized by a cross, satin stitch, set painting, tambour, etc., for "horizontal" embroidery, ie of tissue with pre-cut or pulled off in separate sections of filaments – openwork, "woven by a" floor, cross-stitch crochet lace, and others. Used separately and in various combinations with each other, they allow you to create embroidery from very flat to convex, from the lightest outline, or fishnet mesh ("lacy") to "carpet" is dense harboring the entire surface of the product. Rectilinear geometric pattern is received Counting embroidery (count yarns cloth), curvilinear – "Free" Embroidery (on a pre suffered contour).

The appearance of embroidery dates back to ancient times and is associated with the appearance of the stitch, stitch on clothes from animal skins. Improvement of technology due to the transition from stone and bone awls of bone, then bronze, and later a steel needle, and the development of the spinning, weaving, dyeing business, etc. The earliest preserved examples of embroidery – Seat tires with typical Scythian-Siberian "animal style" figures of animals and embroidered with stylized figure of a man-jaguar ancient Peruvian mantle of the Paracas necropolis. Ancient Russian story embroidery (embroidery) on ecclesiastical robes, bedspreads and other things in the early samples (preserved with 12.) associated with the Byzantine embroidery and different going from the Byzantine taste for a rich play of colors of natural materials (silk background, gold thread, pearls). Sewing 14-17 cc. typical characteristic of the Russian icon expressiveness general silhouette shape and purity of exquisite color combinations..