Obstgut Reuter

The new band ‘I’ve missed you,’ Pascu-media is continuing his edition of digital novel issues with a new set. Pascu-media with the new band I’ve missed you”, continues his edition of digital novel issues with a new set. “Flora dreams of the land” is a new romantic series. Pascu media, a division which Pascu publishing group Berlin, which, among other things, publishes digital press products, Miss you these days novel book I have published”novel issues in innovative form as an E-book download – under this motto. The band is part of the series flora dreams of the country”. Protagonists are Andreas and Eva, which are lost due to familial turbulence from the eyes. Eva feels alone and lost even their work. It has to happen much, until the fate of Andreas calls home.

Quickly the past catches him, and he remembers how much he still loves Eva. If she can forgive him? The novel booklet is available as EPUB file for PC and E-book reader in almost all major E-book stores for downloading. Leseprobe : Eva was sitting at the kitchen table, she thought about the offer of the farmers. Since its release three months ago she found still no job, also not in a factory, even though she had tried everything. Their last hope was now the newly built hotel. But even that wasn’t sure. A so sophisticated House, as it should be, would set determined not unskilled forces.

She thought back to her childhood. Almost every day she was on the Obstgut Reuter. With Andreas, the older son, she had gone to the school, with him she had experienced their first major and only love, would never forget and never overcome. They had met at that time every afternoon on the Lake and tender kissing there too for the first time. They had sworn eternal loyalty. They had been inseparable, and everyone had believed that the dream couple would be par excellence out of them.

Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks – a white, smooth brick, which has high strength and high fire resistance, made from special types of refractory clay. In the production of refractory bricks, in order to during the firing they will not crack in the original composition is administered up to 70% grog (fired refractory clay) are often added to coke or graphite powder, sometimes large grains of quartz. Depending on the added elements are different grade refractory bricks, which have different destinations. The choice of varieties is due not to a different temperature resistance, but different chemical properties of matter become heated, the properties of fly ash or fuel. Taken to distinguish between four classes of refractory bricks: 1. Silica brick can not withstand contact with lime, alkalis, oxides of iron. As a rule, it is used where a wall ovens come in contact only with flame, or metals.

Often, it is because it makes the arches reverberatory furnaces (such as fireplaces). Unlike ordinary bricks, it is completely homogeneous and contains no cavities. Because it is made from pure sandstone and quartz, cemented a small amount of clay, after firing, a brick acquires properties typical of natural sandstone. 2. Fireclay brick. This species has a very high percentage of clay. Fireclay brick is better without actually reacts to the action of alkalis.

Rapid changes of temperatures, and are not a problem for this class. Fireclay bricks are used where the temperature does not exceed 1000-1300 C. 3. Main bricks (the chemical term 'reason'). This class of bricks is a lime-magnesia refractory mass. Use them mainly in metallurgy, upon receipt of the Bessemer steel phosphorous ores. 4. Carbon brick is used only in specific industries. The simplified version of a molded graphite or coke used in blast furnaces. At home, experts advise to use fireclay brick, denoted by the letter 'W'. Subsequent to their digital stamps determine the size. For example: brick line – W-5, 230 * 114 * 65; brick line – W-8, 250 * 124 * 65; brick line – W-8, 250 * 124 * 65; Manufacturers of direct production of bricks is not limited. Produce bricks and other shapes, for example, wedge-shaped, used for laying the semi-circular arches and vaults of various radii of curvature. Dimensions and brand it as follows: Clean face – W-22, 230 * 114 * 65/55; wedge face – W-23, 230 * 114 * 65/45; Wedge arris – W-44, 230 * 114 * 65/55; Clin arris – W-45, 230 * 114 * 65/45. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when laying refractory bricks needed particularly careful grinding them, so that seams can be obtained as more subtle. Connect bricks fire-clay mortar, which is added to crushed firebrick. It is worth noting that the common 'red' brick can not withstand very high temperatures. At a temperature of 'white heat' (this procedure 1200 C) it begins to melt, and when cool – to crumble. Of course, at normal room temperature of the furnace does not exceed 800 C, and therefore, in principle, in its manufacture can be dispensed with refractory bricks. But if you look at The fact that the refractory bricks high thermal conductivity and, therefore, it accumulates and gives great heat, in the manufacture of fireplaces and baths in our range are likely to fall precisely on this it. Equally important is the beautiful appearance is extremely smooth, flat, light brown or straw-yellow bricks.

Original Ayrton Senna By McGregor Sportswear In The McGregor Shop Now Available

In this year the icon of Motorsports 50 would have been Ayrton Berlin, Savic, 23.11.2010 – Senna, still fastest racer of in history, would have been this year fifty and remains the icon of motorsports. The McGregor fashion group brings to the 50th birthday of the F1 world champions 1988, 1990 and 1991 the exclusive Ayrton Senna collection 2010 “out. As consistently as Senna’s driving style, the design of the new McGregor is line: first-rate materials meet very high quality embroidered lettering combined with special anniversary viewings. The new collection is applied immediately in the McGregor online shop of the high-fashion brand. Senna had his first start in his homeland at the Grand Prix of Brazil in 1984. Since then, he played in 1994 a total of 161 major prizes for the teams Toleman, Lotus, Williams and McLaren, with which he celebrated his largest success until his last race at the Grand Prix of San Marino. The Magic”, as Ayrton Senna was called by fans because of his professional driving in the rain, reached 41 WINS, 65 pole positions and 19 fastest laps during his pilot career. On the circuit of Imola he died at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 at the age of just 34 years.

On the occasion of the 50th birthday of which pays tribute to Senna, racing legend McGregor the services of triple world champion with the new Ayrton Senna race legend collection. This impresses with sporty design on right track: whether McGregor Turbo jacket, PitStop or red flag Polo, Tri Power T-Shirt or kick down hooded vest with hood, as well as bags and caps the extensive McGregor Ayrton Senna collection brings formula one feeling even in the smallest side street. She is immediately selected McGregor shops as well as in the McGregor online shop under McGregorStore.com available. In the McGregor online shop, lovers of the Anglo-American style and exclusive high quality fashion find all current collections of the brand for ladies, men and juniors. From the trendy sportswear line with Rugby up to fashionable cardigans, blazers, Polos, sweaters and blouses for women and an own junior collection. In addition, collection in the McGregor of E-store at is run the business and distinction line for men in the Italian style, as well as an own footwear and accessories.

Wi-Fi Speakers

Wi-Fi speakers are always popular and already to buy at a reasonable price. For some years there is the Wi-Fi speaker they only made the breakthrough thanks to Apple’s AirPlay. Wi-Fi speakers combine the Wi-Fi wireless standard with conventional speakers. Coming out is a multimedia high-tech miracle! Because thanks to high performance, long range and fast data transfers can be heard everywhere now music speakers with Wi-Fi on the property. Fully synchronous and without delays. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through. Since one wonders which of course, as is possible? Because if 8 different speakers at different distances to the Wi-Fi signal, then a difference in transmission time necessarily. Most manufacturers using a free software which must be installed on the computer offer the solution for this problem. The software sends the signals to each speaker minimal delay, so that the playback is synchronized at the end and there no audible difference to the human Hearing is.

In principle, it is possible anywhere to place the Wi-Fi speakers, where the speakers are still appropriate reception thanks to this software. The reception is not sufficient, you can significantly increase the range using repeaters. There is no limit in the direction that the Wi-Fi transmitters scattered its signal in all directions. You can thus position as the speaker in front of the House, like on the attic or in the garden. The only limitation is the range of the Wi-Fi network, taking this as already mentioned, can be extended through Repeater. “While a few years ago the wireless speaker a pure niche product for nerds” were, all well-known manufacturers distribute these wireless speakers. Especially Sony, Bose, and the devil have become here a good name with excellent speakers. In the long term but also the manufacturer in the field of low-budget be able to offer cheap Wi-Fi speakers in good quality. By the way: Of course you can’t Wi-Fi speakers use only on private property or in the company.

Computer Diagnostics

Each car produces its own resource, and the various units and components eventually wear out and start working below capacity, or just finally break down. What to do and what to do if you feel or hear on the work the car that your car starts to work with some failures? Of course, you should immediately go to the service station. But you do not know what was happening, and what is not working. Steve Wozniak has plenty of information regarding this issue. In this case you need diagnosis of the car. Of course, there are many artisans who on hearing can determine exactly what your car breaks down and does not work quite correctly. But for you and your car will be best if you will call to professionals who hold a full car diagnostics.

To date, the best and most accurate diagnosis – a computer diagnosis of the car, which immediately, accurately, to determine what is malfunctioning in your car. In self-respecting service centers, there is always equipment that can perform a complete diagnosis of your car and identify the problem very clearly and correctly. Ie The computer diagnostics of automobiles, you immediately know exactly what you need to replace or repair it. This can save you time and money. You do not have to change one detail after another, in search of what exactly is not working properly. And so often happens when the so-called masters, they say that you need to change one. You change the detail, it turns out that she gave no crashes, yet they are advised to change any detail, and so you can change a lot of spare parts, until not find the real reason not to work properly auto. And, having computer diagnostics, you can always immediately will know that it needs repair.

Artistic Techniques

In the course of human evolution the development of various artistic techniques has occupied an important place throughout the evolutionary process. The establishment of various types of art such as painting, carving and engravings have been shown as the main pine for the artistic development of mankind. The prints have their beginnings in the earliest cave paintings and carvings in wood, made by the first inhabitants of the earth, hence the idea for making prints on templates and then translate them where necessary. The prints are a way to make prints using unusual methods. The contemporary engraving begins its history in Japan in the sixteenth century, where the use of templates to create pictures of Japanese relics began to be used, and from here begins the evolutionary process of the engravings.

The prints are made through the stem in a process called matrix board, this is usually of wood or steel. The matrix after being cut deck is natural or artificial dyes, which are absorbed by the designs and carvings. After the array is supported on the canvas, where they will set the works, these paintings are usually of cloth or paper towel. The prints are a paint system that has developed since the beginning of history, so the variety of prints are very broad. Some of them are: Etching: A method used to make steel templates. The process begins with the development of an array of wood, which is covered with varnish, before being awarded the mold of creation and the mold, the brand of steel can be done by heat or acid. Drypoint: is the method that uses only a sharp punch to make the template, this way of etching is widely used in the design of paintings and wood carvings. Prints the chisel: Engraving is a method that uses only the tools called chisels, which are entirely of iron.

This method of making prints is very common in the steel carving templates. Woodcut: is a very , where the template can be used several times, and that coverage made with the ink is made with a roller. Lithography: Engraving is the method where the templates are usually made to produce an image already established, since the collection of templates in lithography is tracing an image with a special role. This paper is attached to a flat plate, with a mixture of nitric acid and gum arabic, and then translate it into any surface. Although there are many styles of prints made today these are the most conventional is proper to note that the lithography is an important method for printing of images today, a clear example is the creation of companies specialized in lithography. In conclusion, the drawings have been a valuable step forward for mankind, and thanks to them are reflected beautiful works of art, no comment today when used as a source of work is generating an even greater benefit to society.