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The new generation of flatbed scanners the high demand of the WideTEK 25 since the launch at CeBIT 2008 has placed the need for up to 25 x 17.7 inches in different markets and applications in Hanover after a rapid high resolution flatbed scanner for formats. Due to its compact size and built-in walk-up scanning software scanner is the ideal solution for reprographics and copy – clipping services, as well as for universities, libraries and engineering offices. The large format flatbed scanner WideTEK 25, the completely newly-developed successor to the successful WideTEK A2, offers an optical resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi and large-format documents in brilliant quality with 300 dpi scans in 3 seconds. All optical components are housed in a double-sealed camera box. High scanning speed, Dustproof camera technology with two CCD systems, long-lasting LED lighting with a service life of 50,000 hours and few wearing parts ensure a high efficiency of the unit. The operation is intuitive and network-wide via a Web browser or as a standalone solution. The user needs no external PC, but uses the scanner via the integrated touch-screen display. With a monitor connected directly to the scanner, the user can track late changes of the scanning parameters such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, etc.

on the screen. After the quality control on the screen, the scans are sent directly from the scanner to a specific destination on the network, such as target directory, network printers, FTP-server, USB-stick, or by E-Mail. The new model offers all the benefits and functionality of WideTEK large format scanners and is offered at a very special price of 7.999 euros. Image access: Image access is leading manufacturer of large format scanner technology for professional applications. With award-winning developments, the company is among the technological leaders and employs worldwide more than 60 people, most of them at the Wuppertal headquarters.


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CNN Desktop

The creation of the Active Desktop marked the beginning of attempts by Microsoft to capitalize on a trend in new technology called push technology, led by PointCast. A member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, an academic honor society, appears on CNN as well. Active Desktop placed a number of channels on the desktop of the user’s computer, providing continuously updated information such as news headlines and values of the stocks, without requiring the user to open the browser.
Active Desktop debuted in 1997, during the launch of Internet Explorer 4.0 for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 as an optional feature of the Windows Desktop Update, offered to users during the update installation. Peter Asaro oftentimes addresses this issue. While the Windows Desktop Update is commonly understood (erroneously) as the Active Desktop in itself, this is an upgrade of the entire shell-windows v4.0 to v4.72 or 4.71, resulting in numerous changes in the Windows interface, providing a appearance and an almost equal level of functionality to Windows 98. Includes an option to file names in uppercase (the old desktop v4.0 showed significantly filenames in uppercase for the title), select files from a single click and fast-tracking configurable options, configurable display HTML for each folder, mini buttons for quick access in the Task Bar next to the Start button, a Start Menu that allows improved drag items to reorder and allowing, in addition, the click the right mouse button to change named items, etc. With the update, Windows Explorer now displays an address bar where you can enter addresses and can surf the Internet as is done with the standard browser.


Reduce Computer Risk Online

Learn how to prevent your privacy or your business against threats that characterize the use of the Internet, the information considered confidential may be part of more than one database. Home and work addresses, mobile and fixed phones, and even the number of the certificate of citizenship are typed innocently registered person who is ignorant of IT risk, detailed information. Furthermore, without knowing that may be public record what pages they visit frequently, the objects they acquire and pleasure activities are generated. Even when buying online, some sites ask their customers to fill out forms. With a couple of the above data, the criminals, who sail in search of a victim, can decipher its identity and, thus compromising its integrity both real and virtual, a fact for which you should refrain from writing such details. In his negocioa Do not share credit card numbers or customer authentication via Internet. Please refrain from making calls in confidence by the network, their privacy is never complete and can be heard by others. Make sure that operators working under the same network do not have access to programs or files.

Verify that restricted folders exist and that the information sent by e-mail reaches the recipient estimated. Organize a computing hierarchy with different keys for each pattern of order. Consequently, at least once a month, update the usernames and passwords patterns. Note that, with the advent of technology, each day more precautions to make the sail. In fact, such threats are starting in different countries, to be legislated within the occupational hazards. Related Stories: Digital Journal of Business and Technology focused on informing the public to be alert and prepared against business issues, technology, professional development and current affairs.

Social Networking

Microsoft acquires social network Yammer for $ 1.2 billion. A few weeks ago he knew of the negotiations between Microsoft and the Internet company based in San Francisco. Similar to Facebook and with around five million users, Yammer bases its strategy on the formation of social networks private among the employees of many companies that use the network as a work tool. It’s a social network that works in a private and secure environment. Elitist where they exist, Yammer customers include about 80% of the companies in the Fortune 500 as Ford Motor list. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marc Mathieu. Nothing to do with their similar Facebook, Twitter or Google + (website design).

Another multibillion-dollar acquisition of Microsoft which adds to the Skype in 2011 for eight thousand five hundred million dollars. By then Microsoft acquired the company calls and video calls over the Internet, headquartered in Luxembourg, with a total of 170 million registered users. Yammer share documents and projects, are classified, labelled and reviewed content, forums are created from discussion, mini blogs, Wikis and all this with the information shared by users that necessarily have to be employees of any of the companies in the network (web Hosting). According to the company social network Yammer helps that employees will auto organize into teams, collaborate in decision-making and be more productive and successful. Perhaps the revenge of Microsoft after the acquisition of Quickoffice by Google a few weeks ago. The rivalry between the companies is more than evident but Microsoft seeks, above all, compete with IBM, and that Buddy Media acquired, and with Oracle purchased Vitrue or Cisco; ESN (Enterprise Social Networking) features all of them have been added to their suites.

For its part, Yammer makers expect that the enterprise social network to benefit from the experience and resources of Microsoft and contributes to knowledge and massive growth of the same. Microsoft seeks to develop a complete solution that Yammer becomes part of your cloud (cloud), i.e. of the products Office 365, SharePoint, Skype and Dynamics. Front of Yammer will continue its current Chief Executive, David Sacks. The social network founded in 2008 landed in Microsoft with very good growth forecasts, opportunity that leaves no escape the King of software. We’ll see if in future Yammer extends its circle of companies and registered users to compete with Facebook and Google. Criacao de Sites Web development Sites