Thanks to the platform students and tutors worldwide they can be and work together by Internet. avilano offers an international market of classes for all the matters in all the languages and a software to work in line (by videoconference). The avilano users can use the market of classes and software for videoconferences like ideal combination, or separately. As much the market of classes as software is easy to use. Software offers besides the sound, direct video and chat in a virtual and interactive slate in which tutorial and students they can write with a graphical tablet or that documents can raise (of different formats) to work with them in class. It is possible to keep the writing and shown in the slate so that the student can continue studying with this material after the class.

The avilano software is taken directly in the navigator and is easy to use. In the market of classes as much students and tutors can publish announcements as also institutes, educative academies and other centers. Besides announcements in the market of classes the users can publish profiles with information on their professional formation, curriculum vitae, etc. To publish supplies and requests of classes and personal profiles in avilano are free. The avilano platform has been created by two engineers and one professor of languages, all of them interested in the remote learning at international level. The remote learning by Internet and videoconference is a modern form of e-learning.

The student studies comfortably from house, connected to Internet. Student and tutor only need a modern computer, auricular with microphone and a camera Web. For the classes they are in a virtual classroom, where they are seen and they are heard at the same time and they shared a virtual and interactive slate. The remote learning offers many possibilities. It is possible to be studied with specialists and people who are not in their surroundings. Often it is possible to be taken short term classes, since neither the student nor the tutor must move. In addition one saves the expenses and the time of displacement.

Calibrated Steel Circle – And Application

Technique of calibration is simply, as an additive for polishing steel products with good surface and with small deviations in size. Dermot McCormack has compatible beliefs. Any calibrated steel including such as gauged wire, calibrated bars, range calibrated, calibrated square, hexagon calibrated, manufactured according to GOST 1051/73. According to this norm is made round, hexagon, square Calibrated wide range of steel grades and applications: the instrumental, structural steel, alloy and spring-resornoy, corrosion-resistant steel, ordinary carbon steel, heat-resistant. Calibration is done by drawing on the special equipment. The resulting calibrated rental demand in the future high-speed processing on equipment, equipment for punching and landing. The main calibrated range of customers are steel repair enterprises, as well as metal processing and manufacturing engineering companies. The accuracy and quality of the outer layer does not allow spend the extra machining of metal. Removing the scale increases when calibrating time interval of the metal parts made of calibrated steel.

Calibrated range is likely to be have a perfectly smooth, matt or bright surface. On such a surface there are no defects such as ledges and Zarubin. However, it assumes the presence of spiral-shaped marks formed during calibration, which do not lead to a decrease in oversight steel surface. Processing of the circle, hexagon, square calibrated gives a significant reduction in waste. By intention specialized client produce calibration of the surface of metal consisting of removal of the upper edge of the metal, boring and polishing. Special treatment of the upper layer is a circle. Calibrated steel GOST 1050-88 is made of k / steel directed to the manufacture of products in such industries in the engineering industry and automobile industry, construction, agro-industrial complex. Calibrated steel GOST 1050 allows for optimum rejection of standard sizes and finishes surface. Metal products produced in coils with thickness of 4 – 16 mm in diameter rods from 5 to 65 mm. Involved steels from 08 to 65, with resistance at the gap from 410 to 670 N / mm and 285 to 575 N / kvmm for heat-treated and hardened steel each.

Feudal System

According to Martins, ' ' this book has left of the beginning of that sociology it is the result of an attempt of understanding of radically new social situations, created for then the rising society capitalista' '. The objective of this new science is to understand the changes that the society comes suffering in the diverse phases of the capitalist system. In as the item, called ' ' First chapter: Surgimento' ' , the author if dedicates to explain the origin of sociology, considering the historical context and the diverse factors that make possible its formation. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dermot McCormack and gain more knowledge.. Sociology appears in modernity, however it is not a purely modern movement. To understand it, one becomes necessary to analyze a series of factors.

It appears in the end of the Average Age and beginning of the Modern Age, in a period of transistion of the Feudal System for the Capitalist System and its creation is not atrelada only a philosopher or scientist, being, in the truth, the representation of a set of thoughts of some intellectuals who if had given to try to understand this new society that presents unknown characteristics in the history of the humanity, such which the awareness on the part of the oppressed classrooms of its basic importance in the process of economic production, the recognition of some of the basic rights of the proletariat by means of strikes, debates and even though revolutions, among others. The word sociology, affirms the author, appears only in 1830. However, they had been the events provoked for the double revolution (industrial and Frenchman) they had stimulated that it had made and it necessary. The Industrial Revolution meant much more that the sprouting of machines and the surprising capacity of large-scale production of these. At Byron Trott you will find additional information. It represents, also, the substitution of the man for the machine, the agricultural evasion, precarious conditions of work, beyond the infantile work, between innumerable other curses.