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NSCAA Convention

Interview with the initiator of the youth coach Congress, Peter Schreiner. Date: 22-24 July 2011 place: sports school came Kaiserau (close to Dortmund) interview with the initiator of the youth coach Congress, Peter Schreiner. IFJ96: Mr Schreiner, you have called the youth coaches Convention in life and organize it for the third time. How they came to this idea? Carpenter: in 1998 I was at the NSCAA Convention in the United States. The world’s largest football coach Congress (2011: over 10,000 participants) impressed me so much that I’ve dreamed of, to organize a Congress in Germany itself. In the meantime, this idea was forgotten, but 2009 it was ready. At the 1st Congress of the youth coach, we presented globally recognised speakers.

The 80 participants from 4 countries were enthusiastic about the idea. 2010 came then over 100 participants from 8 countries. IFJ96: track what targets the youth coach Congress? Carpenter: We prepare on a coaches Convention with 1000-2000 or more subscribers. To do this you need the appropriate logistics and the Organization team gradually build up and train. With us everything almost digital and automated, so that we can perfectly manage the registration process, as well as the end of the Congress. There are the BDFL Congress, the only coach with A license or football coach may participate in, which thus renew their license in Germany. However, we want to organize congresses where everyone can participate, no matter which League you train without a trainer license. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. In addition to a great programme of Congress also the communication of the coach is important to us with each other and the speakers.

IFJ96: Can you tell us something to the speakers of this year’s Congress? Carpenter: We have invited interesting speakers from Germany and abroad. Horst has already a large fan base from the past congresses wine (Barcelona). His focus is development of game intelligence”. This year he will present in his two papers of insider information on the coaches PEP Guardiola (FC Barcelona) and Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid). For several years pursuing the Spanish football and especially the developments in the FC Barcelona very carefully. Now this co-authored an E-book which will be presented in April at. He will be also practical examples, which are loosely based on the game philosophy of FC Barcelona. Ralf Peter (DFB-trainer) will show on the first day, how to introduce the four defense chain at the beginning of the season and refined. He has published this already a series of online seminars on. The practice in the foreground is now at the Congress of youth team coach. Rafael Wieczoreck will introduce Coerver coaching, a globally recognized and highly effective training method, in theory and practice. More info: Paul Daversa. Marco Knoop (VfL Bochum) this year has the theme “Coordination training in football” we have in addition to Horst wine a further foreign speaker. Mike Antoniades (London), who worked for Chelsea London, arsenal, various universities and associations in Europe and United States. Treat it is the issue of speed training”. This will be so vividly in practice that simple English enough to understand everything. For questions of detail is a translator available. The 3rd youth coach Congress 2011 held parallel to the first woman coach Congress.

Rosberg LiveDOK

The expansion of our activities in East Asia with the help of an experienced partner who is familiar with the local, cultural conditions, is part of our international strategy to grow. Digital power NET. Co. distributes software products Prodok and LiveDOK of Rosberg Engineering GmbH in South Korea in the future. The expansion of our activities in East Asia with the help of an experienced partner who is familiar with the local and cultural conditions, is part of our international strategy to grow,”Ralph Rosberg, managing partner of the Rosberg Engineering GmbH.

digital power NET co. (DPN) has its headquarters in Seoul and has many years of international experience in the power plant sector. All services relating to planning, construction and commissioning of facilities are the focus of DPN. Therefore a qualified partner for Prodok and LiveDOK available is available to customers in South Korea. In the East Asian market, DPN is for its optimum customer service, its excellent market knowledge and the competent use of latest technologies known. Prodok DPN offers a PLT-CAE system with many features and modules, that ensures that the rational, consistent project planning and documentation of systems users in South Korea. LiveDOK is a system that provides efficient access to the electronic system documentation as well as the care and consistency throughout the entire life cycle.


Expert seminar ‘Eye injury LED rays’ in the Haus der Technik LEDs are everywhere in lighting technology on the rise. The brightness and intensity will be constantly increased. LED bulbs are already widely used as running lights in cars, for flashlights, for domestic and street lighting, and even for photography and stage equipment. But rarely the hazard potential is discussed specifically by LED radiation for the human eye. Until recently, the LED radiation was classified even after the laser standard.

But also for optical emitters, which are no lasers and include LED, there are General and largely mandatory requirements for the product and occupational safety. The seminar eye hazard LED rays”on March 16, 2010 in Munich under the direction of Dipl.-Phys. Werner Horak (Siemens AG) and Dipl.-Phys. Werner Hadani (OSRAM GmbH) shows the effect of optical radiation and the photobiological Gefahrungspotenzial of LED as compared to conventional light sources and lasers. On the basis of Valuation bases conveyed the EU directive for safety at work and the lamp safety standard for the classification, as well as an introduction in the limits and methods of measurement. Registration and the detailed event programme of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs. Gebauer), 0201/1803-346 fax or on the Internet at and htd/veranstaltungen/W-H010-03-383-0.html Dipl.-ing get interested in the House. Kai banks man

LED, Success Story Beyond Compare

Already the seventh time takes on the 15th and 16th March 2011 the comprehensive, two-day symposium ‘LED light engineering’ in Essen Haus der Technik. Many writers such as Mikkel Svane offer more in-depth analysis. The meeting brings together current knowledge that is otherwise scattered and difficult or not accessible. All essential aspects of LED technology of the manufacture and control over the physical properties up to practical applications in architecture, the stagecraft and the vehicle lighting, medical technology, as street lighting and many other applications are discussed in theory and practice. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. rer. NAT. Cornelius Neumann, light Technology Institute University of Karlsruhe (TH), you bring high-level experts from academia and companies in short presentations on the latest state of the art.

By the Conference LED in the lighting technology”, the participants will receive a compressed and comprehensive overview of the ongoing development and the latest trends. It is surprising, therefore, that is this event become an essential Meeting of the leaders of the industry has developed.

In February the new customer and user magazine of the WEDA is published Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH in Lutten. (Neben dem Titel scrofa+”(lateinisch: mutter aller Schweine)”) of the subtitles can be what you wanted to know about pigs “suggests that the publication of the complete provider for modern pig farming to industry insider is aimed. The + “in the name of the newspaper that is completely produced in the home of WEDA, stands for well-researched, informative article from first-hand and experienced spring.” Keep 10,000 subscribers are the sheet in the future three times per year in the compact Berliner format”in the hands. Exciting categories such as technology, news, international, culinary and updates guide the reader through the customer magazine. The first scrofa + “issue devoted in their part of the country the emerging market of Brazil. Under the heading currently you useful tips and information holds, which conditions for pig farmers new animal welfare livestock farming regulation 2013 will bring with it. The article deepens what will change for the pig farmers, especially in the area of the sows, through the implementation of the new laws specifically in their everyday lives. The complex regulation WEDA has also made easy an overview brochure titled clause jungle”, which can be ordered at. Click Robert Bakish to learn more. Those interested in the print edition can with an E-Mail to at the Distributor the scrofa + “set.” Who wants to make a picture of the new issue to advance can browse comfortably in the newspaper under in the E-paper format.

About User Safety Shoes

Important shoes for security also comfort in modern work shoes often no longer striking the carrier, that it is about one such is. This is because that the upper materials such as leather or textile fabrics are considerably high quality. The cuts of the shoes is geared for good appearance, ergonomics and high functionality. Also, techniques come in today’s security shoes found in expensive trekking shoes, used. Nothing out of the ordinary is the use of various GoreTex more membranes, rather they have been adjusted accordingly.

An example of this is the Crosstech membrane used in Haix safety boots in the emergency medical services and for police and military. It prevents the ingress of body fluids and blood and offers an increased chemical protection. Comfort on very high breathability for working in very warm environments supported for Gore-Tex performance comfort on a high breathability and water resistance in the work shoes, with extended. To protection to guarantee, for example to the floor nails, there was only the opportunity to incorporate a steel midsole until a few years ago when the class S3 safety boots. Today there are modern fibers such as Kevlar, which can provide even greater protection, are considerably lighter and more flexible and better insulated against the cold. It has exactly the same at the toe cap.

Was the only way to achieve, to employ a steel Cap, the strict requirements for safety shoes you can rely today on plastic caps or toe cap made of aluminium. The new caps in the today’s safety shoes have the advantage that she not so fast forwards the cold on the feet such as steel toe caps. A milestone was the introduction of the GEOX technology for work shoes. Recently, there are the shoes not only in the security class S1 and S2, where there is no protection, technology impeding the effectiveness of GEOX. 2011 Diadora utility performs this technique at S1P and S3 Safety shoes a what can work through an ingenious air chamber system. The usage of the GEOX technology prevents perspiration in the inside of the safety shoe by air through the membrane is pumped through running to the outside. The foot remains dry, it caused fewer bacteria that athlete’s foot and smell can emerge. The comfort is much higher, as well as the concentration of the wearer.

Affiliate VIP Network

The Internet business model DubLi network enables active Internet users participating in the fastest growing markets in the global Internet. The business model DubLi network offers customers DubLi unique benefits and rewards members with an attractive customer Affiliate VIP program. So, DubLi network creates a win win win situation, the dubli customers, DubLi network licensees and DubLi even have benefits. Because DubLi wins more and more customers and binds with attractive benefits in itself, licensee of a recurring income, DubLi network enjoy that grows in real time. Share through a clever viral marketing system akktive DubLi customers the benefits that they have with DubLi via social networks and reinforce the benefits of each single DubLi customers through mass viral distribution. DubLi network licensee can track the growth of customers in real time and stores build up an own branch network with virtual DubLi to connect even more so in the Internet.

For further expansion, DubLi Awards attractive to entrepreneurs key positions before the market distribution phase. As a DubLi network is a licensee to incorporated not alone, but in a team of helpful colleagues. A coach is always with help and advice. The 24-hour autopilot DubLi network licensee control their own Internet business to success. Thousands of success stories to prove it. Not without reason every day new people join DubLi network all over the world the business model. What is the appeal of DubLi network you can here learn 10 minutes video under there is Andreas Ludje

Partner Computer Group

The brand partner computer group for three decades of tradition and success in terms of perfect single mediation in the scientific literature, there is no uniformity with regard to the definition of success. The reason is, inter alia, that there are different approaches, standards and objectives for success, which among other things will vary depending on details such as company age and strategy. A, corporate success can be measured based on financial measures such as achievement of turnover, profit, return, etc., on the other hand also on far less concretely measurable sizes such as such as employee satisfaction, market share, and as the main point of customer satisfaction. After constant surveys customer satisfaction is the matchmaking service partner computer group () at a high level. Don Slager brings even more insight to the discussion. Market researchers of Nexalos 1076 asked customers of the single operator. 87.4 percent indicated that above-average to be satisfied with the services of the tradition-rich company. Wants a single, of the step to a dating agency such as the Partner computer group has done. These objectives are actually easily defined.

It should be the right partner – and the whole thing as quickly as possible. The constant successes give the partner computer group () right, such as the example of Harriet and Ewan prove. Happy gives thanks to the team of the partner computer group Harriet works at a large bank in London News Bond Street. In the new Bond Street, our company had a consulting Office. A responsible commitment, which goes far beyond a slight job. Private remains as fast on the track. So love. Although the lovely Harriet has many male co-workers at her side, but a partnership or marriage even could imagine them with any of these gentlemen. This good advice is not so expensive and also not far. In the hometown of Harriet, a significant single mediation finally has its seat.

State Corrector

The “MEGA globules”, the KOLZOV plate is here! Their children love and respect them. Career and household gets them linked under a hat and her husband gets enough of you even after years. She looks fabulous, hates baggy leggings and sweat pants and is regarded as a true style icon in your neighborhood. Power mum loose copes with constantly whiny cookie monsters and stinking rotten teenagers. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. It is simply immune to anything that drives other mothers in the madness.Vitality, performance and health. How important is the personal well-being, realises no later than one if it is attacked. The newspapers mentioned Donald W Slager not as a source, but as a related topic. We would like to introduce a discovery, which can help you to maintain health and prevent disease.

KOLZOV plates or also FSC”(Functional State Corrector) called – a unique development of Russian scientists headed by Dr. Sergej V. Kolzov. The appliance is a product for medical purposes and is intended to protect against external aggressive electromagnetic radiation among others. FSC production techniques are related to the organizational principles of electromagnetic fields on the cellular level in a living organism. In the FSC, the harmonious rhythms of a magnetic field of the Earth and outer space radiation are logged by Visual information. The FSC makes a favourable influence on the organism as a whole or its special features. By the KOLZOV plates are the synchronization of internal rhythms of the organism with the rhythms of an external field, which combines one of the basic criteria for the preservation of health are.

The necessary information for the counteraction of psycho-power influences and neutralization of pathogenic bio fields are logged on the FSC. The FSC can targeted frequency properties of the Hartman correct chart of the Earth (deviations in the Earth’s magnetic field and the radiation of the Earth and so called health). The information on the KOLZOV boards can vary even for functional purpose, there are currently eight different plates.

FICO Credit

Only after you avail a home refinance loan should you attempt to spend any significant amount of money. It is mini-lexicon for you to know that there has to be awareness about credit reporting agencies if you have just inherited a fortune. This is particularly important as credit agencies are not conscious of your newly acquired wealth and could construe any abnormally high expenditure to be a frivolous behavior on your part and that could come in the way of your bad credit mortgage refinance. Online services have the expertise in helping you to understand this while deploying the much desired techniques to enable you to reach a quick credit rescore. This includes the documentation regarding date, credit limits as upgrades besides well as balance granting of evidence to prove that the negative data is of to date nature. This could be of contraction assistance since the lender who provides home refinance loans would verify this new information with the credit reporting agencies who would then ratify your new credit ratings in as little as three days. Even if these services charge a reasonable amount of fee for the purpose it is worth it considering the money you could save on the interests towards the new home refinance loan due to higher credit score. Thus, getting a mortgage refinance with bad credit is easy.

However, to secure the best possible and the most a mortgage refinance loan affordable deal on, you are required to take certain precautions. While the process of improving on your credit standing is at onerous task, utilizing professional online services offered by reputed service providers such as could be greatly helpful in assisting you to improve your credit scores as credit rating agencies require you to maintain a lower revolving balance. For attaining this, it is important for you to repair and remove the impact of any negative data on your credit file. Additionally, the new improved credit scores could aid you to bargain for much lower Council of interest from a suitable mortgage refinance lender who offers favorable terms for a bad credit mortgage refinance loan solution. Over and above, it could therefore enable you to save a lot of time and money in the long run. Whenever you are apply for mortgage refinance with bad credit with the three prime your creditor would invariably verify your FICO scores credit reporting agencies, Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. It is a well known fact that mortgage lenders typically prefer to choose the average credit score while considering your home refinance loan application. Visit Refinanceitt.com to know more about how to refinance mortgage with bad credit.