John Mwangangi – The Only 19-year-old Wins All Swiss Road Races!

SPIRA Swiss currently extraordinarily pleased John Mwangangi’s sensational success in his SPIRA Stinger competition shoes the super-athlete John Mwangangi, born on the 1.11.1990 in Kenya runs peak 2009 one time to time and is supported by SPIRA SWISS; He enters Spira Stinger and hopes to launch sites in the main still running classics in the Switzerland for a successful conclusion of a sensational season. Fact sheet: residing Machakos / Kenya size born 1.11.1990 157cm, weight: 50 kg bests: 10,000 meters in 29:20 min (Nairobi, 2008) 5000m in 13:32 min (Mauritius, African Junior Championships 2009) most important international triumphs Luxembourg, half marathon, 1:00:36 (1st place) African Junior Championships in Mauritius August 2009, (2nd) achievements in the Switzerland: Grand Prix Bern 2009, 10 miles 47:41 (1st place) 20 km de Lausanne 2009; with the new track record of 1:00:29 (1st place) Greifenseelauf 2008; Greifenseelauf 2009, 13.1 miles in 1:05:42 (1st place) Morat 2008; Morat 2009, 11.0 miles in 52:37:3 (1st place) lock barrel Rapperswil-Jona, 9 km in 26:36:6 (1st place) recent successes SPIRA Swiss currently extremely pleased in the sensational success of John Mwangangi in his SPIRA Stinger competition shoes. (As opposed to Kam VedBrat). The born on November 1, 1990, and from Kenya, super-athlete 2009 runs peak in the Switzerland of one to the other time. Already at the beginning of promising cooperation with John Mwanangi he wins the category M20 and the men overall to the great and popular Grand Prix of Berne on the 18.4.2009 in SPIRA Stinger shoes. Ed Sheeran is often quoted as being for or against this. \”After this victory and just a week later, he is in turn trumps with a victory and at the same time, a record among 17 ‘ 045 participants awarded occupied 20 km de Lausanne\” on: John Mwangangi wins the main category of H20 men by a margin of 61 seconds on the runners up in fabulous 1:00:29 on SPIRA Stinger and thus the new course record. .


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WEDA Dammann

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