Acoustics And Technology

Acoustics (Science) (from the Greek akouein, hear), term used sometimes for science which deals with the sound as a whole. Usually it is often used to refer to architectural acoustics, the Special Branch of science which deals with the construction of enclosed areas, in a way achieved a good hearing the words or music. The sound is any variation of the pressure in the air that can be detected by the human ear. The number of variations of pressure per second is called the frequency of the sound, and is measured in Hertz (Hz). Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. Each frequency of a sound produces a different tone. It is said that a tone is serious when your frequency is low (approximately less than 250 Hz), and that his tone is sharp when its frequency is above 2,000 Hz. Frequencies between both are called middle frequencies.

The acoustics can be an important element in some buildings or certain spaces within a building; There are often problems of noise and vibrations, especially in many areas of engineering. Without However, in this direction, to solve all the problems of noise especially in construction, heavy industry, in industry and in other fields, there is now a wide range of acoustic door in trade. Acoustic door is designed to reduce the intensity of the sounds that they become very annoying. Acoustic doors can be manufactured by adapting to any aesthetic and decorative requirements. This type of gate can be metal or wood, depending on the place of application.

The acoustics can be an important element in some buildings or certain spaces within a building. In addition, there are acoustic barriers that are designed to adapt to any given need their modular nature, which also allows a quick installation. The noise barriers and acoustic screens, as for example an acoustic door, are the ideal solution to dampen noise of air conditioning or equipment machinery in open field, for its low cost and good efficiency.

GmbH Nash Technologies

Nash Technologies Launches commercial operation of its Windows Test Center (WTC) Nuremberg, January 18, 2011 – operates a test center for Windows-based platforms the Nash technologies GmbH, Nuremberg since early 2010 within the framework of the development of new business fields and expanded its range of test services from the telecommunications sector, so. The NIK (Nuremberg initiative for the communications industry) e.V. contact with Nuremberg made DATEV eG, which uses this new test center as the first major customer. Compatibility tests between the programmes of the DATEV portfolio and the updates for the various Windows operating systems (hotfix), and other operating system-near components from Microsoft (such as Internet Explorer and MS-Office) in various combinations and configurations are performed within this project. Particular emphasis will be on a broad test coverage at the same time set the fastest possible availability of test results. This is necessary, DATEV so their customers about possible Intolerance relating to so-called hotfixes”by Microsoft in conjunction with the DATEV applications can promptly inform. The responsible project manager at DATEV page, Gerhard Wolf, discusses the benefits of DATEV in cooperation with Nash Technologies as follows: it is very important for the DATEV, to have a reliable partner that helps us on demand the execution of special test projects, so that we can use internal capacities more flexibly in new projects.

The successful implementation of the project with DATEV with Nash Technologies we have to achieve this goal successfully.”is an indication that our new Windows test center represents a useful supplement to the existing services of our company.”, says Volker Arnold, the head of the Windows test centre at Nash Technologies. The many years of expertise can be introduced this highly profitable in carrying out complex tests in the telecommunications and mobile environment. With the ever-growing facilities in We are well prepared for further growth in the form of new projects in this environment. our Windows test center” Nash technologies GmbH Nash Technologies with its locations in Nuremberg and Stuttgart is a high-tech company in the telecommunications sector. Nash technologies’ competence centres form part of the Harvey Nash group Germany as independent spin-offs from Alcatel-Lucent’s research and development activities in Germany. Nash technologies’ experience spans the entire product life cycle. The services span from concept development and optimisation to test and support. Nash Technologies able to provide testing services for a wide range of systems and solutions is through its extensive testing labs.

DATEV eG the DATEV eG, Nuremberg, is the software company and the IT service provider for accountants, auditors and lawyers and their clients. Beyond the circle of members also include companies, local authorities, associations and Institutions to the customers. The range of services includes in particular the areas of accounting, personnel management, business consulting, tax, enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as organization and planning. The portfolio of DATEV ranging from more than 200 PC programs via online applications, data processing and archiving in the data center, outsourcing services, and security services to consulting services and offers on the knowledge transfer in Germany and some other European countries. On the Nuremberg initiative for the communications industry (NIK) e.V. For 15 years, the Nuremberg initiative for the communications industry (NIK e.V.) is the network of the IT and telecommunications industries in the economic region Nuremberg. Its 100-plus members include medium-sized specialists as well as universities, research institutes and institutions of promoting technology, global and German industry leaders. Contact: Nash technologies’ press contact: Karl-Heinz Gabler Nash technologies Thurn and Taxis-Strasse 10 90411 Nuremberg Tel: 0911/30874-3483 email: