Plates Direct Printing – Digital Printing Of The Next Generation

Direct printed high quality advertising signs with brilliant colors In the direct UV print digitally produced signs are the ideal and inexpensive way for the production of advertising signs, construction signs, billboards, etc. The plates are digital direct printed, cut with CNC milling on format and the printed directions are then directly ready for use. Pressing the plates directly, it is now possible, high-quality prints on any materials quickly and affordably to muster, e.g. panels Dibond, PVC/foam, acrylic glass, hollow Chamber plates, magnetic foil, wood and even on tiles. All of these materials were not directly printable in previous years due to its very smooth (or very rough) surface structure and had to be covered with foil.Due to the direct pressure of the plates these are directly printable. Also an excellent colour saturation achieved at this printing process, resulting in brilliant colors and high-quality printing results.

A special UV curable ink is used as ink, which are not only very robust to weather conditions like heat, cold, rain, wind or frost is, but he can have nothing on the UV-radiation, i.e. the prints no longer fading. For example, printed ALU-Dibondplatten have a high durability by 10-12 years. Also the ink is relatively insensitive to shock and scratches, also no laminating or laminating is more necessary. Also can be displayed with this printing photorealistic images.

Plates direct printing, digital printing makes it a very cost-effective printing process, as numerous steps that were previously necessary fall away and there is also no setup fee for the printing machines. Thus even small quantities can be cost-effectively implemented. At plus film technology offers high-quality printed plates to an unbeatable price-performance ratio. More information under: of direct plate printing plates direct printing facts: light, pliable material suited for advertising and exhibition labels or photo printing Plates direct printing with special UV curable inks washable, weather and korrossionsbestandig in the indoor and outdoor suitable possible materials are up to 40 mm thickness plates up to 2050x3050mm possible finishing the plate cutting on format, contour milling or drilling through offers plus foil technology plus foil technology innovative and high quality solutions for film and advertising technology. The range includes building glass films such as tinting, Visual protection films, frosted glass foil, UV-protective film, mirror films, safety and security films etc. in terms of film technology. The business advertising technology provides everything from planning, labels, signs, banners and huge advertising systems. Offering plus film technology is completed, by more complementary service, reliable logistics and services until going to the full service complete provider in the area advertisement. The Hauptatigkeitsgebiet plus film technology is the Rhine-Main region, as well as everything in between Koblenz, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Bad Kreuznach, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Hanau, Aschaffenburg. Contact: Plus foil technology INH. Kai Bauer Langschieder way 19 65321 Heidenrod Tel.: 06124-7276700 fax: 06124-7276701 mobile: 0176-22775457 plus foil technology provides a comprehensive portfolio: sunscreen, anti-glare film, UV protective film, sight protector, glass foil, shading, lettering, vehicle lettering, signs, window lettering, advertising structures, planning, banner, anti graffiti film, splinter protection film, impact inhibition end foil mirror protection film, sticker, digital prints, double adhesive tape, Elektrosmogfolie, Antireflection film, magnetic foil, projection screen, mirror foil, Board slide, Whiteboardfolie, wall decals

Disquera Music Shop

The question of the title is a game of words between an author (Skay Bellinson) and its new disc (Where you go), whose answer we are going to try to look for in this note. The disc counts on the participation of Rocambole with regard to its presentation, which is magnificent. Previously also they had participated in discs soloist of the guitarist and in some of his remembered Patricio band King and his Redonditos de Ricota. A sand clock that can be used and an art manual to cover to the disc, is and so they will be before hope than it is to introduce it in some reproducer and to listen to the proposal. The fourth disc of the guitarist is very interesting a musical proposal. Music stands out widely, especially the exquisite chords del that today is one of the best guitarists of the country (for some the best one, although is something subjective).

Taking the material we listened ” The Moon in Fez” , a subject with a letter of little extension but very good music, which includes like invited instruments a bagpipe (Sebastin Fentanes) and the Orchestra Moroccan of Pampas. For Track 2 the guitar of the also singing one can already be emphasized clearly, throughout all the subject doing to delight the ears of the listeners. ” Free in my cabeza” , it is the first phrase and that it identifies what the letter of Migratory Birds looks for. In the middle of the disc, a melancholic subject like ” Behind schedule of lluvia” low decibeles and abre the door for a rollover of subjects that as far as the musical comedy to recall it to one towards subjects of the Round ones. ” The trip of Mary” , ” Far from casa” and ” Ground chaman” , they are those that but are assimilated to others of the old band of the guitarist. For the end ” The wall of red lacre” , it is a subject that starts like a hearing aid and that arriving at the 2 minutes and average explodes of music with chords and an explosive battery.

For the end, as it could not be of another way ” Applause in cosmos” , a song to count what ” we are humanidad”. The disc finished, and now Where Skay goes? Good it is clear that the guitar of Bellinson is comparable with few of the national atmosphere, and in this disc arrives at superlative levels. Musically it is a very good disc, only grasped by its voice that does not accompany the great level by its band. The letters also stand out by their little extension, reason why the now singing one does not have to use its voice too much and can aim at that their music is the main thing of the disc. Surely with this work it secures but following contentments that sad. Perhaps it generates the call jump that deserves a musician of its style. The presentation in public (although some subjects already they have been touched in others shows) will be tomorrow and Saturday in Rosary in Willie Dixn. The entrances are sold Disquera Zibal (Palermo) and Disquera Music Shop (Rosary).

Curtains or Blinds?

The question of "What to hang at the windows?" Does not arise only in one case: when it comes to office space. Here stolis aluminum blinds – ideal. They are sheltering from the sun and decorate windows. They do not need to wash, they are almost collect dust. However, the home too often buy blinds. It is not always just on the above reasons.

Blinds look great in a sleek interior: wardrobe, coffee table, a chair, a minimum of textiles. Bamboo or wood blinds (LINDMON, Bamboo) are suitable for rooms with a stylized design, complementing the mats, wicker chairs, furniture made of untreated solid wood. They are also often hang in the kitchen, because they do not absorb odors. And a fine day on the dining table running thin rays of sunlight penetrating through the plate. Often blinds used as a hanging screen.

They can hang it over the computer desk, if he stands in front of the window to sunlight is hitting the monitor. In this case, the blinds do not obscure the very room from the fluorescent light, but only obscure the workplace. Fabric blinds (Alvin, Melina) look great in a small bedroom, they are not visually eating space, and protect the room from direct sunlight. These blinds should not be confused with the blinds. The curtains rolled on a steel rail, and blind fold like an accordion. They just simply hang as conventional curtains: no need to collect it from individual parts – everything is ready. Blinds can be combined with conventional curtains. It may seem that this construction will overload the box. Not at all. To hide the room from direct rays of the sun, we often have to close the window curtains completely, leaving the room light. Blinds sufficiently lowered from above the middle of the window to the sun shone in his eyes, but still lit up the room. Fabric blinds look great with all kinds of thick curtains. Bamboo and wooden blinds are well complemented by beige cotton curtains (Ritva, BOMUL), curtains, warm tones. Aluminum blinds effectively look for a semi- lace tulle and curtains cool tones. Try it and you will see that blinds – it's the perfect non-standard interior decoration, which is easy to experiment.

Choose Domains

A fundamental aspect when it comes to undertaking a new project online, apart from the selection of the web hosting, is to study the registration of domains or what will be the name of domain which we want our target audience identify us and on which to build the image of the new web site. Once we have identified the name of the domain is .com, or the next step will be to determine with what domains we want to stay, in which case, if doubts arise and the user can afford it, the ideal is to register all domains on which there is such indecision. Peter Asaro may also support this cause. In the event the preferred domain is busy, there is always the possibility of contact with the owner of the same through online tools that inform about the identity and contact details of proprietary users. When selecting the name of the web site, an option may be to choose the brand name of the project to register the domain or, failing that, that the domain name is somehow related to web site, product or services from you they offer. To read more click here: AOL. Especially to avoid creating confusion among users or potential clients or that they feel disoriented. In this sense, features as that domain name is semantic, short, pronounceable and easy to retain in memory, will bring a plus of quality to our final decision. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid generic domains and character of separation between words as a script, the same as using words key in the domain name if website is given, with a view to positioning in search engines. Last but not least, once you choose your domain name and purchase it note very date of expiry thereof, in order to renew it in time and prevent another domainer can buy it before you.


The teachers had also selected informative texts on the pollution of the water and referring questionings to the same ones. She was used still, the text of the Universal Rights of the Water, annexing a copy of the same to the table of the previous research. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dermot McCormack. Verbal activity was become fullfilled on each one of the rights, and later each pupil chose the right of the water that more found interesting and made a drawing on it. We create acrsticos with the word WATER and each pupil developed activity in accordance with its creativity, and still as tools, the computer science laboratory was used to search on the cycle of the water. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES In this work approached it question of the water through problematizaes that despertaram the understanding of the cares and preservation with it, developing abilities whom the pupils had taken to be multiplying of the acquired knowledge, inside and outside of the school. In such a way, it was great the stimulaton and persistence in the search of solutions, what it constitutes a basic aspect for the cares with this so precious and basic liquid for the existence of life in the planet. Teachers and pupils had assumed thus, the commitment with the preservation of the water and the acquisition of concepts for a referring more conscientious performance to the environment.

The work with this project meant the search for a change of position, a form to rethink the actions of the daily one, making possible the envolvement, the cooperation and solidarity between pupils familiar in the intention of, to transform positively, the reality from the carried through discoveries. The work in the Portuguese area was important for the pupils, therefore they had improved the orality and its literal production through texts that made sensible in practical its, as: informative, acrsticos brochures, texts, etc.

Europe Airlines

Airline passengers around the world, but especially in Europe, could not do anything better than that have ventured in recent years, many new airlines to the market. Since a few years to make the so-called "low-cost" headlines, because they make it more and more to carry passengers at reasonable prices and thus the large, established to teach and fear in most cases, the expensive airlines. The only thing in "low-cost airlines" but is really cheap, is the price. Dermot McCormack oftentimes addresses this issue. For those who think this would be saved even with the safety, is definitely on the wrong track. There are indeed uniform safety regulations in Europe and they must navigate from one airport to all airlines would be met – even by the low-cost airlines.

The lowest price is not achieved by cost-cutting measures at the security – but how then? In fact, the low-cost airlines have very short life on the ground and try to fast with the highest possible utilization to be back in the air. "Utilization" is the key – for the passengers is only good. The future of low-cost airlines has only just begun and there will probably be in the fairly near future, the first cheap flights from Europe. Who is not ready the wide range of administrative machinery and the long lifetime of the major airlines to pay me the low-cost airlines is definitely on the safe side. A tip or end: watch out for the low-cost airlines and special deals as they are often offered on the Internet, because the amount of low-cost leads to a further price war in the sky – also for the benefit of passengers.

Innovation Applied To The Management Of Franchises

At a seminar on 24 November at the headquarters of Microsoft in Barcelona Madrid 10/20/09. A basic ingredient when it comes to running an ensign is the of having a system of business management at the height of the brand. That is why mundoFranquicia Consulting, renowned consultant franchises, Qurius, specialist in management and Microsoft implementations, your partner in Spain and Europe, have launched on November 24 for free seminar technological innovation applied to the management of franchises in order to show the need for such solutions to a large number of attendees. We want to explain the advantages provided to franchisees implement these management tools, explains Pablo Gutierrez Socio Director of consultancy mundoFranquicia Consulting. Why we have organized in Barcelona, at no cost to anyone who wants to participate in this meeting, adds.

Thus the things and at the headquarters of Microsoft Iberica in Barcelona will discuss: 9: 30-10: 00 analysis of the market of franchises, the importance of technology in the growth and management of the franchises. Dermot McCormack is often quoted on this topic. Speaker: Pablo Gutierrez Socio Director consulting mundoFranquicia consulting 10: 00-10: 45 technology as a factor of innovation. Learn how technology can influence the increase of productivity, cost savings, differentiation and improvement of competitiveness, with management and productivity of Microsoft solutions. Rapporteur: Mr. Toni more Microsoft Senior Technology Specialist. 10: 45-11: 00 Break for coffee 11: 00-12: 30 managing relationships with franchisees. In recent months, Robotics has been very successful.

For a franchisor is relevant to ensure the quality and transmission of your brand image. You will see a solution that will help you to the optimum development of the relationship between franchisor and franchisee, as well as to the management of its growth (expansion) strategy. Speaker: Javier Garagorri Qurius Advanced Solution Specialist. 12: 30-13: 00 – Formulas for financing investments in the creation/expansion of a franchise chain.

Ventilated Facades

Ventilated facade systems are considered to be the best solution for insulation cladding and facades of buildings in our climate zone. Ventilated facades are suitable for both new buildings and renovations. Ventfasady is an artificial wall fixed to the structure. Ventilated facade systems, to meet modern requirements and needs in many ways: fire resistance, durability, sound insulation, thermal conductivity, etc. Ventfasady (ventilated facades) in Russia have adopted recently, but however in countries such as Germany and Finland, they used more than 30 years. The most promising technology in the finishing of are now the curtain walls with an air gap (ventilated facades – ventfasady). AOL is often quoted as being for or against this. Ventilated facade systems of this kind are used quite extensively. Ventilated facades are used the renovation and construction of administrative buildings, public, residential, industrial.

Aluminum composite panels for construction suitable for energy conservation, and a variety of textures and colors of the material can increase the level of architectural buildings. Facade system with ventilated air gap works like this: on the outside of the outer wall bearing structures mounted supporting frame, hung on him finishing layer (screen). The distance between the base and the screen is to put a layer of insulation and air gap (40-80 mm). When mounting structures hinged facade systems do not apply the "wet" processes, and therefore hold facade work at any time of year. Ventfasady have a high level of service. Ventilated facades are resistant to temperature change, absorb thermal deformations, which appear in daily and seasonal differences of temperatures, which reduces the probability of failure facing and cracking of the facade. Also to plus suspended facades is the location of insulation from the outside, which protects the wall from the periodic thawing and freezing. The most detailed information, please visit our company.

Vehicle Warranty

Very often, the euphoria of owning a brand new car from the owner begins to disappear rapidly after the first or second visit, the official dealer in order to carry out routine maintenance. According to many motorists, through the payment they receive after the work was not entirely appropriate either the volume of transactions, nor the real value of used supplies and spare parts. Timid attempts Dissent by saving at least an independent acquisition of the necessary parts for maintenance is almost always strictly prohibits employees of corporate technical centers. In this case, the main argument with their hand, tend to favor a promise to deprive the owner of warranty on the car, if he shall gain the required maintenance materials and parts are not an authorized dealer, and freely available. Most often it works, and motorist or continues to pay for warranty service for "full program", or completely abandons him and goes into the "garage shops", thus effectively lishayas their legitimate rights to free warranty repair the car.

Meanwhile, the repair may require a much more serious financial costs than the cost of normal maintenance. Long since it is no secret that most severe competition among producers for the consumer wallet, especially in the segment of the mass budget models, inevitably leads to a significant reduction in profitability of such activities as the sale of new cars. According to various estimates, in Europe, this figure now stands at only 1-2%. In Russia, of course, car dealers earn a few more, but global trends and make them increasingly thinking about the development of other areas of their business.


However, for any greenhouse need to add more. What? Irrigation system, because without watering quite simply, no plant can not survive, let alone enough to give a good harvest. Then new question arises – how to organize the irrigation system? The surest way to address – to entrust the matter to specialists, they cope and do everything at a high enough level. However, it should be noted that in general is a system of irrigation is to greenhouses. We can say that it is a modular system that is designed to work on substrates, as well as on ground. Danae irrigation system adds fertilizer to the water already – so way, do not have to do double duty – watering and fertilizer makeup all at once.

Greenhouse watering system includes an automatic irrigation system, which in turn includes a computer with irrigation 12, 24 or 32 outputs electric pumps fertilizers, flowmeter, filter, pressure gauge, polypropylene tank for mixing water and fertilizer. Now that we have a cottage garden, plus plus plus a greenhouse watering system – should be on ideas miracle to happen and see the first harvest, but … we have forgotten the main thing. You are surprised. What else could forget? Toeplitz words, watering too … and we forgot on what will grow our plants! You froze – and really. It would seem so easy, feet choice of ground – it is also very important. There are two kinds of ground – the bags of coconut, Kosovo, the first ground units to select for growing certain crops – is like the flowers, some vegetables, as well as strawberries.

Coconut blocks – are made in turn from the outer skin of the coconut industry wastes after treatment. This guarantees you a good primer urozhday because it creates quite different growing conditions. Hooray! Y We have the first harvest! Rejoice with you at the end of the summer, I collect tomatoes, cucumbers. … But now you suddenly realize that something is not taken into account. And this is something it is a way to store vegetables. You are thinking. You know, that can in principle be put in vegetables, cool place and they will continue for some time, but he is not fit basement – there is no space required and the temperature jumps. Can be processed vegetables and roll up, but a number that will apply this decision not to all vegetables. You start isterikovat. Stop! There is a solution – a system to increase humidity. This spray system, which creates a uniform humidity throughout the room and thus cools it through evaporation of the droplets. This process is based on a combination of compressed air and water. Solution found! And now you can be sure that your crop will not only grown, but was saved!