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Michel Foucault

As being resultant of its analysis, the proposal foucautiana is not the formularization of a new conception of being able, but an analytical one of the power, and is on the basis of the same one that it is allowed to clarify on power to the devices, also of the sexuality, Sees what Michel Foucault says: The idea of what it exists, in one determined place, or emanated of one determined point, something that is a power, me she seems established in a enganosa analysis and that, in all in case that, not of the account of a considerable number of phenomena. In the reality the power is a beam of relations more or less organized, more or less piramidializado, more or less co-ordinated. Therefore, the problem is not to constitute a theory of the power that would have for function to make what a Boulainvilliers or a Rousseau had wanted to make. (FOUCAULT, 1979, P. 248) the problematic one is not in the constitution of a theory of the power, as some philosophers had considered (Rousseau, Boulainvilliers, Hobbes), but is necessary that it characterizes the power as something who appeared in a specific place and one determined moment. In this way it deduces that the power is something opened, that it involves coordinate relations. Being thus, what if it can make is an analytical one of the relations of being able.

The BIOPODER AND the POWER TO DISCIPLINE the analysis of the power in Michel Foucault if find mainly in its books History of Sexuality I (Will of Saber/1976) and To watch and To punish (1987). Presenting the forms of the modern power, biopoder while regulation technology on ' ' populao' '. Modernity inaugurates a conception of being able, where if it has a direct bonding with the control on the life (perspective biological) of the individuals, power this whose legitimacy is not more the classic conception, where if believes the sovereign exercise of the power (absolute), but in the control or regulation of the life and this is the field of biopoder.

In The New Testament If Homosexuality Condemns

I have seen in many places that the defenders of the marriage gay and other practices contranatura argue that in the New Testament there is no appointment on the sentence of the homosexuality and still more, that Jesus did not say to anything the respect. In the Old Testament we have infinity of appointments on the fact and it changed them to Jesus, nor NEVER it questioned. Examples: " You will not lie down with man like with woman, is abominacin" (Lv 18.22). " If some will be joined with man like with woman, abomination did; both have to be deads, on them will be his sangre" (Lv 20.13). The cities of Sodoma and Gomorra were destroyed by their sin.

And the sin that appears more in the scene of those two cities was the one of homosexuality. One knows that this sin was so dominant that, when Los Angeles of God went to house of Lot, the men of Sodoma wanted to enter the house for " poseer" sexually to those visitors of God. But they did not obtain it, because Los Angeles hurt to them of blindness. And this city was erased of the map (Gn 19,4-11). And as the previous ones it has to except a ten of appointments against homosexuality. These tergiversators of the Truth say that the Old testament was another thing. As if not outside part of the same Bible! But good, demsle the taste, to which they request appointments of the New Testament are some here: By to this it gave them God to shameful passions; then still his wifves changed the natural use by which she is against nature, and to the equal way also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, ignited with their leachate with others, committing made shameful men with men, and receiving in themselves the repayment due to their deviation.

Environment Peter Garrett

The latest round of talks before the meeting in Copenhagen in November in Barcelona. In Russia will be implemented six projects on energy efficiency projects in six energy efficiency and conservation will be approved on the basis of the joint meeting of the on modernizing and technological development of economy of Russia and the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Science, Technology and Education. The first draft of 'Count, saving and pay' is associated with the installation of meters and regulators electricity, which will enable economical use of energy willing to pay less. The second project 'New World' involves the installation of energy efficient lighting devices, such as replacing incandescent light bulbs energy-efficient lighting device. The third project 'Energy efficiency block' envisages modernization of entire neighborhoods and towns and replicating their experience in the future throughout the country. The fourth project involves the installation of energy efficient technologies in state institutions, primarily in clinics, schools and hospitals. The fifth project 'Low energy complex' includes the production and introduction of energy efficient equipment for the local energy. The sixth project 'Innovative Energy "provides for the implementation of breakthrough projects related to superconductivity, the use of biofuels.

The number of species on Earth has reached 1.9 million according to revised data, the number of species on our planet, known to science, has reached 1.9 million species. A list of all known plants and animals of the Earth for the last three years increased by 114 thousand new species. Scientists who made up for the Australian Government's report 'The number of living beings in the world', argue that this is the most complete catalog of plants and animals of the planet. In total, an estimated report's authors, lives on Earth 11 million species of living beings, but many of them disappear before they both will be detected. For example, Australia has identified that continent's 147 579 species of plants and animals, but scientists estimate that there are about 500 000 species, while not found and not identified by science. Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett, Australia noted that the refinement of the list of species of plants and animals will improve efforts to protect endangered species on the planet.

In addition, biologists from the University of Adelaide found more than eight hundred previously unknown species of invertebrates that live in groundwater and caves arid and semiarid regions of Australia. According to researchers, it is only about twenty percent of all species of animals living underground, who moved there as a result of climate change. New species spiders, fish and crustaceans, related to stigma and troglofaune almost totally blind, and lack of pigmentation on the verge of extinction. Scientists believe that the care of these invertebrates to the surface due to climatic changes that occurred in South and Central Australia, about 15 million years ago. Reduce humidity was the reason why many species of invertebrates that live on the surface, sought refuge in mikropescherah and groundwater that are more favorable to their existence, contributing to their survival and development.

Work Tools are More Common Today

In industrialized countries the adoption of this tool of work has increased considerably in recent years. In Venezuela in 1991, when several companies, consulting and technology services introduced him to 10 years, did not exist for that date statistics on their development as national development showed little of that market. Among the companies started to adopt the outsourcing are at General Motors, Bank Republic and Distributional Benedetto. Scope Outsourcing should be seen as a process that will make companies more competitive because the demands of customers require quality standards ever higher, following a competition where many companies have high quality products.

With the application of this tool can be made to the organization to focus on its core business, while ensuring that all functions are managed as if they were essential and strategic flexibility to address processes of change, a higher value-added service ( but not always at lower cost) and the transformation of a fixed cost into a variable number. Note that in the specific case of the use of technology which is where he has focused primarily on outsourcing, the benefits can be summarized into three: – Access a technological diversity broader and more complex systems. Avoid technological obsolescence. Optimize resources. By giving a specialist management and development of technology to access equipment and solutions that the company does not own and that require highly trained personnel with whom the company probably does not count. As for the service provider’s core business is technology, is updated and therefore also the customer.