Making Curtains

Since time immemorial, from the time the concept came home, people used to its decoration and protection from sun, wind and rain curtains. At this site, the issue of window decoration, self- making curtains to suit your particular interior. Here you can find a pattern curtains, learn about the design of curtains. Sewing curtains, curtain design kitchen design photo blinds, window design, blinds, curtains, drapes, pattern lambrequin. Learn how to sew curtains with his hands, and technology sewing curtains. Window decoration. They have many names, curtains, drapes, curtains, drapes, draperies all is that at the present time is called the blinds.

PVC plastic windows, or as it is now fashionable say, eurowindows Buy and which are now in Moscow and in any other city would not have even a hundredth part of the prevlikatelnosti without curtains. For the first time the design of curtains as we see them now, can be attributed to the era of the Renaissance in particular to the XVIII century. Then they were regarded as purely decorative elements that adorned the shutters, which were used for practical purposes. The key is in choosing the curtains was the fabric, whether rich velvet or satin, or unpretentious fabric. Gradually over time and understood its practical advantages, such as absorption, tissue protection against noise and drafts. In addition, quality made curtains are cozy, and ennoble housing. Nowadays, many fabrics themselves are the creations of art and worth to them and decorated the same way and, window decorations, whether European or any other window.

Drywall Partitions

When remodeling an apartment on the first question on the construction of new partitions. The best option here is the easy device of drywall partitions. The basis of the wall is frame made of metal or wooden beam profile, which is lined with gypsum sheets (FCL). The space between is filled with sound-absorbing material of GCR. The designs of the wooden frame consists of upper and lower trim, which is mounted between vertical supports. Between racks have cross bars that give the frame more rigid. They have either the same level, or stepped (For example, to mount paintings, lamps, etc.).

Door unit is located flush with the inner or outer surfaces of the structure. If the room has no windows, then arranged in the partition above the door or additional window, make the room brighter. The work should be performed as follows. Initially produce a measurement of space and layout. Careful planning and precise measurement of space largely determines the success of the work. The partition can be mounted "place" or "on the floor." All Ads YandeksDirekt Advertise Tension ceilings by proizvoditelyRossiya-Germany-France (seamless). 3 days! Cheaper is not found !!!!! Moscow and Moscow region Making frame walls "in place" preferably in cases where the room has sloping walls, if you want to partition the corner, the shortage of space for pre-assembly frame on the floor. Alignment construction details, checking angles, some clarification of the size needed to constantly in the process of partitioning device.

The only way to accurately and precisely adjust to each other and details nodes of the framework. At first floor bar is attached to the waist, which should adhere to the plinth. If the construction of walls will be angled, set rack adjacent to the walls. After this, measure the distance to future construction of the angle to determine the length of the bars of the waist.

Power Consumption

Class power consumption is not straightforward measure of how little energy spent refrigerator. With its calculation takes into account the volume of the refrigerator, the cooling system is used, climatic class refrigerator, freezer declared class (how many "stars"). A small "weeping" of class C refrigerator can consume less power than a giant six-foot class A. No Frost higher class consumption shows higher efficiency refrigerator of the same volume and with the same cooling system. If you are wondering how much power to spend for the year (kilowatt-hours or in monetary equivalent), then this indicator and should be sought in the characteristics of the instrument. Some time ago, the highest energy consumption was considered a class A class, lower – D.

However, the development of technology has led to the possibility of tightening requirements for power consumption, and were introduced two classes – A +, A + +. Now a growing number of models have classes A + and A + +. How important to consider this when selecting a refrigerator – you decide. We note only that the two refrigerators Class A and the difference in annual energy consumption may be about 100 kW "h, which corresponds to the additional cost of 100-150 rubles. per year (at prices of electricity in the first half of 2006). CONTROL PANEL The control panel can be mechanical or electronic. With electronic control panel can be independent temperature control in refrigeration and freezer up to one-of-two degrees.

Mechanical control such precision does not, and often not scaled to a specific temperature. Increasingly, refrigerators are equipped with screens that are visible to all the parameters of the refrigerator. PLEASANT SUPPLEMENT Besides the basic functions and characteristics of the refrigerator, each model has a pleasant "little things" that provide comfort to the consumer. These functions may include audible and visual indicators for open the door or raise the temperature in the refrigerator, ice machine availability, a variety of modes, "superohlazhdeniya" providing intensive cooling, humidity control systems in the "zero separation."

Watch Movies Online

Movies 2009 first film appeared in France and called it "motion picture" from the French word''cinema '. The creators of the cinema are the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere, Jean, they showed the world his first film 'cinematograph Lumiere brothers' back in 1895, they later went with his film on the world tour and visited New York, London and Mumbai. Although the movie came first, the brothers publicly revealed all that is cinema, that's why they are considered founders of the movie. In Russia, the first film appeared in 1984 at the Congress of Physicians and writers in Moscow, two years before the premiere of the Lumiere brothers, through the device designer Freudenberg. Today the film is strongly progressed, it began to use computer effects and 3D technology.

For the first time 3D technology in the movie appeared in 1920, but then forgot about them for long. In the 1950s, Hollywood began to use three-dimensional technology to To win an audience. The first picture shot using 3D technology: "The Devil bwana" (1952) "House of Wax" (1953) "It was from outer space" (1953) "In the case of murder, dial M" (1954) 'Night of the Living Dead (1968) "Amityville" (1980), "Friday 13 "(1980) Nowadays you can download movies in 3D format in the right of the Internet Here are some recent ones: My Bloody Valentine (2009) Up (2009) The Battle for Terra (2009) Ice Age – 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009 ) to download games, download free games, 3 games + download on your phone, flash games, java games, download games for free + to the phone, download free game + on a computer game, 2009, DOWNLOAD java games, download java games, download games + for nokia, free games 3, play gta, sex games, download games pc, download Free games + for nokia, java game free download, website of games, game + for ericsson, download game sims, games + from 8 games, 88 games + 8 + to 88 games sony ericsson free download, game 5, game sims 2,3 d games, download game mini, game sims 3 game 2008, download game + for psp, DOWNLOAD game gta, game + girls 88 games + girls + from 8 games + Girls 8 88 Free games + for sony ericsson, Sporting games, online games download, games ctrelyalki, Outdated Games, Super Games, games + sony ericsson phone on the first film appeared in France and called it "motion picture" of French word''cinema '.

Constructing Tall Buildings

Application specific type of foundation for the construction of tall buildings requires a special calculation justification in view of features of interaction high-rise structures with a base set forth in Annex A. In turn, if choice of structural layout of the upper structure and method of load transfer on the foundation design should take into account the peculiarities of interaction with the base of the selected type of design. 3.4. Estimated rationale options for basements and underground part of the high-rise building, the definition of the basic parameters of the foundation design, a preliminary calculation of sediment and their uneven, bind to the local context, assessing the overall sustainability bases, etc. may be performed using not take into account the redistribution of loads nadfundamentnoy design engineering techniques outlined in snip 02/02/2001, mgsn 2.07, snip 02/02/2003, Instructions 21 sp 50-101 and sp 50-102. 3.5. Calculation system 'Nadfundamentnye design – the base – the base' should be done taking into account the sequence and construction technology building. On the other hand, the sequence of construction of various parts of the complex should be administered in such a way as to minimize adverse interaction of these parts through a compactor array.

3.6. In the calculations, bases, foundations and underground parts of tall buildings and structures should take into account the heterogeneity base in depth and in plan, as well as inelastic deformation of the soil and groundwater and materials structures in accordance with guidance snip 02/02/2001, sp 50-101, snip 02/03/2001. 3.7. At the design stage should be carried out comprehensive Calculations of the constructive scheme of the building, taking into account the rigidity nadfundamentnoy design and interaction design surface and underground parts of the high-rise buildings, basement and foundation.

Composite Materials

For composite materials used fibers and fabrics of various types: fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, which are sometimes reinforced with metal mesh. The second component of the composite – a binding material: fabric can be pre-saturated with them, it can be applied manually or automatically. As a binder used polyurethane, epoxy resins or thermoplastics with various additives. Binders determine characteristics of the finished product by about 10%. Their choice depends on the balance of functionality, price, production technology and operating conditions. Differences between composite and thermoplastic shells – in price, weight products and production volumes. Shell of thermoplastic stamped under pressure in molds which are very expensive. Shell made of composite materials made by matrix, which is much cheaper.

However, processes is mainly carried out manually, and the cost of raw materials is much higher. In addition, production is less, it also defines a higher price products from the composite. The inner layer of the helmet is made as Typically, foam with the addition of various additives. It can be constant or variable density, sometimes consists of several parts. The problem of the inner layer – shock of sharp accelerations. Process designing a new helmet begins primarily with materials selection and definition of the market that will target the product. First made sketches, then the phase of modeling clay. For finished models are made geometric measurements, which are made shtampy.Etot traditional way is very risky, then it all depends on work experience, allowing "the eye" to assess the form, select required thickness of material to the helmet correctly performed their functions.