Trophy Joan Gamper

The azulgrana equipment has won to Naples by 5 goals to 0. It has requested aid to the liking in the challenge to secure more titles. In the speech one has also remembered the losses: They measure the perimeter of, Jeffrn and Milito. The azulgrana technician, Pep Guardiola, have gone to the public in the presentation of the Bara before his liking, at the previous moments to the Trophy Joan Gamper, and have promised that its equipment will strive and work to the maximum to try to continue gaining titles in one season in which it has requested the support of his public. So far, the party of to this has gained it Monday by forceful 5 to 0 in front of Naples.

The new Barcelona de Cesc Fbregas and the old man, the one of always, of I read Messi, they took a breathing between both Supercopas to amuse themselves and to amuse to the public of the Camp made goals Nou with one. Fbregas and Messi, one in each half, were the stars of the azulgrana set, that reclaimed its choral soccer to show no mercy with third classified of ' calcio' , the Naples, that only gave a good image in the quarter of initial hour. And that Mazzarri did not keep anything thinking about the debut from the next weekend in the Series To before Genoa and practically removed in the Gamper an equipment in full dress. With Lavezzi and Cavani commanding the Neapolitan offensive, the Italian set above began pressing and was the one that more danger created in the first compasses of the party. Two Cavani closings – one of them golazo of Chilean annulled by lack to I itched to the ten minutes could advance to Naples in the starting of the shock. But the Bara, a mixture of holders, substitutes and players of the branch, little by little went away being becoming until it took control of the total control of the shock.

Metaphysical Interpretation

The development of the familiar institution allowed that other segments and ramifications of the social and private life blossomed. The problemascotidianos had passed to be analyzed in the private life, of more rational and less instinctive form of what some millenia behind. If it became necessary the existence of an individual endowed with a superior wisdom, that could find answers and solutions for the Metaphysical questions that could not if understood. It appeared then the Xamanismo and witchcraft of adivinhao. Valley to detach, in this point the basic difference in the questions of interpretation of the dreams when the sonhador relates it with its proper desires or problemascotidianos. When the dreams in the private thought are associates ace questions of the universe that the fence, has a bigger difficulty of if reaching a conception of truth, a time that the method of the artistic representation of the first item of this work if they become absoletetos in utility (but not in use) Had an object, but not one technique of adjusted interpretation, it interprets therefore it inevitably would manipulate the form result to reach the convenience. It was felt necessity of an authority in the subject. Xams and wizards who had appeared in the primitive societies, of certain form would substitute the old leadership of the dominant male, functioning as a priest, mediator between the material and incorporeal questions. Its religious authority in the half primitive was undisputed, and this present work, it gives credit that first the great ones passed in the world of science must be attributed to the work of the wizards who had to its I officiate had started to use of ' ' pesquisa' ' , looking to the best grass healers and testing its results, similar to find the one that better agreed to it. In the question of the dreams, when the xamanista institution was introduced in the primitive society, the artistic surreal, (that it lost its value therefore such artistic movements would not last until the beginning of the neolithic phase.), if it became exceeded method of interpretation (had to the factor convenience, already cited) and the question passed the ability of these wizards.

Noveau Roman

As we have seen in Campedelli (1994) the accumulation of for minors on physical states and soul causes the desestruturao of narrative. Coming back a little in the text we have a quarrel that in he sends the metafico to them, where the author-narrator rationalizes on artistic making, of its tasks to fulfill and derrepente he starts to speak of as it feels itself causing, thus, the desestruturao of the narrative. The narrator in Soul-of-Cat displays its states of soul in some stretches as we can see in what he follows. Soul-of-Cat (2008, p.78): What it passes for me is an underground river that I do not know and in whose waters I do not obtain – nor knows if I must? to dive. A river that run submerged and without stopping exactly in the unconscious one of my unconscious (…) River of me, invisible and wild incognito and.

Internal, sultry river. I hear the racket of its waters convulsas. The stranger. That ghosts, specters swim in this river, drink of its waters? After-modern literature is express here, a constructed literature on the basis of the spalling, visa to understand that the world diverse and is broken up. The desestruturao of the romance if of the one from the moment that the text if becomes broken up with incursions of intimistas or interior speeches, that is, when a pause in the narrative becomes, since the plot inexists at this new literary moment.

Regarding noveau roman the narrator displays in them to the new to make literary and it places in them along with what it would be this new technique narrative of not saying nothing to say everything. Soul-of-Cat (2008, p.82): The romances that do not count history (recent thing) have as reference counting – history, since if it opposes to them. Case of the Noveau Roman. Of the colloquy to the foot of the fire to the cerebralismo of the NR, a long passage, an infinite variety of narratives: each romance is only.