Ron Hubbard Cleaning Program

L. Ron Hubbard developed the cleaning programme to stimulate one’s own body and its mental abilities that is cleaning program an offered solution for a long-term liberation of pollutants, drugs and medicines in the body of the cleaning programme was developed by L. Ron Hubbard to help the accumulated drug and contaminant residues from the human body forth ports. It restores the effective vitality of the body. Perhaps check out Ali Partovi for more information. The person feels happier and full of life. Any, social progress a person is prevented by drugs and other biochemical substances. This can damage the health.

Avoid also any stable progress in mental or spiritual well-being. Organic means that living things based on life”. Chemical means to do having chemicals on or with them”. And chemical substances that are simple or complex, are the building blocks of matter. Thus is a biochemically the interaction of life forms and chemical Substances meant. The human body consists of certain chemicals and chemical compositions. Complex, chemical operations run continuously within the human body.

Some substances, such as nutrients, air and water, are vital for the continuation of these operations and for maintaining physical health. Hazardous substances are those substances that upset the body’s normal chemical balance or those who disturb the chemical processes of the body. Some of these substances can have devastating effects. Unfortunately, the current environment is permeated by these hostile elements. Drugs, radioactive waste, pollutants and chemical active substances of different types are all parts of this situation and will seem ever more widely in the course of time. According to studies, E.g. preservatives prevent the forfeiture of the goods. But based on expiration digestion and cellular activity. In other words: These things like the manufacturer be excellent because they receive his product, but they can be very unhealthy for the consumer. This is just one example of the extent to which is facing during daily life with harmful substances. The cleaning programme is a solution offered for a long-term release of pollutants. This program was developed by L. Ron Hubbard. In his book, Reiner Korper, clear thinking”, Hubbard describes his groundbreaking discoveries that underlie the cleaning programme in detail. While the program in the main on the handling of drug and drug deposits in the body, it is possible that there are many other harmful substances that the body accumulates and at their disposal, the program can have an accelerating effect. L. Ron of Hubbard’s attention in the development of the cleaning programme was not the treatment of bodies. His research is carried out for many years with the purpose, to liberate the people spiritually. His original Research is focused on the nature of man. Most of his work has always turned to the people as spiritual beings. “The cleaning programme was developed by L. Ron Hubbard to, mental and spiritual agreement continue and well-being to counter a growing threat, which is available from the increasingly frequent use of drugs, drugs and other biochemical substances in contemporary culture, L. Ron Hubbard wrote drugs and pollutants on the topic: the removal of this hostile, chemical substances from the body of anyone, anywhere accelerates apparently spiritual improvement and the re-emergence of a person.” For this reason, the cleaning programme is one of the first spiritual Scientology services is so that each is free from the effects of drugs and pollutants and then mental and spiritual gains can attain.

Europe Voltage

HDT meeting high voltage Switchgears at the 6 7.11.2013 in Bamberg the safe electrical energy supply is an essential location factor in the competition for jobs and locations. High voltage switchgear as hubs of the transmission and distribution networks are important for the reliability of electric power supply. In recent years, changes in the energy market have led to an increasing demand for knowledge in the field of high voltage substations. The tags are integration of offshore wind energy power, increasing trade in electricity in Europe and the electrification in Asia. The planning of new investment as well as the maintenance of the old plants are the main topics.

The cost pressure in the ubertragungsneztbetreibern is high. A detailed analysis of the status of substations and an estimation of the remaining life of its resources is all the more important. The Conference “Voltage – switchgear” at the 6.11 7.11.2013 in Bamberg offers an overview about the State of the art and current developments at High voltage switchgear. The Conference carried out for many years has become a meeting point for the industry. Bamberg was chosen as venue, centrally located and easily accessible.