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What makes successful signage systems digital? It all depends on the content”describes Managing Director Jurgen Monch the philosophy of the mCon solutions. As digital signage complete supplier, the Stuttgart-based company provides all the ingredients for a successful digital Intormations and advertising system from the software to the communications concept with graphics and animation to the regular update service content. Individual hardware requirements are defined and mediated through certified partners to the customer for any digital signage project. Content, software and media technology, the focus is on the content of a digital signage solution: the customer receives from us a digital communications solution that always pursues the real goal of the system, namely communication with the Viewer: the hardware via the customized software up to the regular updating of the content we provide from beginning of end for a successful project. f the matter here. Because finally the viewer cares not for hardware or software of information and advertising medium, but for his benefit, who conveyed to him the content of the info screens.

Specialists from the relevant Department create the effect-optimized and targeted content for the customers”. Round packages of m.con m.con solutions relies mostly on the digital signage software from in-house. M is a standard software available easily on the customer’s requirements the adaptable content specialists from Stuttgart and runs on commercially available standard PCs. From the standard presentation until to the special solution which is range of customers wide-ranging mCon offers currently, but no industry solution over 500 current digital signage systems a standard software with high potential for customization. In addition to numerous Infotainment installations for banks and savings banks, medium-sized and large companies mCon solutions with the digital signage software m provides also special solutions, such as for example an electronic cord monitoring Production processes, or a Flash-based room booking system; and interesting monthly rates for customers. Press contact: mCon Sol tuten production Ltd & co. KG Martin m stone Jaya road 45 70469 Stuttgart phone: + 49 711 / 2535979-63 fax: + 49 711 / 2535979-69 E-Mail:

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The worldwide distribution of the Brokenbodyclock netlabel is now also available for smaller labels to use the musician Portal developed after successful launch of netlabels for bands and solo artists now also for smaller labels the possibility of worldwide digital download stores such as iTunes and co. bring to their artists. For us, it was clear that we will offer this option in the near future. Due to the many requests from smaller labels, managers and artist agencies, the faster implementation of technical and contractual was a logical consequence of things.”said Hajo Janssen, head of business development and marketing. Labels receive other conditions due to the larger volume of publications as an artist. Kai-Fu Lee has much to offer in this field.

The monthly service charge this amounted to 9.99 in contrast to the 4.99 for individual musicians and is still due to the settlement. For those can raise as many albums, EPs, and singles of artists, as they’d like. Also, the portal offers a payout of 90 the labels % of net revenue. A unique offer with what wants to expand his range and also smaller labels wants to give the opportunity to participate in the boom of the digital market and to take advantage of the Long Tail, the niche selling music. While the expansion of the range remains not only renewing the last few days, also the design of the Web page has changed. Because of the platform will be more comprehensive, now ensures a better structuring of the services and a more serious Web presence. About Brokenbodyclock media GmbH: Brokenbodyclock is the service platform for the next-generation Musikbiz.

With the combination of Musikcommunity and ArtistTools Flameproofmoth goes the step consistently away from the passive artist – self-expression to the active assistance of the artist – self marketing. Brokenbodyclock was established in the May 2005 by young music-loving Berliners and is since then as a trendsetter in the German online Musikbiz.

Sharma Image Editing Service

Professional-quality image editing and online shop-optimization – competent, powerful, customized solutions! Studies on the topic of online shopping proved a few years ago, that product images occupy an important role in the purchasing decision in online shops (source: dmc digital media center, the focus of 06, ad-hoc study 02/09). Regardless of the product category, like fashion or electronics, professionally photographed and edited images not underline only the value of the goods, but these are also emotionally”dar. For the customers, this part of the product information is essential for the purchase decision. With the professionalisation of the sales through online channels in connection with new media, such as for example your own online shop, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, mobile commerce, the topic online shop design, online shop optimization and product presentation is generally becoming increasingly important. However, the online area in the field of tension with the traditional sales channels (E.g. For more information see Kai-Fu Lee. shop), is particularly in As regards budget and workload (for shop and social media). The company Sharma intervenes in this field of tension and offers a professional and affordable image editing and image presentation service (incl.

online shop optimization). The service includes in addition to simple free controllers, color masks and vector graphics through retouching, colors, photo montages, photo optimization, photo restoration and a high-quality online shop optimization (E.g., high-quality product and person retouching). As a meaningful support for photo studios, Sharma also offers a service to the topic 360-degree photography and moving images. Images taken in different rotations are precisely released this service, after retouched as needed, and provided with a logo or a new background. Sharma represents the interface between manufacturers and distributors, online shop operators, photographers and photo studios, fullfilment services, CMS and advertising agencies, as well as DTP and printing prepress companies.

Depending on the product category and work request customer-specific / industry-specific solutions developed needs and budget. Industry-specific solutions are offered for the fashion sector, furniture, accessories, jewellery, sport, automobile, bicycle, tools, electronics, and toys. The service includes consulting and execution of work requests. Depending on the cost and number of images, a job is done within 24 hours or by prior arrangement. The service is available around the clock at the disposal. Discussions on specific and long-term projects can be arranged also at the weekend.


THE TREASURE Simo was an ambitious youngster very and desired to be rich. At the moment it was very poor. It worked very, but it did not like nobody. For it money only interested. It disdained all the people. The mother, a poor person velhinha, lived working to deal with Simo.

It always lived in the way of delinquents and together they practised the biggest nonsenses that if can imagine. One day it came running for house, arranged the luggage and went to leave when its mother intervined. – Simo, where you go thus? – I go even so. I found the map of a fabuloso treasure and go to look it. – Very well-taken care of, son. This can be dangerous. – Dangerous nothing, mother. I go to be rich, rich, very rich.

I only come back toward house if to find the treasure. He is tranquila, mother. – Son, what he is this? He waits at least a little. You, you to leave go me? – Already I left to it, mother. Mrs. not it has nothing to give to me, why to live here in the misery with Mrs. It only serves to complain: it does not make this, well-taken care of son, does not go there. Now necessary to go. – He is not so ungrateful, son. It thinks a little. You prefer a treasure in my place? – I found a coffin of full gold deceased and you it was deceased inside, I would take off the gold and I would leave you there. He spoke hardly and he left. He followed the indicated certain route in the map. In its thought they circled barbarous things. It thought to be rich, to drink very, to be encircled of beautiful women and friends. To tan the life in a good one. After very walking, it arrived at the certain place. It perforateed and acol here, but everything in goes. In the tip of a rock it found an old cross. It pulled out it, he pierced a hole and he found a coffin and which was not its surprise! She was full of gold. It laughed gostosamente. He fulled the two hands with the gold and cried out high: Simo, Simo, you are rich, millionaire. You are rich, have fame and party in abundance, you use to advantage everything, Simo. He caught the bags and he was placing inside of them the gold. Its hands sofregamente worked until topar with a strange object. It was removing the gold carefully, trying to discover that object was. It seemed to be a person. Another great surprise was there: its mother. It was deceased. Simo looked at the corpse of its poor mother. Devagar was kneel in the soil. Thick tears had fallen of its eyes. It cried bitterly, crying out for the mother who shone in way to the gold that lost its value. Simo fell in the soil and there same it died. It does not have bigger treasure that the love of a mother.

Brazilian Scientists

' Nor everything is perdido' ' Therefore it is, nor everything is lost in this country! The Brazilian people had a great joy when knowing what our Brazilian scientists had made in benefit of the health! How wonder! How men prepared to enaltecerem the growth of this country! How beauty if ours politicians had only one tenth of the brio of these scientists who work, search to improve the health of the people! This discovery is worthy of applauses and until prizes for the conquest, that, different of those, thinking about the others, as to improve, as to progress, bringing benefit, cure, specifically, to the creatures of this considerable population with skin cancer. Congratulations, men and dedicated women in the area of the research. Learn more at this site: Mashable. Let us wait that our Minister of the Health does not leave to think about the donation of mounts of money enough to be able you to continue in this so sublime mission, of the research, in order to discover new formulas in benefit of the improvement of the quality of life of the Brazilian people, qui of the World, therefore ability does not lack to them. The Brazilian people deserves a discovery of these to minimize what he comes suffering with the disobediences politicians! However she is necessary that this team of work if keeps joined and with a firm intention to continue fighting, therefore very has what to search why the illnesses, in its majority have cure, but she is necessary to diminish with these discoveries the reason of as much and as many marks of enganosos remedies that make well to the liver and get worse the stomach and the laboratories if to expand day the day more, fulling the grana she-ass, without speaking in the competition! Only the scientists unprovided of fear, not to agree with the industry of the illness, will be capable to find with only one medicine, the cure of determined illness. . The work is arduous, but with faith and vocs hope, scientists, they will continue being the azes of the victory and the conquest of the health, become this country, soon, a country of healthful and happy people. That he illuminates them to God with health to work in favor of the research to benefit the health of the people! Congratulations for the conquest!. opinions on the subject.