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Postgraduate Vocational Education

Preparation and defense of the final qualification of the diploma project finance is a must view the final state certification of students majoring in Finance, money circulation and credit. Whenever Mikkel Svane listens, a sympathetic response will follow. " In under a degree in finance – an opportunity and protection guidance provides general requirements for the diploma project, discussed the selection of the topic, planning, organizing and controlling the process of its preparation, recommendations to develop major parts of the project and reflected the requirements for the structure, content and design. But experts ornaone.com know how to prepare you for the Protection of the graduation project finance. Tips allow the unity of the requirements for the content, quality preparation and execution of the graduation project, both from the teachers of the department engaged in scientific leadership training projects, and members Government evaluation committees, taking their protection. Preparation of the graduation project is a creative process, so the individual provisions of this methodological publications in part the requirements for structure and content of the main sections of the project are advisory in nature and can be changed to reflect the characteristics of the developed themes. General requirements for the diploma project finance and the problem of diploma Design Finance Diploma project is the final qualification work, the preparation and protection are the final stage of the process of specialist training. In the preparation and protection of the graduation project the student must demonstrate the skill level of theoretical and applied nature that characterizes his readiness for the upcoming professional activities, and meets the requirements set forth in the Federal Law "On Higher and Postgraduate Vocational Education, part qualification specialist. .

Coca-Cola Pilot Movie

As a result, the buffet theater, where he conducted until the pilot movie for sale Coca-Cola and popcorn has increased by half. Many writers such as koch offer more in-depth analysis. Thus, he proved that you can affect the subconscious with the help of the video. Viacom often says this. In the process of training a person, psychologists distinguish the main modes of perception information – is a conscious perception, which operates the consciousness and unconscious, subsensornoe perception, subconscious. Under the influence of the subconscious, human to assimilate information more efficiency, which exceeds the rate of a thousand times. All of this is due to the fact that human mental activity of 97% of subconscious actions and only 3% of the conscious. As soon as the mind ceases to work, and included subliminal features of human memory sharply. A person can not just memorize a large amount of information (such as individual words, sets of words or numbers), but also explore the various programs.

On the basis of This method developed a huge number of training films and programs. The information in them is fed with high frequency. The process of perception takes place without the inclusion in the process of consciousness, without critical perception broadcast media. It is included in the work of the subconscious, unconscious perception. But whether it is safe for humans? Yes, indeed, the method of 25-second shot – it's pretty powerful weapon suggestion. When passing information on the screen, she perceived only the subconscious and is transmitted to the appropriate centers of the brain faster and more efficiently than with conscious perception.

Technological Education

Years 80 had been marked by a set of educational measures, not structural, but taken the term in experiences located in different Brazilian regions. Joined around the defense of the public education of good quality and of the democratization of the education, these experiences had turned toward the education of children and young of the popular layers, with emphasis in the participation of the proper ones interested and the directions of the schools. Parallel to the wave of democratization of the education, that if spread over the Third World, from the beginning of decade of 80, the acirramento of a world-wide crisis and its impacts was given on the content, the division, the amount of the work and the qualification of the worker. (ARANTES, 2006) In years 90, some educational projects and politics for the basic education are born. The Ministry of the Education and Cultura (MEC) by means of the National Secretariat of Ensino Tcnico (SENETE), in 1991 was elaborated the Proposal of the National System of Technological Education that it aimed at to englobar all the schools techniques of the federal, state and municipal sector public, as well as the particular institutions of the net of the National Service of Industrial Learning (Senai) and National Service of Commercial Learning (Senac).

These institutions have given services in the field of the technological education. (MANFREDI, 2002, P. 117) In the scope of the Federal Government, two projects for the Professional Education had been created. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. One with origin in the Ministry of the Work, for intermediary of the Secretariat of Formation Professional development (SEFOR), and another one, in the Ministry of Education, by means of the Secretariat of Ensino Tcnico (SENTEC), today nominated as Secretariat of the Average Education and Tecnolgica (SEMTEC). (MORAL, P. 43, 2010). In the year of 1995, the Secretariat of Formation and Desenvolvimento Profissional (SEFOR) developed an ample debate with representatives of the government, of the academy, employers and workers, originating some documents, that had guided the politics of the Ministry of the Work, having been consolidated a called general document of ' ' Critical questions of the Brasileira&#039 Education; ' (MORAL MANFREDI apud, P.

Digital Libraries For Equipment

Currently, many companies set all the more complicated and expensive equipment. In this connection, imposes more stringent requirements for staff who will work with this equipment and maintain it. To achieve a high level of knowledge necessary to carry out regular training of personnel using the latest technologies in this field. Modern technologies allow to study the internal structure sophisticated equipment, the principles of its work, the installation and maintenance. One of the activities of our company is to develop a digital library of equipment. At the moment, we have created Multimedia Training System in the Library of hydraulic components, which is an electronic library of hydraulic equipment. The library includes several sections: "The design of equipment, "Principles of work equipment", "Order of installation and assembly / disassembly equipment" Construction equipment Construction equipment is given in the form of three-dimensional models, equipped with a description of each individual item, its technical characteristics, the symbol of the drawings and diagrams.

In the development of three-dimensional models we use drawings, diagrams, photos, allowing you to create high-quality models, as close to reality. The principles of operation of the equipment to demonstrate the principles of the presented equipment used animations developed on the basis of three-dimensional models. In animations semitirovany as the principles of the equipment and processes occurring inside these objects. Each animation is accompanied by a textual description of the processes. Mounting and assembly / disassembly equipment With this unit you can explore the order and the principles of the work on installing the equipment under consideration and the order of assembly / disassembly equipment repairs. Animations allow you to visualize the processes of installation and repair of complex equipment. Introduced technology for developing electronic library allows you to create training system for equipment of any complexity, for different applications. Digital libraries include all the necessary theoretical material, and allow to acquire knowledge in construction, working principles and submission service equipment. E-learning library of equipment and how it works to make the process of studying complex equipment simple, clear and interesting.

Digital Inclusion

However, the relation between digital exclusion and poverty are a world-wide reality. In accordance with the Map of the Digital Exclusion, that analyzed the data of Census 2000, the escolaridade level is point of importance not only in the generation of income, but also in the level of digital inclusion of the Brazilian states: five more enclosed they are the Federal District, So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Santa Catarina and Paran, and five more excluded they are the Piau, Tocantins, Acre, Alagoas and, specifically the Maranho, that will be analyzed later. However, exactly with the improvement of the Digital Inclusion presented in the posterior research of the 2 IBGE, the exclusion reaches the parts poor of the country, had where not yet arrived computers, Internet, cellular and others. Many institutions of education already had adhered the computer science laboratories, however still it has in the regions most devoid, absence of this type of resource. For more specific information, check out Pete Cashmore. Many that enter in the Internet, in its majority have access way dialed connection, while the broad band still is restricted to few privileged ones. With this, the people who turn or never had used a computer are called popularly of ' ' without-tela' '. Castells (1999) still remembers, that the digital exclusion is equivalent to the scientific exclusion. The fact to have in the laboratory of the manipulated school in limited way a simple microscope, does not place it between the biologists.

To calculate the speed of a body does not become you a physicist. The physicist has a synergy with the science that if considered to study, has a subjectivity in relation to the subject, very useful contextualizada. An enclosed one digitally must first have synergy with the treatment of information, a person who is organized has already it in some way, and at as a moment it must have the capacity to extend this synergy with the use of electronic elements. .


The teachers had also selected informative texts on the pollution of the water and referring questionings to the same ones. She was used still, the text of the Universal Rights of the Water, annexing a copy of the same to the table of the previous research. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dermot McCormack. Verbal activity was become fullfilled on each one of the rights, and later each pupil chose the right of the water that more found interesting and made a drawing on it. We create acrsticos with the word WATER and each pupil developed activity in accordance with its creativity, and still as tools, the computer science laboratory was used to search on the cycle of the water. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES In this work approached it question of the water through problematizaes that despertaram the understanding of the cares and preservation with it, developing abilities whom the pupils had taken to be multiplying of the acquired knowledge, inside and outside of the school. In such a way, it was great the stimulaton and persistence in the search of solutions, what it constitutes a basic aspect for the cares with this so precious and basic liquid for the existence of life in the planet. Teachers and pupils had assumed thus, the commitment with the preservation of the water and the acquisition of concepts for a referring more conscientious performance to the environment.

The work with this project meant the search for a change of position, a form to rethink the actions of the daily one, making possible the envolvement, the cooperation and solidarity between pupils familiar in the intention of, to transform positively, the reality from the carried through discoveries. The work in the Portuguese area was important for the pupils, therefore they had improved the orality and its literal production through texts that made sensible in practical its, as: informative, acrsticos brochures, texts, etc.

Environment Peter Garrett

The latest round of talks before the meeting in Copenhagen in November in Barcelona. In Russia will be implemented six projects on energy efficiency projects in six energy efficiency and conservation will be approved on the basis of the joint meeting of the on modernizing and technological development of economy of Russia and the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Science, Technology and Education. The first draft of 'Count, saving and pay' is associated with the installation of meters and regulators electricity, which will enable economical use of energy willing to pay less. The second project 'New World' involves the installation of energy efficient lighting devices, such as replacing incandescent light bulbs energy-efficient lighting device. The third project 'Energy efficiency block' envisages modernization of entire neighborhoods and towns and replicating their experience in the future throughout the country. The fourth project involves the installation of energy efficient technologies in state institutions, primarily in clinics, schools and hospitals. The fifth project 'Low energy complex' includes the production and introduction of energy efficient equipment for the local energy. The sixth project 'Innovative Energy "provides for the implementation of breakthrough projects related to superconductivity, the use of biofuels.

The number of species on Earth has reached 1.9 million according to revised data, the number of species on our planet, known to science, has reached 1.9 million species. A list of all known plants and animals of the Earth for the last three years increased by 114 thousand new species. Scientists who made up for the Australian Government's report 'The number of living beings in the world', argue that this is the most complete catalog of plants and animals of the planet. In total, an estimated report's authors, lives on Earth 11 million species of living beings, but many of them disappear before they both will be detected. For example, Australia has identified that continent's 147 579 species of plants and animals, but scientists estimate that there are about 500 000 species, while not found and not identified by science. Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett, Australia noted that the refinement of the list of species of plants and animals will improve efforts to protect endangered species on the planet.

In addition, biologists from the University of Adelaide found more than eight hundred previously unknown species of invertebrates that live in groundwater and caves arid and semiarid regions of Australia. According to researchers, it is only about twenty percent of all species of animals living underground, who moved there as a result of climate change. New species spiders, fish and crustaceans, related to stigma and troglofaune almost totally blind, and lack of pigmentation on the verge of extinction. Scientists believe that the care of these invertebrates to the surface due to climatic changes that occurred in South and Central Australia, about 15 million years ago. Reduce humidity was the reason why many species of invertebrates that live on the surface, sought refuge in mikropescherah and groundwater that are more favorable to their existence, contributing to their survival and development.

Lithuania Tribe

After 1455 the tribe of the Cours is no longer mentioned, and scientists suggest that in zhemaytskih stopped using the language of land in the 15 th century. On the territory of present Latvia – homeland Cours – language preserved a little longer and was later replaced by Latvian language. Zemgale language used by representatives of the Baltic tribe Semigallians. The first written record of speech, from which the name of the tribe and tongue – Zemgale – dates back to 890 a year in the Danish chronicle written in Latin. Transferred to the root of words from different languages such as land, lowland, lowland, as well as northern, winter, and winter. Scientists prefer the latter interpretation of the word, and thus Zemgala located on relation to other tribes in the Baltic region in the north, that is, the Lithuanian lands. Semigallia subjected to frequent attacks of the Livonian Order, resulting in a large portion of the tribe was exterminated, and the rest of his representatives have been relocated to other areas. And, of course, all these events have caused significant damage Zemgale language.

Despite the fact that the records dated 1413-1414 years, the language is referred to as Semigallians live, to assume that he disappeared in the II half of the 15 th century. In some respects (notably in phonetics) Zemgale language similar to the Curonian. Many cases, conservation Zemgale pronunciation can be observed in the Latvian and Lithuanian today. Semigallia occupied some territory in the north of Latvia, and from the south – Lithuania.

Nuclear Families

For reasons several, the nuclear family father, mother, children each time if dissolves more quickly, or not even it arrives to consist, being substituted for the monoparental families and the unions of fact. The nuclear families, who still remain themselves complete and coesas, comungando objectivos common of security, afectividade, feeding, kinship, solidarity and loving union, in turn, many of them, enough are not prepared to give a compatible education with the change that if praises. Equally if she must consider, still, the exercise of the authority in the seio of the family, which also will have been sufficiently weakened, not in such a way for the allotment of tasks between the spouses, more because the occupation of the parents and people in charge of education compel them the long absences before the children, perhaps looking for, later, to compensate them with a set of easinesses and objectos of the taste of the children, reducing, much, even for a moral question, the imposition of determined values, principles and rules, what it harms the exercise of the authority. The change of certain educational paradigms, must not only be a objectivo of all the responsible ones for the education and of the school and the family, even so if it recognizes second that in the current situation, characterized for a certain positivista mentality excessively, relegating for plain other dimensions and values, not to be easy to the families and the society, because also, of some form, already the effective paradigms interiorizaram, not being guaranteed that if it obtains to modify mentalities, already crystallized well, exactly to the level of the school, the humanistic areas, not to be developed enough, mainly in the schools technician-professionals. The alleged infalibilidade of science and the technique; so divulged insubstituabilidade of these domnios; a certain preconception of reinante superiority in some communities, makes it difficult the urgent interdisciplinaridade between abstractos science, technique, knowledge, subjectividade of analyses and position, when, in good truth, it does not seem to exist incompatibility between those domnios.

Avila Cultures

– To provide unilateral development. – To recognize the different cultural manifestations as production of the humanity in the different times and the different spaces, relating them with the local context. – To respect the cultural, ethnic, religious diversity. – To present the works developed for the pertaining to school community. 4.

THEORETICAL RECITAL: The culture is historical, to think about culture is to think about knowledge, meaning and forms to interpret the world and our daily one. The construction of a culture is based in what we were adding throughout history to transform and to transmit our thought, our forms of being and feeling. To know, to learn, to see the differences, as we are and as we relate in them is if to appropriate of the knowledge. To understand the knowledge, we have that to reflect the innumerable factors for which we are influenced, as: what we attend in the TV, what we have as reading habit, to know acquired, of incorporated corporal techniques, among others. Avila (2000, p.2) when dealing with the culture indicates in them that we cannot understand it as something homogeneous, alerting for the fact of that it possesss different forms to coexist in the social sphere, reflecting forms different of appropriation of the cultural capital: the popular cultures (according to Gramsci), the hegemonic cultures and the culture of mass. For it has a current agreement of that the popular culture is something primitive, that needs to evolve. Chau (apud Avila, 2000, p.3) presents the following questioning regarding the popular culture: ' ' It would be the culture of a people or the culture for povo' '? This desencadeamento of some cultures, the received and added influences had been being incorporated for the people and reflected in the society what in it supplies the agreement to them of that is reciprocal in this process of composition of the historical passage.