Digital Personnel File

Cumbersome paper files have come from more and more served the personnel files in the form of paper more and more companies and instead introduce the digital personnel file. But all the advantages of digital personal files involves compliance with various regulations by the employer. Generally, the personnel file regardless whether in paper or electronic form includes all documents and operations that affect the personal and professional relationship of the employee and thus are closely related with the employment relationship. As part of the personnel file, including the CV of the employee, whose testimonies, contract of employment, and information include health and pension insurance, as well as all other documents produced in the course of employment. All documents and particulars of the personnel file must be correct and genuine as well as structured and comprehensible.

Regardless of whether it is in the personnel file to the paper form or also to the electronic version, the employer has some Obligations and the workers on the other hand, certain rights. Here, the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) are the one the works Constitution Act (BetrVG) and on the other hand, in the case of digital personnel files to comply with. So, the workers, for example, according to the works Constitution Act has the right to inspect in his personnel file. The details of the personnel file may still to explain to the workers. In addition, the employee is still entitled to make notes or even photocopies and to include even a member of the Works Council. These different ways are used that no incorrect or invalid information to the workers collect and manage. All data and information in the personnel file have to correspond to the accuracy and to show an objective picture of the person as well as of the activities and the services of the employee. If not the case should be, the employee is entitled to correction and rectification or but also distance do not apply to content from the own personnel file.

Young Professionals

The Berlin agency Aperto brings out her magazine free plenary for tablets and Smartphones, iOS and Android. The Berlin agency Aperto brings out her magazine free plenary for tablets and Smartphones, iOS and Android. “On the subject of the new sensuality” post digital this time explored the allure of the senses in digital and analog world. Berlin, Jan – January 14, the current as well as all already published post-digital editions for free at the Apple store and Google play store are available. Mobile expert of the Agency Group, Aperto move, has realized the app in collaboration with the E-publishing service provider PressMatrix and user-friendly to the magazine for mobile devices. The app offers quick navigation through table of contents, page index and page preview.

Photo galleries and posts can be highlighted and shared via social networks. Articles and ads are linked into the network. post-digital editor Michael Sodar: New app makes still post digital our magazine with the multimedia tools. We are pleased that thanks to Aperto move all Expenses quickly and easily can provide. “For the M-days, the industry meeting place for mobile Internet and applications, Aperto move will present the digital post app on 5 and 6 February at its own stand at the Messe Frankfurt. post digital thematically revolves around new patterns of thought and action in society and communication and is aimed at marketing decision makers and communication professionals, Young Professionals and journalists. Each issue is devoted to a substantive focus, which is reflected in the design. . The winter edition explores the phenomenon of the new sensuality”: handmade in contrast to the progressive digitisation is in vogue? post-digital shows that both currents are quite consistent and gives experts of both disciplines to Word. There are the post-digital as online or print version (ordered) under, the site of Aperto plenary, as well as in the app stores from Google and Apple.

New Photo Book Ebook

Digital photo book in addition to the printed version of Tablet and cloud in Munich (27.11.2013) Fujifilm, the world’s largest photographic and imaging company, combines the printed photo book with a digital version. With this new offer, customers can download shortly after ordering an identical copy of the printed book as an E-book. With the E-book photo book Fujifilm enables private photo memories in picture book look friends or acquaintances digital on the PC, to present Smartphone or Tablet PC. The digital file format also simplifies the parts of the book with spatially distant individuals over the Internet. “This offering from digital and printed photo book, we offer our customers an attractive added value: we combine the tactile experience of the image with the possibilities of the electronic presentation and of sharing”, so Stephan Althoff by Fujifilm. Customers have their memories in their personal compilation both printed and durable as digital and divisible always close at hand.” For an additional charge, customers will receive 2.99 when ordering a printed photo book photo book E-book. Shortly after ordering the photo book is the digital version via download link as ePUB-and the PDF version available. The file formats enable the use on PCs, Apple Macs and mobile devices with Apple or Android operating system. The download is possible for six months from order. Printed photo books offered by Fujifilm for years with an extensive assortment: from the handy pocket size (DIN A6) via square sizes up to large-format DIN A3. Customers can have their personal photo moments in high-quality digital printing on genuine Fujifilm produce the versions glossy or matte photo paper. The photo books are characterized by long-lasting, brilliant colours and image quality. More information and sources:

Fastest Computer

A supercomputer from Fujitsu ctuo 8,160 trillion operations per second. It is still in development and about 975 million euros have been invested. It will be allocated to the calculation of predictions of climate change. A supercomputer manufactured by the Japanese company Fujitsu has become the fastest computer in the world, according to the TOP500 ranking, prepared by German and American universities and collected by the Nikkei newspaper. The list of fastest computers on the planet, ctuada two times a year, crowned the Nippon computer, baptized as K and still under development, as the fastest. The supercomputer from Fujitsu, created in collaboration with the Japan Research Institute of Riken, was capable of ctuar 8,160 trillion operations per second, more than triple the one considered the fastest in the previous classification, the Chinese Tianhe-1A.

The K project has an investment of nearly 112,000 billion yen (975 million euros) and is expected to be allocated to the calculation of climate change predictions, explained for his part the Kyodo Agency. The prize Nobel in chemistry 2001 and President of the Institute, Riken, Ryiji Noyori, assured that it is in the fields of science and technology in which Japan can show its strength. With the recognition of this edition of the TOP500, Japan was placed for the first time in the last seven years at the top of a classification that has historically dominated together with EE UU, but in recent editions has seen increased competition from China and the India. Source of the news: the world’s fastest computer is now in Japan, according to the TOP500 list

Nextbook Notebooks Repair

NextBook Notebooks repair Reballing sale of new Notebooks and used Notebooks Reballing service repair technical with warranty. Tel: 4431-7662 Local in Caballito shipments throughout the country. We are a young company, with little time in the market but working hard to strengthen our position in the field offering trusted products guaranteed with our honesty made available on each operation.We sell by free market, in a short time we became market leader, title that makes us trustworthy with a flawless score of qualifications. The computer constantly starts the motherboard not turn on beeps continuous wrong update of BIOS errors of memory, video and sound welds and SMD problems BIOS change / passwords /encendido / booteo false contacts / tracks Chipset of video equipment for sale we respect a quality standard in all equipment we sell thereby ensuring its correct functioning. Repair inverter, cable flat flex cable screen with streaks, dull, dark cracked displays or liquid crystal cut not repaired installing operating systems drivers cd s Assembly problems of wireless service technician we own workshops and the best team trained to give our customers the best care recovery installation and configuration of plates.

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50 PSI Exhibition 2012 – In Dusseldorf – Jan 13.01.2012

The Memorysolution GmbH is pleased this year especially in the 50 PSI fair 2012 of the Jan 13.01.2012-in Dusseldorf, which the largest fair in Europe for advertising article again the Memorysolution GmbH is pleased this year especially in the 50 PSI fair 2012 of the Jan 13.01.2012-in Dusseldorf, which the largest fair in Europe for advertising items to participate again. The Breisacher customizing USB pay special attention professionals this year on the chip on board technology allows, the small sticks the models, London, Porto, Mexico, Frisco, or Toronto are only a few of the little helpers. With the introduction of the new Mustang M31 dual SIM mobile in Customizing the Breisacher going consistently continue the chosen path. The Mustang M31 is the ideal companion if you want to use more than a SIMcard. The dual SIM they have function to operate the possibility two SIM cards at the same time actively. To select the SIM card on the phone to how inbound outbound, the Mustang M31 has two green buttons to pick up the phone. You can ask us more information about our services at the fair.

You will find us in Hall 9 stand M46 we look forward to your visit. Memorysolution GmbH Odenkirchener Street 2 * 41363 Juchen * Germany FON: + 49 (0) 2165 / 879154-11 fax: + 49 (0) 2165 / 879154-14 of Memorysolution GmbH – your global memory specialist: Memorysolution is one of the world’s leading specialty supplier for system-specific memory extensions, generic DRAM modules, as well as the entire portfolio by Supermicro. In addition we offer you a great Produkauswahl on hard drives, motherboards, barebones, coolers and flashbasierenden products such as solid state drives (SSDs), USB sticks, memory cards, and much more… Press contact: Memorysolution GmbH – your global Memory specialist Gerald Diercks In the yellow stone 25a 79206 Breisach Germany + 49 (0) 7667-9469-0

Steel Doors

Steel doors – Protecting your doma.Innovatsionnye manufacturing technology to conquer the world and us in particular, affecting absolutely every facet of our lives. However, what usually excites us the most – naturally own safety, security, loving family, as well as the safety of hard-earned apartment. The easiest and at the same time multi-step way to protect yourself and your home – to establish quality iron door of the apartment. The door – is not only perfect protection, but also the face of your home, measure your style, taste and even social status. As they say on their looks met, and a good mind. And what it means to mind? Yes, the choice of steel doors today is great, so the right choice will help you it is your discretion and awareness in all aspects of this issue. Carefully study the market for this product, best deals manufacturers, compare prices and terms of service – then you can choose your door. Consider the fact that good steel door will provide protection not only from criminals, burglars, but also on extraneous noise (from the entrance or the street) and the cold weather, which until recently we had to just accept it.

So, let's specify what the essential elements of steel doors ensure its reliability and durability. Firstly, a qualitative door leaf, whose function – to provide strength and durability of the structure on the one hand, and ease – with the other. Second, plating, corresponding to the desired level of security. When it selected to evaluate the degree of threat to which may be subject to your home. The third most important element – the lock system, modification of which to date are very diverse.

Buyers can choose absolutely everything – starting from the design of the castle itself to a degree of privacy and size of parts.

The Didactics

We notice as author who at this historical moment this procedure came to take care of a necessity of that reality, that was to form an individual with universal knowledge of World to adjust the ideology of the moment. This procedure had as objective it forms a passive citizen. But due to change in the politician-economic context of Brazil in middle of years 50, where the same it started to be urban-industrial; in this new configuration the country started to need specialized man power to work in the industries. In this context the dumb education its focus to take care of the new conjuncture of the country, is turned to take care of the necessity of this demand. On this new method SAVIANE it comments: ' ' In the Tecnicista Didactics, the desvinculao between the theory practises and it more is accented.

The professor becomes mere instrucionais object executor, of strategies of education evaluation. The didactic formalism through the plans elaborated according to predetermined norms is accented. The Didactics is conceived as strategy for the reach of the products foreseen for the process teach-learning. ' ' (SAVIANI, 1983, P.179). We can perceive through speaks of the author who the tecnicista education had as central goal a directed education to characterize the man power to understand the necessity of the industry that was growing, and can add that at any moment we perceive in its seio the concern to form a citizen endowed with knowledge that can become an operating being in the society that belongs; one more time we can notice the ideological character of the education, Express in the words Louis Althusser of its book Ideology and ideological devices of State, where the same it says in them that the education belongs the superstructure and passes ' ' to play a with priority function in the maintenance of the social and economic relations existentes' '.

The Future

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Later in the clockwise one. It repeated one ten times. each return diminua in the distance between it the filly. It went cuts shortening it. When the filly already sufficiently was sweated and tired, it released the rope in the soil and was of coast for the future sire.

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