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The Floor

The choice of a heating cable can reach very high temperatures the floor (up to 40-50 C and even the 90-100 C), but the snip Do not heat the floor surface above 26 C. You may find Dell Inc. to be a useful source of information. To one of the advantages that are closely related to the physical device "warm floor" is simplicity and low cost thermal or, more simply, to maintain the same temperature in the room. Regulatory flexibility allows you to easily adjust mode "gender" to mode of living masters, and not vice versa. Suffice it to say that today, "floors" are heard not only turn the handle, but the orders given by telephone and the Internet. How does the cable for the "warm floor" design basis warm floors, of course, is heating cable (NC). Externally it resembles rf cables for the transmission of television signals, but its purpose – not to transmit electrical signals or power to distance, and convert the current flowing on it electric current into heat.

Usually a small portion of electricity is converted into heat in any cables or wires, but it is a very small amount – 3.1%, and adopted a package of measures to reduce it. For heating cables, the opposite is true – all 100% of the power must be converted into heat, and the allocation of power per unit length of cable (specific heat) – important technical data of heating cables. In this sense, the heating cable – no cable, and the heating element, made of cable technology.

Ceramic Tile

Use of planar and cunning of Ceramic Tile Another distinguishing feature of ceramic tile is the existence of her "Planar" – the distortion of outer surface. Many manufacturers of ceramic tiles Technology double fired widely use method of testing the tiles by folding the two outer surfaces of tiles to each other. But few who happened to know that this is absolutely wrong method which does not supported by any attestation documents, no state standard or European standards. Forgetting that this way you will miss harmful option dent distortions due to the fact that edges and corners of the ceramic tile will be adjacent to each other. However, in this case, you will inevitably otbrakuete less harmful (and in most cases and useful) convex warp. Why, then, manufacturers have provided false information to the consumer? Reply to this that double heat treatment can produce tiles with a smooth curvature, ie, without planar. This type of ceramic tile has a nice presentation and it is easier to operate in installation. On the other hand, whereby there is this type of opportunity – do not talk.

Directly to the lack of plastic deformation of the crock in the second firing, leads to very frequent tiles. Peter Asaro will not settle for partial explanations. Why soluble gost strain "uphill" tiles not only dangerous, it need not be avoided, but what is more profitable and, as a cup, or a pseudo-right (an exemplary smooth tile does not exist as an absolute and total) harmful? The point here is abilities of all things interfere with loads. Worded law which states that: the stability of each material to a pressure higher than its tensile strength. What does the strain? The fact that a tile curved front of the plane "uphill", tile in humid expansion, or simply due to residual stresses, wants to straighten up, and so pulls the glaze. While at the distortion of the crock, "a plate", on the contrary, the residual stresses tend to stretch the coverage. In the end, it turns out that the "saucer" generates tsek, which is so famous for ceramic tile double processing. And just remember that the way to determine the distortion of "face to face, we missing is such a harmful form of the deformation. A tile with a convex deformation of the "hill" will exist in the coated surface before the demolition of the building, and, when this strain within the guest, it just will not be noticeable.

Ivan Klushin Companies

Exchange of available resources – not only the format of interaction. Another objective of cooperation – support partners. Thus, the company Glassbel, manufacturer of building glass, perform a number of services to its affiliates. Its specialists are involved in developing projects and calculations, to provide necessary support facade companies for certification of fire protection designs, providing samples of triplex, the necessary technical advice, train features mounting. Similarly, the act and the Group companies propleks, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc profile of Austrian technologies.

In particular, the company helps its partners to participate in various construction trade shows, providing the necessary materials. In company rightly believe that the success of partners – is the main guarantee of successful product promotion. In the name of the client in whatever format is not passed the current cooperation, we can safely say that its main objective – client's interests. Sharing knowledge and experience, engaging the workforce and technology, information and organizational support – everything is done to keep the old and bring in new customers. It turns out that result of the partnership benefits not only the firms themselves but also third party – customers. It is not something Don Slager would like to discuss.

Most clearly evident in this statement is the mortgage market. At present it is simply "swept" series of agreements between banks and construction companies. One of them was signed by the construction company "Legion" (Chelyabinsk) and a branch of the South Ural "Raiffeisenbank". "The partnership with the bank – a sort of exchange customers, which is advantageous all – explains the financial director of construction company – We can present clients with the mortgage bank's programs, and he, in turn, will tell borrowers about our facilities. Consumers will only choose liked him housing and assess the advantages of the proposed conditions. " Thus, there is a tendency to improve the quality of service, which has received increasing attention. And it manifests itself not only in adjacent areas (Eg, the mortgage market), but also in the interaction partners of one branch. In particular, propleks in November 2007 initiated a certification partners to meet the requirements of the company to the technology production and product quality of pvc profiles. Department for work with clients has developed a special program of analysis of the partner companies. It includes representatives conducting propleks full-scale audit of production and sales office in several respects. Of course, from such "checks" will benefit both the client and partner companies, which in the case of successful completion of the audit will be provided in future integrated advertising and service support. Perhaps, under certain circumstances and can only be "a soldier in the field, but to become a successful company in today's market without a" team spirit "partners virtually impossible. The scale of projects, promotion of products in the largest country in the world – these and other factors have become "fertile ground" for the interaction of firms with each other.

Heating Systems

During the construction of private homes, or actual production raises the question of heating the building. Ordinary developer think that is time-consuming and difficult. But the problem is the relatively low cost, which available as a private person and building organization. For a start, that would make the house warm, you must treat the material quality is extremely responsibly, we must rely on the climatic region in which you are going to erect building. When there is definitely what material will build a house, you might think, as it is warm. We must build on what what kind of fuel is prevalent in a particular region. If you have electricity Availability of electricity in the house allows water system based on electric boilers, warm floors, oil heaters, fan heaters.

The biggest 'but' due to the high cost of energy, there are frequent failures to of falling energy. As well as conventional oil cooler can be a very long time to heat a large room and constantly have to be that this heater worked, and in this connection will come in very large bill for electricity. If there is a gas Undoubted advantages in economic terms. Heating by means of a heat generator that runs from the main gas. In this case, organized water system, the basis of which the gas boiler.

In Russia represented a wide range of gas boilers, which are easy to use, not demanding as the energy and most importantly affordable. Their use requires a manual adjustment required temperature in the house. The devices require increased security. If a fully self-contained Unfortunately, there are many places where there are no main gas or electricity. Even if it leads construction of a large object it is necessary to provide heat for both workers and materials. To apply the economic feasibility of industrial boilers, which is not much beating on the budget, as an individual and construction company. Installed boiler can be used all year round. New boiler automation technology simplifies their use since it does not need to regularly monitor the temperature on the street, as well as the water level in boiler. The whole process of heating the room automatically.

The Wedge Lock

Wedge occupies the best position itself. Also, the wedge lock has a large contact area with compressed is the profile, in contrast to similar species. Vibration does not affect the quality of the crimp profile shield as small wedge angle. One indicator of the quality of the construction of the castle is easy to work with him. If at driving a wedge there some inconveniences, it is sufficient to deploy a wedge of 180 degrees (each wedge has two working surfaces) and he is in a convenient position, and the castle remains at the same location. It should also be noted that all parts of the castle is inextricably bonded to each other, do not fall out and are not lost. Contact solution, paint and plaster on the lock does not affect his performance.

Suggested wedge locks are used for aluminum, so and metal formwork systems are compatible with: "Doc," "Agrisovgaz", "Kramos", "Favorite", "Duck", "Viant," Helios "," Gamma "Certainly important are economic issues. There are obvious advantages of the V-lock. When the same value as the analogues, the wedge lock allows faster assembly and dismantling of formwork, more than three times – enough to compare the time spent on a dozen revolutions, to bring the locks in the workplace, and time on driving a wedge with a hammer, add that this work is not carried out in the most comfortable conditions, and high-altitude, rain, etc. And if the castle was originally set wrong and it should move? Again, unscrew, twist, spend a lot of time! Wedge lock reset quickly and easily: knocked a wedge, moved, clubbed – ready! Advantages of the V-lock – the result of long and painstaking work of inventors and designers develop a sophisticated production tooling and custom technology solutions. Certainly are important economic issues. The obvious advantage of the V-lock is that at the same value as the analogues, the wedge lock to accelerate the assembly and disassembly of shuttering more than tripled. It suffices to compare the time taken for a dozen turns, to bring locks in working condition, and time on driving a wedge with a hammer. Given the fact that this work can be executed under different weather conditions, at a height, etc. And if the castle was originally set wrong and it should move? Again, unscrew, twist, spend lots of time! Wedge Lock reset quickly and easily: knocked a wedge, moved, clubbed – ready! Advantages of the V-lock – the result of long and painstaking work of inventors and designers develop a sophisticated production equipment and custom technology solutions.