Ceramic Tile

Use of planar and cunning of Ceramic Tile Another distinguishing feature of ceramic tile is the existence of her "Planar" – the distortion of outer surface. Many manufacturers of ceramic tiles Technology double fired widely use method of testing the tiles by folding the two outer surfaces of tiles to each other. But few who happened to know that this is absolutely wrong method which does not supported by any attestation documents, no state standard or European standards. Forgetting that this way you will miss harmful option dent distortions due to the fact that edges and corners of the ceramic tile will be adjacent to each other. However, in this case, you will inevitably otbrakuete less harmful (and in most cases and useful) convex warp. Why, then, manufacturers have provided false information to the consumer? Reply to this that double heat treatment can produce tiles with a smooth curvature, ie, without planar. This type of ceramic tile has a nice presentation and it is easier to operate in installation. On the other hand, whereby there is this type of opportunity – do not talk.

Directly to the lack of plastic deformation of the crock in the second firing, leads to very frequent tiles. Peter Asaro will not settle for partial explanations. Why soluble gost strain "uphill" tiles not only dangerous, it need not be avoided, but what is more profitable and, as a cup, or a pseudo-right (an exemplary smooth tile does not exist as an absolute and total) harmful? The point here is abilities of all things interfere with loads. Worded law which states that: the stability of each material to a pressure higher than its tensile strength. What does the strain? The fact that a tile curved front of the plane "uphill", tile in humid expansion, or simply due to residual stresses, wants to straighten up, and so pulls the glaze. While at the distortion of the crock, "a plate", on the contrary, the residual stresses tend to stretch the coverage. In the end, it turns out that the "saucer" generates tsek, which is so famous for ceramic tile double processing. And just remember that the way to determine the distortion of "face to face, we missing is such a harmful form of the deformation. A tile with a convex deformation of the "hill" will exist in the coated surface before the demolition of the building, and, when this strain within the guest, it just will not be noticeable.