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Understanding Computers

The computer, like any electronic device that can operate without any user intervention or specialist. And really, nobody did not occur to carry out maintenance TV or tape recorder. However, the computer has one peculiarity – it is high heat components of a system unit. And considering that all the components together in one enclosed space – the system unit, the absence of efficient cooling can lead to overheating and fire the system unit. Therefore, the cooling system components of the system unit is the "Achilles heel" of today's computers. Let us consider, from which cooling system is a computer. In most cases, a set of radiators and fans.

The radiator removes heat from the electronic component and having a large area of contact with the surrounding air by a large number of thin edges, giving the allotted warm the surrounding air, having a generally lower temperature. Fans need to improve air circulation around the radiator, as in a closed system block natural air circulation is absent, and the hot radiator air does not go away naturally. The list of components of a system unit, requiring compulsory teplootvedeniya enough large: 1. Processor 2. North and south bridge mainboard 3. The graphic chip card 4. Power supply in each of these components is the radiator, and some more and the fan.

And the entire cooling system is working the system unit regularly as long as the inside of the dust does not appear. Dust – is the worst enemy of your computer. The dust settles on the edges of the radiator and prevents heat transfer between the heatsink and surrounding air. Dust clogs the space between the ribs radiator and prevents the passage of air. She settles on the blades of the fans, which leads to disruption of balancing the impeller and, consequently, an increased level of fan noise and the rapid breakdown of his bearings. All this leads to a deterioration teplootvedeniya and eventually to the common "freeze" the computer, spontaneous blackouts and can even cause a fire. How to deal with dust in the computer system unit? First and foremost – is prevention. Computer system unit must be kept in a clean, well-ventilated place. Regularly every three or four months to open the side cover and the system unit to conduct surface clean with a vacuum cleaner with a plastic nozzle. But if prevention does not help the whole system unit clogged with dust, it is necessary to carry out a complete cleaning of the system unit. This procedure is best left to specialist. But if you are confident in their abilities, then step by step instructions for a complete cleaning system unit from dust with photos is available on our website.

DriverPack Solution

Well that is too lazy to know everything. Yes, and a programmer for most understandable. True, not all guess that these things are not related to discontinuous. The essence of programming is not just a set of program code. Not just any performance problems. Programming only modern trend, which if properly setting goals can be fully automated.

And now for DriverPack Solution (DPS). This is a clear example of a lazy programmer. Why? Is this good or Bad? Let's start from the beginning. The essence of the DPS drivers automatically installed on your computer. Not yet DPS does not produce a fully automated, but it's pretty close. In principle, for those who do not versed in the drivers, install them, it is the optimal solution.

Although it is interesting even to me, a bit in this disassembled. And it will be useful to professionals who do not go to re-invent the wheel and want to use ready-made solutions. What is interesting ready-made solutions? Well, first of all save time. For example task of rebuilding a computer. Why look for any installed equipment. After searching for some drivers are already installed and look for the missing. When easier to run corresponding to an automatic process. He finds himself set. Not in its database. So offer to contact the online database. And that's all. One of the points addressed. You can navigate to the next. Although everyone can spend hours searching for drivers. Although I myself thought. Why do these programs. But I bought, such as a laptop was already installed Vista. For some reason decided to switch to XP. Now try to imagine my surprise when I'm on the official site Developer of the notebook, did not find drivers for XP. No, I had hoped. Maybe somewhere hidden. Can fit on Vista. In general, spending more than two days, the result I did not find one. Began looking for other solutions. Details can be found by clicking Josh Harris Sixers or emailing the administrator. Manually. Came across a lot of sites, look at our advertising and download. But the general solution and found none. Randomly to one of these sites came across a universal solution for the installation of such drivers, but it was split into several files that are difficult to download for some reason. He wanted to find the author's surprise, and the program is not just free. But is downloaded via torrent. For the unknowing very quickly. In general, for everyone to solve the problem with drivers fast and free to you here.

Purchase Of New Computer

Before you proceed to purchase a computer, think again, for what you need it and when really that computer you may need. It is possible that when you put second thoughts before buying a computer better times. If you have firmly decided to buy a computer, determine what it must have characteristics, and how much you're willing to spend to acquire it. Advances in computer science is very fast and computer, which is considered good today, after six months or a year would be considered thin, and will cost half the price. So that the sum allocated for the purchase of a computer should not be construed as investment, but only as a waste of opportunity for ongoing work on the computer. Having determined the approximate composition of the computer, select a vendor. Try to learn as much as possible about the price of computers. The first shopping trip should not be end purchase of a computer.

Just walk around a few sellers of computers and take in every price list. In addition, may be sold newspapers and magazines with prices for computers of different vendors. Useful buy more of these publications and read them. If you or your friends have the opportunity to access the Internet, try to find it on the price you are interested in computer models, as well as their descriptions. Carefully study received price lists. This allows you to decide how much money you will spend. Look at how much computer you with the right characteristics.

Windows Update Version

NET Framework 2.0 SP1 + Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 + all updates: KB958481, KB958483, KB958484 Unlocker 1.8.7 – program that allows you to rename, delete, move files, which involved any application User Profile Hive Cleanup Service beta – my own tool from Microsoft, which runs as a service, controls the computer in the process of unloading the user profile and closes open resources WinRAR 3.80 – One of the best universal archiver with optimal between quality and compression of time, supports the package in the rar and zip and unpacking multiple formats XPRight – Network settings: activate the guest account and hide it from the Welcome screen, with the exception of the guest list, denying access to this computer from the network and adding it to the list to access the computer from the network via the local security policy, adding to the list of firewall exceptions are sharing files and printers from the system are removed: Absolutely unnecessary files in the distribution SP3, left there by an oversight of Microsoft employees Folders Docs, Support, Valueadd Files for Windows Update Version 9x. By the same author: Viacom. NET Framework (as set separately later) Drivers for older graphics cards Intel and nVidia (added more recent version of drivers) Drivers on the old network adapters (so as all well placed new) Windows Messenger MSN Explorer Introduction to Windows (does anyone ever really got to know?) Tutorial for Windows Media Player (and whom he had anything good taught?) Learning to use a mouse (who sits behind a computer and can not use myshu?) Samples of music, pictures, skins, photos, games kontrollerov1-BaseCSP – Package Base CSP smart card (KB909520) 1-Flash – Adobe Flash ActiveX Control 1 – GPPC – Customer Group Policy preference extensions for Microsoft Windows XP (KB943729) 1-exFAT – Support for file system exFAT (KB955704) 1-IMAPI2 – Image Mastering API v2.0 (KB932716, KB952011) 1-LLTD – Respondent-level topology discovery communications (KB922120) 1-MSXML – MSXML 4.0 SP3 1-MU – Microsoft Update 1-PkgInst – The Package Installer (KB898461) 1-Rootsupd – Update Root Certificates (KB931125) z-Log – Diagnostic addon UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus 9.4.24: KB887606 MSXML 2.6 package for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. . Some contend that Zendesk shows great expertise in this.

Change Mac Address

Every network card has a unique number assigned by the manufacturer during production. Possible reasons why you may need to change it: – Provider binds ip address to mac address, but you have changed NIC you want to connect a laptop or another computer. You can call in the course I. support and ask them to change or add your new mac address. But there are times when those toothbrush. Angel investor has plenty of information regarding this issue. support is not available.

– I heard about the situation with the Chinese network cards that have had the same mac. In this situation, the decision is also useful – necessary to ensure the anonymity of the network. In principle, more than not, when all other precautions. How to change mac (MAC) address of the NIC detailed instructions with pictures. Every network card has a unique number assigned by the manufacturer during production. Possible causes for which may a need to change it: – Provider binds ip address to mac address, but you have changed the network card you want to connect a laptop or another computer. You can call in the course I.

support and ask them to change or add your new mac address. But there are times when those toothbrush. support is not available. – I heard about the situation with the Chinese network cards that have had the same mac. In this situation, the decision is also useful – Necessary to ensure the anonymity of the network. In principle, the excess will not be, if all other precautions. How to change mac (MAC) address of the NIC detailed instructions with pictures. Every network card has unique number assigned by the manufacturer during production. Possible reasons why you may need to change it: – Provider binds ip address to mac address, but you have changed the network card you want connect your laptop or another computer. You can call in the course I. support and ask them to change or add your new mac address. But there are times when those toothbrush. support is not available. – I heard about the situation with Chinese network cards that have had the same mac. In this situation, the decision is also useful – necessary to ensure the anonymity of the network. In principle, the excess will not be, if all other precautions. As change mac (MAC) address of the NIC detailed instructions with pictures.

Sales Management

First, automation should address the following tasks: Creating address storage products available in stock increase efficiency of the staff on basic operations – shipping, receiving, distribution, movement of goods assortment optimization – reducing the surpluses and remediation of cash balances presented on the consideration of market solutions, the experts 'authentic' chose the control system DOMINO 8: Trading House, as it fully satisfies the requirements and represents the most optimal ratio of price-quality. DOMINO 8: Trading house allows you to control the activities of commercial enterprises with storage address storage by controlling all key business processes: Contract and purchase orders to suppliers; Pricing; The contract and customer orders, merchandise management, warehouse storage address; Sales Management / Inventory, management and marketing of shares, management training seminars on products sold; Analytical reporting and monitoring operations. In addition, apart from the goals for automation of warehouse operations, with the control system DOMINO 8: Trading House was necessary to automate the sales representatives, as well as simplify the accounting and management seminars that the company "authentic" conducts training for its customers. The flexibility of the industry solutions DOMINO, consider these features of the company "authentic" does not was easy – specialists SOFT-WEST quickly finished the required functionality of the system by adapting the solution DOMINO 8: Trading House under the company's business needs. In the process of implementation spetsilisty company Soft-West optimized storage system, dividing the store into zones – storage, order picking and receiving, shipping. For more information see this site: Marc Mathieu. The storage area was divided into cells that were labeled with bar codes and entered into the database data system DOMINO 8: Trading House.

Managing Cash Flows

Manage cash flows of financial department of the company has a convenient tool to account for Cash flow analysis and their actual spending. Using the system to ensure transparency of financial information and management unit to allow detailed monitoring of expenditures since the first days of the organization in Russia. Obtain new opportunities to work effectively with clients Clients of the company the opportunity to receive certain types of specific products for testing to making purchasing decisions. Provided customers with an experimental product is not stored in the warehouses of the company, its revenues come irregularly. In order to maximize promptly notify the interested clients on income products in the refined mechanism alerts managers to receive specific goods in a warehouse. Upon receiving notification from the system manager immediately communicate with the client. This the operational work has dramatically increased customer loyalty to the company. In general, after the opening of trade offices and the introduction of a unified information system for the first quarter of customer base of the Russian Mission of Saint-Gobain has increased by 30 percent.

Perform inventory control The project company has a convenient mechanism to account for the goods in warehouses custody, leased company. The specificity of inventory of the company is working with boxes of goods rather than with the MMA units. To work with order and shipment of goods using the transportation company's managers had to calculate the total amount of cargo. Mashable has much to offer in this field. The company's specialists have adapted the system to the ICU specific inventory of the company – all calculations are performed automatically and in the documents of the goods displayed on a volume basis. It facilitated the work of purchasing managers, to ensure transparency of data on the storage of goods, eliminate confusion in the names of the documents. The company's management, sales and purchases are now owned by the exact information about the balance in stock, it allows more work to organize and to plan inventory. Keep financial and tax accounting, as well as exchange data with the outsourcing company working for the holding company Saint-Gobain.

Embedded software products provide companies with the necessary tools for the formation of regulatory reporting to fiscal authorities, and tax accounting activities in accordance with Russian law. Set up an operational communication with the outsourcing company providing accounting for the other divisions of the holding Saint-Gobain – it allowed the company to unload these units into a single accounting system, thus holding management to get the information about the main economic activity of the Russian branch. Kuznetsov Herman, head of 'Abrasives' company' of Saint-Gobain HLB Pee Em Rus' believes that 'automation have a positive impact on business development in Russia. Transparency of actual and planned data in-depth analysis and correction in favor of more profitable – a positive impact on the performance of the company. The established system based on the '1 C: Enterprise 8 'clearly reflects the specificity of wholesale trade and meets all our requirements. We hope that the use of the system will help the company gain a foothold in new markets. "

Electronic Book

An eBook is a book in format typing, many people use to share your ideas, express their thoughts, even to deliver quality information on any theme specific. There are several formats for an e-book, although an PDF eBook has technological advances, and variety of tools that allow the editor to modify the characteristics. A digital book in this format turns out to be portable and compatible with any platform. It is the easiest way of spreading your articles, magazines or your literary work over the Internet. There are several simple ways of creating an e-book in PDF. Even a layperson can learn the technique of creating and displaying content in this application. The notebook feature in a digital book exists because the format is PDF.

The computer application PDF has been achieved thanks to a few specific compression algorithms. These algorithms can compress the size of graphics or multimedia contents in the eBook. You can even insert animated images and videos in order to present your ideas in the desired way, compressing automatically your images as well as any other type of content. This frees you to transmit the contents of a system to another despite their different configurations. A user can create an eBook in PDF format with the help of a variety of programs available on the market, you can easily use a word processor to write.

Write your story or prepares a magazine or any other document in a text file in Word. This is the first step to the creation of an electronic book. The next step is to use Word to PDF Converter tool to convert from Word to PDF file format. If you choose an advanced computer program, with modifications, you can easily make the conversion. These tools also help you in creating your digital book in a PDF file format. Therefore, you can make your task easier with the help of these tools and techniques. Go to my page and download the program for free EWRITERPRO. With this program you can make your ebooks in PDF format in a very simple way.

Digital Illusions CE

In fact among the vast size of the existing Internet online gaming, in fact, occupy the greatest gratitude imaginable shooting. But also in those online games that direction, there are the real champions of their own. In turn, such a clear leader, which occupies a place in everyday life to the bone player who is not averse to shoot, actually serves Toy Battlefield: Bad Company 2. At the same time it should be noted that in reality, every part of the online game, is interesting in its own way, and therefore say with certainty which one is better, obviously will not work. Because then there is nothing strange in the fact that all those who played only once in such an exciting 3D first-person shooter on the Second World War, attempts to find information on the brand new patch for the actual toys or as a fresh version. Must at the same time isolate that is worthy to play in any game, really only a pre-read everything about it is absolutely that there is a global network. This information required in general to any gamer, fully to include interview the creators of toys, a detailed description of the online toy, and of course feedback from other players, in fact what some who are lucky enough time to take his own ordinary life an exciting online game.

In the case of the game developed by the legendary Digital Illusions CE, such rules are directly acquainted with the toy, obviously can not be exceptions. The ideal would be a possible option, that certainly all the players demanded information would remain on the same Web site. Besides being totally cool would it be if this were really specialized site to read at the same time, news about the emerging modern versions intrigued online games, or the release of, say for example, any room. In the case per se, clearly all our compatriots, the well-known admirers in the world of online toys BF, very incredibly lucky. And actually it is what is our special portal that provides free, to anyone interested in full all the requested information about a game here as well and all of its parts. Connect with other leaders such as Mashable here. In addition, each network user, at any time of day, when a desire to really be go to this website and read the articles for example Battlefield 2. In addition, it would not truly miss that nuance, that in general, the Web site always the most recent news on any online game, and first-hand.

Specifically, those Internet users who have not played this game, but only just heard about the existence of such, this site will be required to be 100 per cent. Because the site is available not just only something you need read, but to turn and say, for example to download Battlefield 2, or what else the patch. In addition, it is important to highlight the strengths of the apparent fact is this Web Portal. They should be safely attributed all possible assistance to proper setup of online games, and own a computer to which a change did not stop shooting in the Second World War. Of course there is a rare opportunity to be always aware of all the most recent news about this exciting shooter directly to this need only subscribe to a news feed RSS.

ICQ Client

Appendix Etis yavlyaetsya kind of virus (trojan) after its introduction on the victim's computer can take it under full control, working through any icq client! With it you can always just make fun of a boyfriend / girlfriend / enemy. Well or use a more serious purpose. Features: Joke: Opening / closing the drive to change the name of all windows on the Virus has you … Restart the computer Turn off the monitor for 5 seconds + This version adds the ability to disable / enable tray + optimized code, the size of the program was two times smaller (300 kb) + blocker disabled Task Manager main features: the generation of virus-based *. bat files, ie you can do anything with computer The victims here are just some features of this function: Delete everything in the folder windows Delete all files in the ProgramFiles folder Create n'noe kollechistvo Display any message on screen Run any program open any site in the browser spoofing hosts file host, and yet very, very many things 🙂 Vozmozhnotyah *. bat files is very easy to find veliki.Vy in inernet information and learn how to write code *. bat files, but for these purposes there is a program under Mutant.Imenno name it without any knowledge in programming will help you generate code using a user-friendly interface and intuetivny. Also there is the possibility of removing screenshots of the victim and the ability to view it. main advantages: It is convenient control over absolutely every icq client, even from your mobile phone or web icq! Generation of program code remotely in the online mode with the icq client ie you can control yourself vozmozhnostimya Virus Circumvents FireWall (on vista and win 7 not tested) Official website of the program: now available in free download and is free.