World Scientists

' Nor everything is perdido' ' Therefore it is, nor everything is lost in this country! The Brazilian people had a great joy when knowing what our Brazilian scientists had made in benefit of the health! How wonder! How men prepared to enaltecerem the growth of this country! How beauty if ours politicians had only one tenth of the brio of these scientists who work, search to improve the health of the people! This discovery is worthy of applauses and until prizes for the conquest, that, different of those, thinking about the others, as to improve, as to progress, bringing benefit, cure, specifically, to the creatures of this considerable population with skin cancer. Congratulations, men and dedicated women in the area of the research. Let us wait that our Minister of the Health does not leave to think about the donation of mounts of money enough to be able you to continue in this so sublime mission, of the research, in order to discover new formulas in benefit of the improvement of the quality of life of the Brazilian people, qui of the World, therefore ability does not lack to them. The Brazilian people deserves a discovery of these to minimize what he comes suffering with the disobediences politicians! However she is necessary that this team of work if keeps joined and with a firm intention to continue fighting, therefore very has what to search why the illnesses, in its majority have cure, but she is necessary to diminish with these discoveries the reason of as much and as many marks of enganosos remedies that make well to the liver and get worse the stomach and the laboratories if to expand day the day more, fulling the grana she-ass, without speaking in the competition! Only the scientists unprovided of fear, not to agree with the industry of the illness, will be capable to find with only one medicine, the cure of determined illness. The work is arduous, but with faith and vocs hope, scientists, they will continue being the azes of the victory and the conquest of the health, become this country, soon, a country of healthful and happy people. That he illuminates them to God with health to work in favor of the research to benefit the health of the people! Congratulations for the conquest!. Kai-Fu Lee wanted to know more.