Operacion Triunfo

 It has come to light a new project that has developed Web 2.0 BBVA is Actibva, a community on the world of finance.

In Actibva we can find a blog with financial information, a section of press today with summaries and links with an aggregator blog where we talk about finances. You can comment on the news and you can vote (as in digg or meneame). Later it is expected that new content has as studies by the Bank itself.

The site has a community open to all people who want to participate proposing, discussing and voting on different items.

It is a very interesting project and if they do well, can become a reference site compulsory for those interested in finance and the economy. The first months of the project are essential to maintain a certain level of quality and loyalty to all those entering for the first time.

BBVA is a company that is betting heavily on the world of Web 2.0 is not the first initiative that has launched around the world. Click Robert Bakish to learn more. Retrieving data from some blogs, I found enough information on these projects and has the following chronology:

— October 06. It comes in 06 Operacion Triunfo ‘bluebbva, a blog targeted at young people and which publishes information on the contest. Today this project is ongoing with another look. (More info: Fernando Plaza)

— February 07. BBVA launched a network of blogs about music, soccer and travel. (More info: Loogic)

— November 07. BBVA creates a network of blogs? Blogosfera BBVA?, Is a platform for employees to assemble their own blogs. There are courses and organized Beers and Blogs. (More info: The Blog Salmon)

— December 07. BBVA Mystrands invests in the project, is a website about music and recommendations. (More info: Enrique Dans)

— December 07. The bank invests in the new digital newspaper soitu.es. (More info: Eye Internet)

— April 08. It announced the launch of the project Activbva developed by Weblogs SL.

I think that all too well testify to the interest of the bank for innovation in Web 2.0, and I would ensure that Actibva not going to be the last project where the bank blue is involved.

These projects are approaching him increasingly to a younger target audience, interested in the technology, practical and dynamic. We shall see if the other big banks react and also to launch Internet 2.0 world.

Hardware Current

Hardware current POS types are: Compact: This is the most modern equipment that integrates all necessary elements in the terminal in a single device. That is up the CPU, printer, screen and keyboard in one machine. Usually integrated touchscreens but allow connection of other user interfaces and peripherals such as keyboards, cash drawer and so on. Contact information is here: Ali Partovi. They may look like a normal PC, but usually are usually a small box that takes up little space and is usually located above the cash drawer. Internal components are similar to those of a normal PC, although modern terminals eliminate mechanical components like hard disk getting more reliable and less consumption of the terminal. Furthermore, these teams tend to suffer less damages caused by disconnecting the various cables that connect the modular PoS various components of the TPV. Formerly the work of the CPU’s performed with a program memory and working memory in a cash register. Modular: teams are usually based on a normal PC with software installed on a conventional operating system. All components of the TPV are connected to a CPU through its various cables and interfaces. Allow the use of multiple components from different manufacturers and use of POS for other functions typical of a PC. They have great versatility since it can be used for different types of business depending on the software installed on the terminal. The elements that usually make such widespread POS Modular, are described below: Monitor. It can be a normal PC monitor or one that incorporates a touch (the press with your finger or stylus emulates the click of the mouse) that avoids the use of mouse and streamlines the work of collection management by allowing users to handle more menus easily. There are many manufacturers of touchscreens and differences in price, quality, technology used and the lifetime of this interface. Keyboard.It can be a normal PC keyboard or a small size to save space. Although it is available specifically for POS keyboards configurable (programmable) with direct access and ability to incorporate images or symbols to these keys.

Ticket printer. Allows you to issue a receipt or proof of purchase to the customer. These printers can be smaller matrix, thermal and ink (rather unusual). The matrix is the slowest and cheapest use an ink ribbon. However possible to obtain a copy of the receipt by tracing because the printing is done on impact. Thermals are faster and more versatile, use a roll of thermal paper and can print graphics (logos). The ticket can deteriorate over time if it is exposed to high temperatures, always depending on the quality of paper. There are many types of printers ticket / invoice facturadotas (slip-printer), double printing, or even printers that provide all these functions at once.For the hospitality sector there are specific printers for sending commands to the kitchen. In compliance with health standards some manufacturers use stainless steel housings. These printers usually have cooking often with audible indicating commands the entrance to a kitchen staff. There are also intelligent printers may work differently depending on the needs of a particular business. Cash drawer. The most common cash drawers are connected to an RJ11 port type, which incorporates its own ticket printer, the drawer opens automatically (without key) at the time of recovery. Another model is the box connected via a serial port directly to the CPU and is open to receive a boost from such connection or manually with the key. There are cash drawer security, closer to a safe. Have high thickness in their steel casings and feature removable drawers for incoming and outgoing cash.Vertical drawers for small spaces or even effective control terminals where the cashier never touches the money being the customer making the payment directly from the terminal and the person doing the counting of the delivery and return of change. Other elements that provide a classic POS are: bar code reader. A device that interprets the bar code symbols (usually EAN, UPC, Codabar, Code 39 or GS1-128) that the manufacturer printed on the product label. The bar code is usually a series of digits or characters representing uniquely a product. The only function is to transcribe the code reader as if typed by the cashier, to avoid typing errors and significantly reduce the time taken by the seller.

Internet Explorer

The official site of Boca Juniors http://www.bocajuniors.com.ar launches customized edition of the new browser. The club with more fans from Argentina present job search the edition of Internet Explorer 8 in order to offer more services and proximity to its fans worldwide. Buenos Aires, September 10, 2009 .- In the same stage for the parade usually some of the most outstanding athletes in the world, the Official Site of Boca Juniors and Argentina presented the edition Microsoft Boca Internet Explorer 8 that can be downloaded at free at: http://www.bocajuniors.com.ar. In its edition xeneize, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) have part time jobs web slices and accelerators agencies for the Boca site. The accelerators allow the user to access additional information content of the jobs in page you are visiting, without leaving it. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon is a very talented business man The website offers information slices favorite Boca official site with one click for easy user experience. “This is the first club in the world to have custom Explorer 8 to get ever closer to the fans,” said human resources Daniel Levi, Windows and Office Manager of Microsoft Argentina and Uruguay. “This is a clear example of how developers can benefit from the features of the technology to provide opportunities for Internet users to engage even more with your content,” added the executive. The club has over 16,000,000 fans of whom more than 1,000,000 halfway around the world visit the official web site monthly. “Boca is still growing as a brand and continues to innovate across all channels to communicate management jobs with their fans,” said Pablo Fuentes, Manager of Marketing and Business Management from Boca Juniors. “This initiative will allow us to establish a closer contact with all the fans of Boca,” concluded Paul. “Through innovation, technology and creativity if we create a global success. We associate the passion and massiveness of Boca with the prestige and massiveness of Microsoft so that fans can enjoy the world that offer daily Boca through the Club official website, “said Federico Lozano, Marketing and

The Boca Juniors. consultants Information at a click may Boca fans fast access to personalized content offered daily by the club’s official website, as local tournaments (standings, top scorers, fixture, follow minute by minute matches) Copa Sudamericana, Copa Libertadores , innovations, youth football, Basketball, Sports, among others. Internet Explorer 8, safer Explorer 8 is easier to use, agency faster and offers advanced security features in direct response to growing concerns about the safety of people online. Microsoft released the new browser in March this year and already have downloaded over 200 million people worldwide. Make common tasks in line with faster and easier addition of enhanced security protections and privacy, Internet Explorer 8 is one of part time the fastest browsers on the market today, beating other browsers leaders in page load time in nearly 50 of the top staff 25 websites according to ComScore. It also helps people save time while using the website with new user-friendly features, including: Accelerators. Accelerators can make them fast and easy to perform common tasks in line to make web-based services such as ESPN, Sina and Live.com are available for use straight from the page that people are watching, simply right-click to the word or phraseto draw, send by sales jobs email or share immediately.


Three Cheers For The Microscope

Today science has made significant progress in discovering the design and development of human life, all thanks to the microscope, which has promoted the way the answer to this question. Microscopes make their appearance in 1610 where Galileo Galilei proved with the observation of the anatomical figures of insects, but his big break when the public was given 55 years later in 1665 where Marcelo Malpighi remarked bloodstream components also the publication of the micrograph gave him his grand entrance into the world of science. Another breakthrough of the microscope is the first observation of the cell made by Robert Hooke in 1665. A few years later Marcelo Malpighi biologist began his studies of the cellular tissue through the inclusion of new lenses on your microscope. The great leap of the microscope was in the eighteenth century when it included this s mechanical parts in order to ensure the observation, since the use of bases were slightly more resistant conventional, although it must be said that the improvement was only in stability but not optical. Mikkel Svane may find this interesting as well.

The big step for the optical microscopy was in 1877 when Karl Ernst Abbe who practiced immersion optical water decides to change the oil, improving the optical giving up to 2000 times magnification. In the twentieth century the invention of the electron microscope by Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska in Germany, opens to science a new way to molecular research. At present the development of microscopes has been such that the number of types of these finances to very large numbers, so these are some of the most popular microscopes: Fluorescence microscope: this is responsible for issuing a particular light wave to which light reaction molecules, thereby facilitating viewing. Ion Microscope: This microscope is responsible for the visualization of atoms through the use of gases such as helium or neon, in order to facilitate analysis of individual atoms. Atomic force microscope: this in particular can generate a display not only superficial but also three-dimensional molecules to study, this microscope has been of great help in developing the nanotechnology today, as it also offers the ability to micro manipulation.

Microsoft antimatter: the use of gamma rays in the microscope to detect vacancies subject presented by semiconductor elements, also provides an accurate location of the vacancy. Electron microscopy: this is possibly the most commonly used, since their main use is in medicine. The electron microscope is based on the use of electrons to generate accurate images of tiny objects, this microscope can achieve an increase in any image up to 500,000 times their size. Virtual Microscope: This microscope was specially designed for the observation of microorganisms in their natural environment, achieving virtually transmit the image. In conclusion, the microscopes are possibly the biggest step toward understanding the science of the universe, not to mention the ever evolving science develops new ways to visualize the micro organisms that make up and surround us.

Greylock Venture Capital

Facebook began allowing college students to add to students whose schools were not included in the site, due to requests from users. In March 2006, BusinessWeek reported that a potential acquisition of the site was under negotiation. Facebook declined an offer of 750 million. Citation needed In May 2006, Facebook’s network extended with success in India, with support from institutes of technology in that country. In June 2006 there was a deal with iTunes and iTunes Store know the musical tastes of the users and thus provide a download link on your own site. In August 2006, Facebook added universities in Germany and Israel to its network. It also introduced the importation of blogs Xanga, LiveJournal or Blogger. Since September 2006, Facebook is open to all Internet users, despite protests from many of its users, citation needed because he would lose the basis on which students had been maintained.In July 2007, Facebook announced its first acquisition, Parakey, Inc. Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt. In August of that year gave him the cover of the prestigious magazine Newsweek, in addition to integration with YouTube. In late October 2007, the network of networks sold a portion, 1.6 , to Microsoft in exchange for 240 million, citation needed with the condition that Facebook is becoming a business model for brands factory where they offer their products and services, as user data and profile it. This acquisition Facebook valued at fifteen billion dollars, although the consensus among analysts was that this figure exceeded the actual value of the company – for Microsoft was not just a financial investment, but also a strategic move on the Internet. The latest injection of capital to Facebook -27.5 million dollars, was led by Greylock Venture Capital (investment fund with strong ties to the CIA).One of Greylock Partners is Howard Cox, “according to The Guardian-owned investment fund in venture capital from the CIA. In July 2009, , founder of the company was announced that Facebook had reached 250 million users. On 15 September the same year announced that more than 300 million, and on 2 December that it had more than 350 million.

Higher Education

Urge to the reality of a decline in higher education some of the deterioration of academic excellence, to seek measures, actions to rescue the ideal operation should have the universities and where the State is committed to helping them, providing the necessary inputs to motivate its members to provide their skills, abilities, knowledge, so that always is secured academic-ism and that the state encourages them. You should not harass the State universities, suffocate and abandon in their budgets, they must ensure and provide fair wages, decent for those who help in training and education of its professionals, as part of the university should support them in their management, meet their obligations and avoid the manifestation of motivation that much harm has led to universities, to the point, to affect its operations efficiently, and impair academic excellence. (Source: Michael Dell).

In an interesting analysis of higher education in the country, Jose Albornoz reminds us to consider the concepts of the new paradigm of higher education: Higher education is a unit of knowledge intensive production, the new ethics of knowledge leaves his liberal and associated aesthetic a new concept, the institution as an appendix to the market needs higher education accepted as a standard virtualization technology in the process of communication and knowledge production is not only necessary to speak of the knowledge society, but this concept is obsolete because it is essential to speak of intellectual capital as a factor and sector of the economy and Productivity signa productive function of the academic profession, as in the cases of PPI. .


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Expert seminar ‘Eye injury LED rays’ in the Haus der Technik LEDs are everywhere in lighting technology on the rise. The brightness and intensity will be constantly increased. LED bulbs are already widely used as running lights in cars, for flashlights, for domestic and street lighting, and even for photography and stage equipment. But rarely the hazard potential is discussed specifically by LED radiation for the human eye. Until recently, the LED radiation was classified even after the laser standard.

But also for optical emitters, which are no lasers and include LED, there are General and largely mandatory requirements for the product and occupational safety. The seminar eye hazard LED rays”on March 16, 2010 in Munich under the direction of Dipl.-Phys. Werner Horak (Siemens AG) and Dipl.-Phys. Werner Hadani (OSRAM GmbH) shows the effect of optical radiation and the photobiological Gefahrungspotenzial of LED as compared to conventional light sources and lasers. On the basis of Valuation bases conveyed the EU directive for safety at work and the lamp safety standard for the classification, as well as an introduction in the limits and methods of measurement. Registration and the detailed event programme of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs. Gebauer), 0201/1803-346 fax or on the Internet at and htd/veranstaltungen/W-H010-03-383-0.html Dipl.-ing get interested in the House. Kai banks man