Senior Executive Forum

UK & Ireland user group Conference shows datango at SAP understand how users with just a few clicks business applications Berlin, October 26, 2009 introduces a new enterprise software, initially often feel like a labyrinth users. Investor often says this. They wander inside the new applications and lose precious time. The datango performance suite (dps) helps them to take the right steps now. How it works, shows UK & Ireland user group Conference 2009 datango on November 23rd and 24th on the SAP in Manchester. The dps\”has been developed with a focus on the users of business applications such as SAP. Because only a software that can be used by users, is powerful.

The datango performance suite is therefore\”employees a virtual assistant to the page. As a mentor, he coaches the user through each step of the work. The tool can be operated intuitively and in real time to help call, if the user is not find your way with the new software. Up to 60% less poses Standard requests at the help desk, up to 40% less time for error processing and up to 90% cost reduction for Delta training. The dps’ supports SAP users worldwide the datango performance suite\”is already a central part of IT infrastructures by companies all over the world and the whole thing is brought closer their audiences year round on international events. Forms the end for 2009 the SAP UK & Ireland user group Conference. The Conference is considered the most important SAP-related event in the UK and Ireland.

It was developed by users for users and offers best practices, workshops, lectures and a networking dinner. New this year, the Senior Executive Forum is a one-day discussion platform for top managers. The event, which brings together SAP experts and leading industry representatives from Great Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe, focuses on the topics of education and SAP updates.

Healthy Eating

Free expert chat about to take off, diet and healthy eating these and other questions dealing with people who deal with their diet no matter whether they want easy healthy living or remove. With free expert chat of the diet clique, now offers the ability to make these and many other questions on a certified nutritionist. Jutta Saldana a trained as a dietitian and then gained extensive practical experience in their profession. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. After several other stations she received certificate nutritionist of the German society for nutrition (for more information about the certificate, see dietitian dge). Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 19:00 until 20:00 link: expert-chat diet lose weight healthy nutrition – participate in the chat is free of charge and anonymously possible – contact: diet clique operator: Tobias Kirsch Otto-Braun-Strasse 77 10405 Berlin Tel.: 0163 2352429 email: clique AT diet clique DOT de which diet clique is a free community around diet, slimming and healthy nutrition. Members can use the platform to put up stages goals or to lead online diet and nutrition journals. Certified dietician writing expert blogs and give valuable tips and information on the topics, which deal with the visitors of the diet clique.

Carolina Cross

Carolina Cross was born in Tula the 12 from June from 1979, and is nowadays the models and more prosperous presenters of Colombia. In the year of 1999, the Carolina model Cross participated in the National Contest of Beauty (Colombia young lady) where represented the department of the Valley of the Cauca, being the favorite from the start of the contest by I publish and the press. Continue to learn more with: Ali Partovi. Carolina Cross lost the title in front of the Cundinamarca young lady of that then Catherine Acosta, being in the virreina position. After the Carolina contest Cross, I continue working as model and beginning in the presentation of programs of television of the hand of the programmer Jorge Baron TV. Carolina Cross I tie postriormente in 2001 to channel RCN like presenter of shows like Commandos and in the section of nonsense of the reporter. The name of Carolina Cross was made more popular after Very Good morning present/display during a long time the matutinal program next to J Mario Valencia and Yaneth Waldman; it was there where Carolina Cross became all one celebrity and became in one from the excellent models but from the Colombian nonsense. The exit of Carolina Cross of the program Very Good morning I originate by its participation in reality show ” dancing by sueo” in which to Carolina granted the winner title to him.

Carolina Cross I create its own company of Accessories called ” Carolina Cross Unipersonal” Company; , and it sent to the warehouses ” as well; Carolina Cross Jewelry shops and Accesorios”. Carolina Cross also was presenter of programs like Extreme Change 3, Illusion, magic and Humor. At the moment, it completely without information presents/displays the section of entertainment of reporter RCN and new reality Cita. Carolina Cross is catalogued like one of the best models and presenters of nonsense of Colombia, were winning in 2008 of the prize TV and novels like better presenter, title than repeated in 2009.

Financing Plans for Software

It is essential and very important to check with the provider what the length of warranty is. it is National or International. It must find out what issues does it cover, and remember that it is in writing and specify the restrictions in each case. * Insurance: You must confirm whether the supplier offers any additional insurance against theft or loss. * Price and accessories efficient: You have to check prices of gadgets you want to buy or replace the Laptop. For example, batteries that have more time, shippers, DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo, etc. Must be taken into account, which can bring a laptop battery which lasted more than another for another model.

* Equipment characteristics: It should be noted that the characteristics of the team should be in line with current trends in the industry of hardware or software provided, so as to ensure the life of the laptop in the period as you want use. * Offer: We must consider that offers of laptops is very varied, one can bring a free device (mouse or mouse, web cameras, printers, USB sticks, etc.), free or trial software (Microsoft Office, CD writer, antivirus, etc..), or other device discounts and / or accessories. * Financing Plans: If in case, purchase your equipment through a funding plan (credit, leasing, etc.) Do not forget to ask what are the requirements to view this resource. The period offered and payment methods that exist. Make sure you get everything in writing. Remember to choose a laptop is not easy. You always want to buy one and then regret not seeing better. So I recommend you have a lot of patience and take a short time before choosing. The trick, so to speak, is to have patience, and not run the risk of buying and then repent to see other information that could be better. I hope I have helped a little with this view, to invest safely and in accordance with the tastes of each person.

Twittent – 140 Characters

“I am you, and you?” But “what am I doing?” An approach worthy of a famous philosopher – “Who am I? Where am I? Where am I ?”-… These are the questions of everyday community members Twitter! Each tweet own way, in a purely recreational or professional or even commercial! Sometimes, humor, passion and interest intersect … shot a glance heliast, user system .. Twitter or richness of information flows chosen … Twitter is a mine of information. It is disseminated very fast and massive.

It takes my mind to set a rule of thumb about who you follow (FOLLOWING) and do not follow all goes, to avoid being drowned in information flows that would be useless. ” A graduate of a master strategy, logistics and e-business, heliast seeks to keep abreast of the most advanced and new business. Some news site could Twitter has generally sufficient, but … Links to articles somewhat offset “The idea of Twitter being expressed in 140 characters, it is important to write a strong hook to sharpen the focus of my contacts. Often the original articles that I can not find on national news sites but at sites more professional and BtoB or on blogs are those that are among my favorites.

Sometimes I also communicate on subjects went outside the box as one of my tweet To those who do nothing this summer “(campaign at a must see!) A computer selected leisure … remains in line with professional ambitions Sometimes the professional interests engender passions and vice versa. The viral media short messages contributes to this type of behavior. Heliast found this medium perfectly suited to share his passion with his “digital friends” that “he does not know physically for the most part. Then the evening entertainment twittent with professional reality. “I connect daily to increase my knowledge in the field of Internet, e-business, etc.. With the links I have published, the people I know do not follow my news and I can expand my social network to better inform me. I am therefore starting to build a network of totally free, which I will always professionally one day or another. ” Everyone has one’s own use tweeter, a study from Harvard Business School also shows that 10% of Twitter users generate 90% of Twitter.