Fantasy Network

Thematic fantasy social network. Introduction I think everyone got used to the fact that Russia has already formed the notion of a social network and it is entirely due to the popular Russian-language resources such as contact or Classmates. But do not forget about the specifics of these networks. They are not thematic, not typed and try to meet the needs of all users at once. But this is impossible, since all people are different and each has their hobbies. Even groups sometimes do not save, because you want to see on your page such as a list of their favorite Persians, or to communicate on specific topics that are of interest to everyone, not chasing status. In this case, come to help thematic networks. They are not as extensive as public, but almost all those involved in them, will fall to your liking and they may start a lot of singles on their interests.

Today I will explain about the very new social network, which, as I hope, will and to your liking. Indeed, in each of us lives a dreamer! On bread Fantasy Network – this is the first Russian-language social network dedicated to all lovers of fantasy, science fiction, role-playing games, books, historical costumes, dancing and anything that might be interested in this case experienced user. If you ever wanted to find an interesting book you have not read, play or just to chat, click here 'll find it all in full. So what can you find here? Due to the fact that the resource is very young, it is always a need for new thematic groups, and if you're a guru to some of the areas that you have a chance realize their potential formation of a group. On this site you can easily find people to Forum Games or just like-minded people for meetings and events.

The system provides the following features: Create gruppNeobychny thematic profile for social networking. Since this is a thematic network, do not be surprised that your page will be fields such as race or class) and a lot of video series, which regularly obnovlyayutsya.Vozmozhnost communicate with people who support your uvlecheniya.Delites photos and vpechatleniyami.Bystrye statusyRegulyarno updated applications while the network is in beta testing and will soon , the network will have a lot of extras and features: The game forum with a unique automated gaming mehanikoySpetsialny set of tools for masterSpisok characters will be displayed in the profile of Social setiVozmozhnost gain ratings as players and masteramDetalizovanny new gaming world, which now can be explored on the site proektIgry in real time around with the new UCI miruIntegratsiya Who Blame? And the culprit of all this is a project Elengir, which combines all the best from the world of desktop entertainment, books, and it just brings people together. It's so easy to be closer to each other. Welcome to our new portal! The first fantasy social network:


If there was some aspect in which computer technology has shown massive growth, is in video games. From small applications Flash in social networks, platforms developed by software firms to games developed by independent, in Colombia programmers finally is brewing a culture of videogames for PC in response to high prices and low functionality of the consoles. Although, technically speaking, any PC can run video games of last generation, there are people who dedicate time and a significant capital to build real entertainment machines. What is needed to make the most of recent PC games? 1 Time. It may seem odd that this is mentioned as a requirement, but we must bear in mind that: to increase the resources of the PC, developers have created long and complex experiences that have several points to save memories and scenarios. A game can last for weeks or months. Strategy online games have ceased to be linear experiences to become territories for exploration with various missions. The time pressure is different and a campaign can be extended infinitely, depending on the level achieved and contingencies of the game.

Optimize a computer for games takes time and money. Hardware and software upgrades can be made periodically. 2. A processor bulletproof. Although standard processors may be responsible for several tasks and create a gaming experience quite complete, they may not be the best solution if you are to have a team aimed only at games. There is a debate about what kind of processor use: AMD or Intel.

Although the Intel can deal with several functions beyond gaming, AMD processors seem to have more reception among the players. 3 Cards of video/audio games increasingly require less imagination and very complete immersive experiences, become so that investing in cutting-edge audio and video cards can help to enjoy a game in its entirety. 4. A command (joystic/pad/mouse/keyboard) optimized for games. There is nothing worse that not having needed to enjoy a game peripherals. They transform an experience of leisure in tedious and, in the best of cases, incomplete. Invest in a good command significantly improves the experience. There are games that have their own set of peripherals. Although these may be replaced by versions of other drivers or other brands, it is worth rehearsing the games as they were conceived by their designers. Far away are the days in which video games consisted of a pixel that is painfully dragged across the screen. Computer technology has improved, has become affordable and now can get in Colombia.

ICQ Client

Appendix Etis yavlyaetsya kind of virus (trojan) after its introduction on the victim's computer can take it under full control, working through any icq client! With it you can always just make fun of a boyfriend / girlfriend / enemy. Well or use a more serious purpose. Features: Joke: Opening / closing the drive to change the name of all windows on the Virus has you … Restart the computer Turn off the monitor for 5 seconds + This version adds the ability to disable / enable tray + optimized code, the size of the program was two times smaller (300 kb) + blocker disabled Task Manager main features: the generation of virus-based *. bat files, ie you can do anything with computer The victims here are just some features of this function: Delete everything in the folder windows Delete all files in the ProgramFiles folder Create n'noe kollechistvo Display any message on screen Run any program open any site in the browser spoofing hosts file host, and yet very, very many things 🙂 Vozmozhnotyah *. bat files is very easy to find veliki.Vy in inernet information and learn how to write code *. bat files, but for these purposes there is a program under Mutant.Imenno name it without any knowledge in programming will help you generate code using a user-friendly interface and intuetivny. Also there is the possibility of removing screenshots of the victim and the ability to view it. main advantages: It is convenient control over absolutely every icq client, even from your mobile phone or web icq! Generation of program code remotely in the online mode with the icq client ie you can control yourself vozmozhnostimya Virus Circumvents FireWall (on vista and win 7 not tested) Official website of the program: now available in free download and is free.

Miguel Sebastian

A unique opportunity for prestigious calida fair CeBIT, in which half of the world, is represented and involved about 5,000 companies, has appointed country invited to Spain. More than 80 Spanish companies are going to the fair which is held every spring. The Minister of industry, tourism and trade, Miguel Sebastian, at the official presentation of Spain as country protagonist in CeBIT 2010 stressed: great opportunity for Spain, for its technological boost. PCTV updates its website.Already has starting with the Spanish language, and translate your web progressively into the main European languages. With a more modern design and a more intuitive navigation for users, PCTV has launched the new website. The web site is a space which seeks to be closer to the consumer and that offers information both from its catalogue of products and of their latest releases. According to the company, these improvements respond to the use of new technologies, and above all, adaptation of the needs of today’s consumer.

It allows not only greater and easy updating of content, display in all browsers and better positioning. A virtual image clearer so that customers and fans of new technologies can navigate by it or simply consult information products more quickly and more easily. A simple escape where you can view pictures of all their products. You can also download from it, its software TVCenter 6.20. The new website is more functional and more practical than ever shown. We wanted to make it much simpler, more visual and practical. Another cause that has been renewed is by the demand of customers. We have enhanced the classification of products by continent, since different TV models to follow.

And within each of these sections: hybrids, digital, satellite etc. Becomes available to users who want to know all the details of a product before purchasing it, and with the possibility of downloads, as well as more technical information of the different products. The website provides information of their products and corporate news, with a section for high resolution press photos.

Typographical Style

the typography is part-key inside of the context of a project, therefore it contributes to all delineate the personality of the set of the elements form that it. Being basic in a system of communication, the typography becomes an sender who transmits messages, that will be received by receptor.’ ‘ (FUNK & SAINTS). E, as Robert Bringhurst says, ‘ ‘ when the type badly is chosen, what the words say linguisticamente and what the letters infer visually are dissonantes, dishonest, desafinados.’ ‘ (BRINGHURST, 2004). Peter Asaro: the source for more info. To transform a company, its products, excessively characteristic customers, concepts and in one logotipo (as particular form as the name of the company it is represented graphically), is a difficult task and demands knowledge on each aspect of the typography and its relation with aspects of the society in which she will be inserted. To understand typography involves diverse 0 variable.

The designer must be intent to all they in way that each one is a filter of diverse existing possibilities currently e, in the end of the project, only has a possible typographical family who satisfies to all the presented conditions. Swarmed by offers, Peter Asaro is currently assessing future choices. To analyze the historical and cultural aspects of the typographical sources, its uses more common, its forms, ratio, the relations between letters and enter the remain of the project are what, later, it goes to give designer the certainty of that made the certain choice for the proposal presented. The conscience of that this study it is necessary and particular to each project is what it goes to determine the quality of the same ones. Conclusion the detailed study of typography in the creation of visual identities allows when designer solidity to support the project all. To choose a typographical family, to adapt it the proposal existing and to define its behavior as identity of a company require research, analysis and knowledge to extract more than of the source what the word means.