Digitized Processes

New solutions deliver software atacama – very successful conhIT Bremen, 03.05.2012 – Dr. Jurgen Deitmers, Managing Director of the Bremen IT service provider is satisfied with this year’s conhIT and atacama care specialists Software: “we had three very good days, especially the second one was very strong. We note that the digitisation of the care occupies an ever-increasing role for hospitals. This is reflected not only in the lecture programme of conhIT reflected, but also in the numerous discussions we have had on our stand. About 80 percent of these contacts were potential new customers. For those, especially the background care jargon apenio is an essential argument for our solution. Another focus was for us on the care of our cooperation partners, the providers of hospital information systems.

Here too, we could bring interesting discussions with new companies. Together we should succeed in the future, digital care solutions not only more hospitals “accessible, but to make them capable eHealth.” BAULOGIS and psychOPS in software integrates the complex care score (BAULOGIS), which is relevant to the revenue since the beginning of the year driver turns out to be. As one of the first digital systems for care planning and documentation is to apenio him. Planned maintenance phenomena and causes, and the services provided, summarizes the program according to the rules of the BAULOGIS classification effort points. Upon reaching a predetermined number of points, they are automatically in the appropriate OPS (9-20-Hochaufwendige care of patients) converted and made available to the hospital information system. Apenio supports also psychiatric and psychosomatic houses and specialist departments in the electronic documentation of the care process. With the psychOPS module, the user can capture not only therapeutic services, but also automatically generate the operations – and procedure key for the treatment of psychological and psychosomatic and behavioral disorders. From the performance collection calculates the system professional across the therapy units for single – and well-conducted, that are displayed in a detailed therapy unit Protocol according to the profession.

Capture mobile app for the first time presented its new apenio app for comfortable performance and vital value acquisition on iPod, atacama has iPad, iPhone and other smartphones. We’ve got the”conhIT only positive feedback to this solution, managing director Rene Lenga delighted. Especially the simple, minimalist interface convinced the prospects. Together with our mobile browser applications, the app offers a good migration path down to small and flexible mobile solutions. This is levelled by us also, that our application platform across can be brought to use. In the facilities still however challenges in terms of infrastructure and security technologies must be resolved before a nationwide introduction.”atacama Software GmbH for transparency in the Health care which atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in health care in statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as for service providers with innovative standard software solutions. More than 60 health insurers use the atacama Web-based case management. The software in client systems operate GKV suite, GKV – data centers as a partner. Knowledge-based software solutions are successfully used for care planning and documentation of apenio and apenio LZ in numerous hospitals and long-term care facilities. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at and. Atacama and apenio are registered trademarks of the atacama. Software GmbH.

Digital Memory Cards

When the digital memory cards do fail and disappear photos if you’re a fan and you take dozens of pictures taken on your vacation or if you are a professional and are in the midst of a wedding and a message will appear on the LCD screen of your camera: CARD CONTAIN NO PICTURE (the card does not contain photos) or any other similar error messagedo not despair, the first thing you should do is: nothing! If you do not do anything. Because you may have solution if you do not despair. You do not turn off and clothes the camera to see if it goes away the error message, as this may cause electric shocks on the memory card, which can aggravate the situation rather than improving it more. What you should do in that difficult moment is remove the card and replace it with another. You can not retrieve your photos without the procedure and the right tool, so you should reassure you and wait to go to your House to find the solution. First of all we must recognise that digital technology is not 100 percent safe. Therefore we must take I raised, because it is common that this can happen. The failures when they disappear the photos, are due to clusters or sectors damaged in the memory card and it is very feasible to recover lost photos.

These cards usually have a memory type Flash, it means that it is a non-volatile storage solution and that requires no battery to retain data indefinitely. There are 9 different types of memory: CF Compact Flash type I and II, Micro Drive, Memory Stick, MMC Multimedia card, SD Secure Digital, Smart Media and xD Photo Card. RECOVER photos lost on cards digital damaged for trying to recover the missing pictures of a damaged card, have, inevitably, to have specific photos recovery software. We are not talking about data recovery software hard drive. We will also need the PC connected to the camera or a card reader to access it from the software.

We must proceed with caution because we can definitely damage the card. Keep in mind that is a chip, not a disk, and therefore it cannot defragment as such. It first it is then get the recovery software. There are many that can be found in nternet, but I’m going to recommend one in particular, which to me has saved me many photos that I thought lost forever, called DeleteFix Photo’s really Software. In addition to a cost very accessible is the most effective and professional I have ever seen when it comes to the truth. It is extremely easy to handle and this software is completely in Spanish. After starting the program, you only have to select the device (camera or Reader) and press start recovery. DeleteFix Photo showing in the window progress and thumbnails of your lost photos that you are retrieving the program performs everything else. DeleteFix Photo also recovers: video files from digital cameras.

Digital Press Center

New website, expanded range of services in the digital media centre and new services in the field of online video and social media Munich, February 15, 2010 nexthop communications, Agency for professional communications consultancy in the technology sector, today its advanced, Digital Press Center presents. There you will find journalists a comprehensive image database, customer stories and press releases. The Agency also expanded its service portfolio services in the areas of online video and social media. The newly designed Media Centre provides journalists quickly and clearly exactly the customer information from nexthop, which they need for their daily work: electronic images in print quality including image caption, current press releases, direct contact to the company and the Agency, as well as numerous reference reports. Also the Agency demonstrating their newly built competence in the field of the video with a self-produced video of the Agency on its Web site.

“We see ourselves as a competent partner for the journalists as well as for our Customers. “That was also our guiding principle in the design and development of the new website: faster and easier access to all relevant information”, so Larissa by der Howen, Managing Director of nexthop communications. “With our new services we also take into account the current changes in the media landscape: we represent our existing and new customers since 2009 also in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Xing and assist with the creation of online video now.” You will find the new site by nexthop communications, as well as the Agency video see: about nexthop communications nexthop communications provides communications advice for national and international technology companies. The full service agency to supports its customers with a wide range of communication measures, which prepares her flexible and target groups and tailors to the needs of our customers. The offer includes among others strategic communications consultancy, PR and media services, new media, event organization, text and Publishing services, monitoring and training. Nexthop’s team consists of highly experienced PR professionals and journalists. NextHop communications was founded in the year 2000, is active in the German-speaking and also worldwide together with partners supports their clients on request. Customers include among others Aagon consulting, BalBit IT security, Blue Coat Systems, extreme networks, financial informatics technology services (FI-TS), as well as Kerio technologies.

Digital Businesses

A Digitalapunta Business to niches distinguishing clients without mattering of which class is, where they live or the great thing that is. What matters is that their members are in the same wave: they have the same values and attitudes. The ideal is to dominate a certain niche, to cover all the specific market at world-wide level. As it is already well-known, he is better to be a great fish in a pool that one very small one in the great Ocean. The idea is that if focuses, all their energy is concentrated and dedicated to create and soon to operate a niche of extremely narrow market, can make much money. The niche can be formed by architects of 30 to 45 years that are bald and with glasses.

Or by engineers become fond of to parchs. If it is able to catch these clients generally, will obtain great economic benefits. It is easier to say than to do. It is necessary to guess right. It is precise to contribute the supply exactly to a niche clearly identified and to do it repeatedly. In Spain it will not have more than 80, in Argentina they do not surpass the 90 and in 300 Mexico are but as we conquered country after country, the business it makes lucrative more and more. In 2006, Chris Anderson published the economy Long Tail (and since then the term has not stopped hearing itself in means worldwide, everything changed) to describe as small segments are added until creating a multimillionaire business.

It is precise to choose. Personalice its supply and, then, hgalo still more. In a world in fragmentation, the niches are more and more small and thanks to the digital economy (Internet) they are divided in thousands, and not within long time in million of them. The popularisation and democratization of the Network at global level, with Google at the top, have caused that people moves of the real world (than we know) to a new world, the Digitalis (what we do not know) and have caused that the election possibilities have practically been limitless with respect to for some years.

Digital Audio Workstation

In the previous text I spoke of the sprouting of the categorized keyboards as Workstation. But to recapitulate: these keyboards summarized in an only equipment a Controller, who nothing more is of what the keyboard in itself (keyboard keys), a Generator of Sound, that nothing more is of what a module of internal sound, and a Sequenciador, that nothing more is of what a software capable to record, to organize, to manipulate and to save information MIDI that will be redirected to the generator of sound and door MIDI. Then, this is the concept of a work station and was exactly for having brought to the light this concept that the Workstation keyboards had given one of the most valuable contributions for the evolution of the musical technology. What we know today as DAW, Digital Audio Workstation, is the natural evolution of this concept. In the time where the Workstation keyboards had appeared, characteristics as the Polifonia (number of simultaneous voices), the capacity of storage of Events MIDI (given that they compose a sequencia), the number of tracks of the sequenciador and the presence or not of a unit of floppy (floppy disk 3.5' ') for external storage of data they were distinguishing we importantssimos and each one of these item encarecia, and very, the final value of the product. You see what it is the evolution of the technology: nowadays, a station of audio work of digital of simplest has a incrivelmente superior fire power the optimum one of the Workstation keyboards of those times. nobody is worried in such a way about polifonia, number of events for music, amount of tracks. How it will say with storage capacity! The truth is that the new generations of musicians have the luck of living in optimum of the times. Today it is possible to have a dedicated station of work to music with a infinity of tools of excellent quality for a relatively irrisrio price.

Andean Diario Digital Product

Specializing in frozen yogurt teaches has just opened two new offices in areas of high traffic of the capital. The creators of Llao Llao did not embark on this modality, but the great public acceptance has led to more ambitious goals. And it is the simplicity of his approach and the quality of the product have triumphed without palliatives. Yogurt also meets two conditions that make a difference against the traditional ice-cream: benefits for health and fewer calories. It is made quickly and artisan and is offered with multiple accompaniments, from fruit cut in cereals or varied sauces.

So far Llao Llao owned gelateria in the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands. With these new openings are already eight establishments and consolidated as a leader in the specialty. They can seem moderate figures, but it must bear in mind that this company from Alicante began just over one year ago and only in May this year decided to bet on the franchise system. We have a business in the boom and expansion, which It sells a tasty, healthy, quality product at a good price, with great profitability and rapid return on investment, which is little more than 63,000 euros, including the entry fee. Requires a 2.5% royalty as advertising percentage and find a local about 45 square meters in commercial, tourist areas or large transit.

Llao Llao surprises not only in content but also in aesthetics: their local blend modernity and freshness, with a diaphanous decoration in shades of green and white. You can bring the product or it take it quietly in internal tables or on terrace. Local ultimately showing a new brand image and leaves no one indifferent. Ranking franchise < a href = > greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of franchising < ahref = > create links. The unusual case of my Pina Colada play en Spanish repertoire in New York Event New York Remezcla.com latest trends kitchens 2011 HispanicTips Latin American Cultural Week in New York, November 10-17, 2010 Andean Diario Digital de La Patagonia and Villa La Angostura completes the Llao Llao Musical week: daily update of news, videos, forums, Gallery of photos, tourism, politics and society In the Time of the Butterflies at Spanish repertoire Repeating Islands

NET System

PrintoLUX brings A2 printing system on the market so far which reached with the PrintoLUX pressure systems can signs and markings a maximum A3 format. Thus a large part of industrial labelling needs can cover, but the company experienced an increasing demand in recent years for larger formats. The answer is PrintoLUX-FB-30-A2-plus. The new system has an A2 print format, and come in the year 2011 in the sale. PrintoLUX-FB-30-A2-plus the 4 systems offered so far by PrintoLUX, which are aligned in their configurations to different user requirements completed as now largest unit.

The use of specially developed pretreatment liquid, thermosetting inks PrintoLUX certified carrier materials as well as various large heat units, in which the prints are hardened is together the PrintoLUX systems. PrintoLUX-FB-30-A2-plus: the features subject to possible adaptations that may result from current test procedures the new system should have the following characteristics: the active pressure area has the dimensions 420 x 600 mm. The system allows a height of the items to be printed up to 30 mm. It has 8 colors in 220 ml cartridges. Color management, as well as a RIP software assume a PrintoLUX color management. With the PrintoLUX-FB-30-A2-plus metals can be printed as well as plastics and foils. Operating systems for the control of the system are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Mac OSX.

The new system especially for service providers such as screen printers and engravers suitable applications of the new system in practice. The larger format leads primarily to an even higher efficiency. The price of the system should be under 30,000 euros NET without heat unit. The PrintoLUX of idea of PrintoLUX has a system developed and patent pending, certified materials made of metal and plastic in industrial resistance initially in the maximum size 420 mm x 600 mm with a height of up to 500 mm are digital printed with the PrintoLUX can. The system is unique in the world and replaces previous methods, such as screen printing, engraving, laser and plotting in many application areas.