Humidity and Appliances

When buying, check humidity Electrical appliance. Ponyatie'100% drevesiny'-array means that all products made of natural wood create one, and not a single piece of s (trunk) tree. Only live, nesrublennoe tree can save the integrity and strength of the structure drevesiny.Vysushennaya, dehydrated wood changes its linear dimensions, and in different areas vary in size hildren differently, shrinkage around the circumference of the trunk is always larger than across volokon.K Unfortunately wood during drying is not always as malleable, as might be desired, and if updated by etih size than the allowable elastic deformation, the wood breaks (cracks). It is especially difficult to work with an array of tvekrdolistvennyh rocks, because IF defformatsiya mala.Osyudasleduet What if we want to imetobemnoe (large) product of 100% solid wood without cracks and without vnutrennihnapryazheny, we must stick together in relatively small pieces (blades). The finer the lamellae of which are glued solid wood, the safer parts of izdelie.Odnako become very melkihlameley simply colorful, that is suitable for nesuschmh parts, but bad for the stages and sizes stolbov.Optimalnye laneley, their cross-section and length depend on the specific design high reliability conditions.In order lamellae, spetsalno oriented, pick up within each izdeliya.Vysokoe quality skleevaemogo array not only provides for the selection of blades viduraspila and color, but the humidity drevesiny.Esli Connections slats in the product had significantly razlischayuschyuyu humidity, they are, respectively, give different strain after the final drying of the product pattern during ekspluatatsii.Ot etogo may suffer appearance already lacquered surface, obtained so nazyvaemye'stupenki 'between lanelyami. High-quality glue to rocks massivtverdyh Specials devices Wymah pressah.Kachestvo and gluing depends on the humidity of wood bonding, bonding temperature harvesting, temperature, quality of glue, compression force and holding time. Only by adhering to all etih technological environment provides a stable and good rezultat.Sovremenye glues give very good at breaking rezultat.Ispytaniya hardwood samples show that the strength of the adhesive layer is higher than the strength of the bonding strength drevesiny.Opyt shows that the adhesive layer is made from a stitch on (smooth fugu) or (miniship) not placed on the (show), which is sometimes at the ends kasaurov.Odnako time to glue a length of blades used technology (Hoffman), in which connections to use return part of cutting out plastmassy.Pri Kosourov hildren Plastic inserts are sometimes caught in the most conspicuous place lestnitsy.Ochen company soon abandoned this dock slats and returned to the traditional (minishipov).

Laboratory Scales

You want to know, first of all, what is a laboratory scale .. Scales, whose operation is based on the use of gravity, hydrostatic, electrostatic or electrodynamic effects .- a device to measure weight and body weight. Laboratory scales are designed for static mass measurement in the laboratory of enterprises and organizations. These scales are manufactured using the latest advances in science and technology and are endowed with the highest values of accuracy. As the choice of any other equipment, and selection of laboratory balances – is a serious problem because of the large amount of both producers and their models each with its own parameters and functions. We will try to help you understand the choices, but first talk a little about theory. All scales can be divided into mechanical, electromechanical and electronic.

The greatest spread recently received electronic laboratory balances, the design which includes a sensor that transmits a signal in a certain way of load indicator. From the sensors, which are of various kinds, in largely dependent characteristics of the scales. Strain gauges and sensors of the electromagnetic compensation – the most common of them, an advantage which is well-regulated mass production and relatively lower their costs. Scales based on electromagnetic sensors compensation have higher accuracy, sensitivity and resolution than the scales based on strain gauges. But, unfortunately, they do have drawbacks, namely, sensitivity to magnetic fields. Here are some basics to consider when choosing the weights: – Weighing (NEC) – the maximum static load that can withstand the scales without affecting the metrological characteristics.

Car Repairs

So, like any complex technical devices, the car needs constant attention and maintenance. For safe and reliable operation of any motor vehicle is an important condition for compliance with the rules of timely care him and the necessary repairs, as all its parts have their own resource. Repairs carried out on car repair, of course, is reliable and high quality, but it is very expensive. Therefore, most Drivers prefer to keep car running, without bringing it up to the need for major repairs, when you have to change all the defective parts. However, time stands still, and technology are leaps and bounds over time, and a modern car – a masterpiece of engineering, almost impossible to repair in the garage environment.

For example, as the owner of BMW car – you need to understand the fact that the car needs a specialized service of the bmw – equipped with the latest technology and the licensed manufacturer of the relevant types of work for maintenance and repair. Typically, during the repair Motorists without having sufficient knowledge and experience in relevant work, make mistakes in order of assembly, disassembly or adjustment mechanism. All this not only leads to wasted time, but also to additional breakdowns. Therefore, during the repair work necessary to comply with certain procedures. Padding or, conversely, nedozatyazhka bolts and nuts can also cause the appearance of additional failure during the repair. Even the most experienced driver at times unable to properly regulate the work of the car, so it is best to use the services of a large repair stations staff. Extension be ..