Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a dive to the bottom of the lake and made several statements on environmental issues. Ministry of Natural Resources will pay for drivers for old cars. 'Black' list of gas stations in Moscow declined. The eu imposed a ban on trade in products from harp seals. Each year wildfires hit 350 million hectares of the Earth's surface.

Britons taught to separate garbage collection. In Asia, found '' songbirds. Due to global warming life cold-blooded animals is decreasing. In Africa, built wall to 'stop the advance of' Sahara Desert. On Earth, started a mass extinction of living creatures. Photofact: Luxury inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. Overview of events week from 27/07/2009 to 02/08/2009. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a dive to the bottom of the lake and made several statements on environmental issues, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Saturday made a four-hour dive to the bottom of the deepest lake in the world – Lake Baikal, and then held a meeting of the Environment, which has promised to employ workers idle Baikal Pulp and intensify work with environmentalists.

After a dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal, Vladimir Putin admitted to reporters that allowed him to dive for a fresh look at the environmental problems of Lake Baikal. The head of government admitted that the ecology of Lake Baikal to be treated with caution and called for a balance. Speaking at a meeting of the Environment, Putin said that Russia now has no effective characters that would encourage businesses to implement environmentally sound technologies and reduce emissions of pollutants substances.

Robin Sharma

Then what can exist that illusion? Just because we have all agreed to believe in it. Poochemu earn some thousand, five thousand. or ten thousand dollars per month, while someone earning a million dollars a day or a week. Hear from experts in the field like Nicolas Keller for a more varied view. There are people who have a huge desire to be a rich man. These people are very fond of money, they see them, feel they have a great need to live a luxurious life. It is these people succeed in life.

There are people who like stability in my life, as a rule is 90% of the world's population, of course they would like to be rich, but happiness for them is not money. Such people are afraid of change in their lives. These people go to work, get paid, and all life in the comfort zone into a complete suit, respectively, the big money they nikgda not dragged in, it is a fact. From a physical point of view, money is just a figure drawn on a piece of paper, but it's also a great energy and strength which must be able to use the big money comes only to those who know how to use that power. Unfortunately, the knowledge which is given in schools is not enough to be financially independent and a free man, a modern education to teach higher survival, but not to be rich. In order to become a mechanic to learn from a locksmith to be a welder must learn from the welder, just to be rich to learn from rich people, not those who live on wages. In my opinion, there are key skills that make people rich: 1.

The skill of money management (ie ability to earn and save money) 2. The skill of investing money (ie ability to maintain and increase the saved money) 3. Constant self-development (success is not just money, it is primarily thinking of a rich man) Want to earn ten thousand dollars, whether the person on ten thousand dollars, you want to earn a million dollars a month, become a man of a million dollars. Conclusion: Do not do more and be more (Robin Sharma)

Cleaning Apartments

Cause-and there are constants of the disease in the form of a cold, allergies and various ailments, so when you want to have health and strength to fulfill all conceived plans. Apartment cleaning helps. And not only that. Also creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the house. Read more from Samsung to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Try an experiment. Remember its state when you were in some splodgy or retracted room.

Feeling of tightness, which can be described at the level of feelings as 'disgusting' or other words that could reflect the very essence – the body shrinks, sinks into itself, preventing contact with the hostile environment of aggressive germs. Here and in the dirty room – which has long hung in the air microbes fly with dust particles. Not a very pleasant feeling which is not removed. That's how the human body reacts to the cleanliness of the room. Where there is purity – we unconsciously open, coming in a calm, collected form – in the room where she spent cleaning the apartment, where we are after this harvest feel this heat, which we mentioned above, and comfort.

Here they are. Now you understand how important it is to make cleaning of the apartment on a regular basis: will cleanliness, comfort and a constant feeling of home warmth and comfort. You will be able to do any of their planned business, which has long dreamed of, to which you have long wanted to start, but may not be enough time. Cleaning Apartments will make our specialist. It does not take much time. Only required to call and order the cleaning of the apartment, voicing at the same volume of work and we immediately arrive (or in the agreement – which will be more comfortable). Our specialist make a home. Will remove all the dust, will make the window cleaner and brighter world around. Air after the cleaning is still pure and fresh for a long long time. Ordering cleaning of the apartment permanently, ie, performing a cleaning on a regular basis – we provide its customers, always want to stay clean and comfort of substantial discounts on cleaning. Also we can make general cleaning of the apartment when you need it. For example before the holiday and beyond. Any celebrations should be clean, as well as after the holidays have work to do, ie, have something to wash and clean. Apartment cleaning is performed only with the use of environmentally friendly cleaning and detergents, which will protect your home from the germs, dust and harmful microorganisms. Apartment cleaning is performed on process equipment, allowing for the cleaning service as quickly, cleanly and carefully. We tried to work so that our work please you. Doing everything necessary to make your home shine and cleaning the apartment was the same as a regular procedure for brushing your teeth. You must agree – everyone should do their job.

Postgraduate Vocational Education

Preparation and defense of the final qualification of the diploma project finance is a must view the final state certification of students majoring in Finance, money circulation and credit. Whenever Mikkel Svane listens, a sympathetic response will follow. " In under a degree in finance – an opportunity and protection guidance provides general requirements for the diploma project, discussed the selection of the topic, planning, organizing and controlling the process of its preparation, recommendations to develop major parts of the project and reflected the requirements for the structure, content and design. But experts know how to prepare you for the Protection of the graduation project finance. Tips allow the unity of the requirements for the content, quality preparation and execution of the graduation project, both from the teachers of the department engaged in scientific leadership training projects, and members Government evaluation committees, taking their protection. Preparation of the graduation project is a creative process, so the individual provisions of this methodological publications in part the requirements for structure and content of the main sections of the project are advisory in nature and can be changed to reflect the characteristics of the developed themes. General requirements for the diploma project finance and the problem of diploma Design Finance Diploma project is the final qualification work, the preparation and protection are the final stage of the process of specialist training. In the preparation and protection of the graduation project the student must demonstrate the skill level of theoretical and applied nature that characterizes his readiness for the upcoming professional activities, and meets the requirements set forth in the Federal Law "On Higher and Postgraduate Vocational Education, part qualification specialist. .

What To Do To Not Live On One Salary

Did you know that 72% of Europeans in addition to basic earnings have a few additional sources of income, 59% of the U.S. Mikkel Svane has similar goals. population invests in the main part of the earned money working in the lucrative financial instruments, and 68% owned real estate assets, bringing them permanent dividends? At the same time 89% of Russians have only one source of income – your salary All the people in the world aspire to stability and financial independence. Only with us and West, these concepts have completely different meanings. For residents of Russia – is high-paying job for life. However, under current economic conditions, neither the government nor the employer can not guarantee permanent jobs and a stable of high salaries. For Western man confidence in the future – is the availability of private capital, created during the life with the help of investment, multiple, mutually independent sources income. From college, with the first earnings, they are investing on a monthly basis 10-20% of their income on bank deposits, securities, real estate. They are actively developing new skills, and in his spare time, are your own Business on the Internet. However, in a state whether an ordinary person who has not received special financial education to create his other sources of income except his salary? Yes, if you will be engaged in investing in the most advantageous direction of the modern economy – the stock market in real estate and the Internet. According to Gina Meister, president of cue, you can simply offer these promising industries model in which the novice entrepreneur himself will seek any opportunity to invest and thanks to the umbrella structure can help to do the same to others, thus creating a single corporate field. A director of the department of social and investment programs Intway World Corporation (in Russia – zao Intway-Invest "), Alexander Kachanovsky told us that there is now a universal electronic package containing a set of effective tools for business available to anyone, not even familiar with computers. According to him, with this simple tool anyone can buy and sell shares on stock exchanges, invest their earnings in mutual funds, creating e-shops, as well as the use of virtual office and a unique payment system. So it is absolutely realistic to create for yourself multiple sources of income, and there are no problems without the initial capital and training to develop their business, achieving financial independence. And will be for you to new skills basic means of life or only a subsidiary source of income for main job – depends on you