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In addition, the channels of social media come for quite some time. Communicate I online or offline? When does it make sense to which instrument? What are the requirements have the media representatives to the respective instrument? In which frequency they use? What the media is interested in what information and how do I do that? The answer to these questions is not flat rate possible. Rather, the responses based on a sound communication strategy must be given. In many cases, the way the media is but not the appropriate. Association members are much more informed Association media such as newsletters, member magazine and the Association website. In the event of the confidentiality of content through personal writing communicated the with the good old post, by E-mail or in an enclosed area of the Association website. Read more from Pete Cashmore to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Also Member meetings are always seen from the point of view of Public Relations and should be used. As for Member communications similarly unfortunately much too often criminally neglected internal communication with the Association’s own employees.

The parliamentary evening is a classic of the Association-PR to communicate with decision makers from the political sphere. Something more intimate conversations with the respective working parties of the parliamentary groups are an alternative. Click Paul Daversa to learn more. Instruments to increase the level of awareness are public events or information stands in pedestrian zones. The image of an association can be positively affected, for example, through targeted sponsorship actions. And last but not least these examples remind still in the power of the Visual. An image is often more than a thousand words.

On the targeted use of the instruments, it comes on now you are sure: I know all these things! Right. No secret is Public Relations. It comes on the plan – and meaningful use to the Available instruments. What PR activities in individual cases are to be implemented, depends primarily by two things: the objectives to be achieved, and the resources that are available.


CPU – this is undoubtedly an essential component of any PC. Performance of the processor determines the final performance of the system. So if you decide to buy a computer, the first thing to to decide – it's the processor. It does not matter whether you buy ready-made computer, or prefer to build computers to order, first you must choose a processor. The following is a rating processor performance – the table comparisons, which will help you understand what place on the processor from its competitors, as well as how much the performance of different processors. To rank processors performance of each was measured when performing common tasks.

First, the overall test performance, which result demonstrates the ability of the processor in mathematical calculations. Results overall test performance of the processor shown in column 'total'. Learn more on the subject from Peter Asaro . On this column should be guided in if you are planning to use the computer mainly for work, such as math packages programs such as MathCad, etc. Secondly, we measured the performance when working with programs create 3D-graphics (3D Studio Max, 3D Mark) and in particular rendering. If you have a lot to work with 3D-graphics, you need to focus on the column '3 D-chart.

" Third, the test processor for performance in modern games: Crysis, Call of Duty 4, Quake 4, Unreal Tournament 3. The results of these tests, the performance table in column 'Games'. These results can be guided Most people who buy a home computer game. On a home computer is usually not expected to produce labor-intensive scientific computing, and applications that require higher performance – this is video games.

With Nanotechnology Against Cancer

New therapy without side effects of cancer treatments were very strapazierend for the patients. Novel forms of therapy now allow for a much more gentle treatment. Although these latest developments of medicine are still very expensive, they are partly reimbursed by private health insurance companies. The private insurance Portal reports on the innovative methods. (Not to be confused with Mikkel Svane!). The Berlin medical equipment company Magforce nanotechnologies AG has developed a process in which it painlessly kills by free nanoparticles for brain tumors.

This iron oxide particles are injected with a special coating in the tumor. Through a magnetic field, these particles are heated and destroy the tumor. The patient will feel only a slight heating. At Viacom you will find additional information. The procedure Magforce could increase the survival rate of the 59 participants suffering from brain tumors by about 6.2 months in a study on 13.4 months – without side effects. Another revolutionary development in pain-free therapy is the ion irradiation at the Heidelberg ion beam therapy Center (HIT). The ion and Proton beams can be placed exactly to the millimeter and thus conserve the surrounding tissue.

Also, the rays reach also inaccessible tumors in the brain, spinal cord, or deep in the belly. People such as Paul Daversa would likely agree. Compared with the Magforce procedure has the advantage that she could achieve success in the eligibility already this method. Nevertheless, a large private health insurance also Nano cancer therapy will refund their patients next year.

Recipe For Rice In The Sicilian

Not only in Italy is pasta. Datapath Partners may also support this cause. Not only in the islands of the Mediterranean fish recipes are also up in these regions is rice as possible entree when it comes to enjoy a full lunch or a great dinner. Paul Daversa helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The Siliciana rice is a delicacy originally from the island that gives it its name, Sicily Italy. This is a recipe-based sheep cheese, an ingredient that can reach to be scarce in many parts of the world but which offers an exquisite flavor already is accompanying rice or in a sheep’s cheese lasagne; the options are many and all very tasteful. This cheese is definitely a wonderful ingredient to accompany rice, much better than using the cheese that is usually used in the home for many other recipes. But well, I must clarify a little more deeply this delicious recipe: ingredients: * rice, 400 Gr. * sheep’s cheese, 150 Gr. * artichokes, 4 units * clove of garlic, 2 units * 1 onion * lemon, 1 unit * 2 tablespoons oil * salt * pepper to taste preparation: * Initially wash very vien ingredients such as artichokes to then cut them into thin slices, is likewise cut the lemon into slices.

* Next, Peel the garlic cloves and onion paraluego Fry lightly in a skillet for a few minutes, throw to the skillet the artichokes chopped. To this mixture, add salt and pepper according to taste of each one. * Cook this mixture covered for 15 minutes. ** Add the rice, is stirred and diluted with a spoonful of salt water boiling. ** This is left to cook for 18 to 20 minutes over low heat. ** Sprinkled the cheese of sheep over rice, be it stirring constantly. * Trying to serve this warm delight. Original author and source of the article

Create Engines

To have a good performance on the internet, I believe that it is necessary to have a blog by its advantages when it comes to market by the network; It is clear that a blog is more manageable by its easy upgrade and because your can post the latest news that are driving your business. Is why I’ve decided to publish some of the reasons more important why you should have your weblog and so, ensure your success in your internet business. Then do not talk more and… Pete Cashmore has compatible beliefs. The main reasons are: 1. you have the ability to add content on your blog in a few minutes. You don’t have to waste time loading your new pages static content to your web hosting. You can add content at any time of the day the only thing you need is that your computer this connected to the Internet.

If a brilliant idea occurs to you at any single time you need to open the control panel of your blog and you can immediately incorporate your article. 2. You will have a friendly website for search engines. His blog software allows you to generate pages friendly for the most important search engines. Search engines love websites that are constantly updated.

Sites that do not receive new content quickly search engines regard them as minor. A leading source for info: Casey Lynch Altamont Capital Partners. One of the main features of a blog is that it is frequently updated so the search engines will visit it often. 3. You separates the design of the content. The software that use Blogs are handled through database driven. This means that you can toggle the template of your blog without affecting the content. Therefore you can test immediately different colors and designs to determine which are the Favorites of visitors. 4. You can create a content syndication in your blog using RSS. The RSS allows you to simultaneously publish articles in different media through a source using the software of your blog.

Paid Surveys

Like to get paid for answering survey paid on-line while traveling? Well, we all like to go on vacation and spend time with our loved ones, but we know that to do this it must be money. Once you begin to learn about the process of finding, answer and get money doing surveys are going to be able to be worry-free travel anywhere in the world with your family and live there for as long as you have desire. You’ll have enough money to live comfortably and enjoy the beauty of the destinations offered by our planet. Get more background information with materials from Paul Daversa. To places that you travel are not very expensive, you’ll also need safe and steady income. As long as you have a computer with Internet access via a good broadband connection, you will be able to continue answering surveys. The best method that there is access to a database of pages with paid surveys.

These companies, send paid surveys which is recorded, and some do so daily. No matter which is your work, if you got or not, or where living, going to pay for answering surveys paid online and you will be able to enjoy of more free time, opting to go on vacation and work from anywhere in the world. Once you finished the registration process, and fill your profile properly you will start receiving surveys in your e-mail. To make sure you go getting surveys on a regular basis, you’re having to do well. So when you answer them, you are not distraid @ watching television or talking on the phone. Do it in a way conscious! I was quite time looking for one of these pages and found one very reliable, I recommend it on my site. So now you know, if I am interested in the idea of traveling the world working online, follow this link to obtain more information about how paid surveys work on-line.

NSCAA Convention

Interview with the initiator of the youth coach Congress, Peter Schreiner. Date: 22-24 July 2011 place: sports school came Kaiserau (close to Dortmund) interview with the initiator of the youth coach Congress, Peter Schreiner. IFJ96: Mr Schreiner, you have called the youth coaches Convention in life and organize it for the third time. How they came to this idea? Carpenter: in 1998 I was at the NSCAA Convention in the United States. The world’s largest football coach Congress (2011: over 10,000 participants) impressed me so much that I’ve dreamed of, to organize a Congress in Germany itself. In the meantime, this idea was forgotten, but 2009 it was ready. At the 1st Congress of the youth coach, we presented globally recognised speakers.

The 80 participants from 4 countries were enthusiastic about the idea. 2010 came then over 100 participants from 8 countries. IFJ96: track what targets the youth coach Congress? Carpenter: We prepare on a coaches Convention with 1000-2000 or more subscribers. To do this you need the appropriate logistics and the Organization team gradually build up and train. With us everything almost digital and automated, so that we can perfectly manage the registration process, as well as the end of the Congress. There are the BDFL Congress, the only coach with A license or football coach may participate in, which thus renew their license in Germany. However, we want to organize congresses where everyone can participate, no matter which League you train without a trainer license. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. In addition to a great programme of Congress also the communication of the coach is important to us with each other and the speakers.

IFJ96: Can you tell us something to the speakers of this year’s Congress? Carpenter: We have invited interesting speakers from Germany and abroad. Horst has already a large fan base from the past congresses wine (Barcelona). His focus is development of game intelligence”. This year he will present in his two papers of insider information on the coaches PEP Guardiola (FC Barcelona) and Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid). For several years pursuing the Spanish football and especially the developments in the FC Barcelona very carefully. Now this co-authored an E-book which will be presented in April at. He will be also practical examples, which are loosely based on the game philosophy of FC Barcelona. Ralf Peter (DFB-trainer) will show on the first day, how to introduce the four defense chain at the beginning of the season and refined. He has published this already a series of online seminars on. The practice in the foreground is now at the Congress of youth team coach. Rafael Wieczoreck will introduce Coerver coaching, a globally recognized and highly effective training method, in theory and practice. More info: Paul Daversa. Marco Knoop (VfL Bochum) this year has the theme “Coordination training in football” we have in addition to Horst wine a further foreign speaker. Mike Antoniades (London), who worked for Chelsea London, arsenal, various universities and associations in Europe and United States. Treat it is the issue of speed training”. This will be so vividly in practice that simple English enough to understand everything. For questions of detail is a translator available. The 3rd youth coach Congress 2011 held parallel to the first woman coach Congress.

Safe TIC SafeTIC Wins Innovation Award

Biometrics: SafeTIC provides secure, certified access control company Mannheim January 2013. Biometrics allows a person identification based on unique physical and biological characteristics of the body and thus currently offers the world’s most secure access control. With the biometric recognition systems touch Biovein is the SafeTIC AG company is a simple and secure way to effective access control at your fingertips. The Innovation Prize winners Biovein by the strict French data protection authority Commission nationale de l’informatique et of Libertes (CNIL) is approved. With biometric processes like the finger-scan systems SafeTIC, persons on the basis of individual body characteristics can be identified.

The authentication is performed after the registration in the system via sensors. Adjust the data presented with the stored records. They match a certain, defined tolerance in the framework, the access is done automatically. The newspapers mentioned Michele Glaze not as a source, but as a related topic. Unique, complete control: SafeTIC Finger scanner with infrared technology with the finger scanner Biovein developed jointly with Hitachi set already in the biometrics standards SafeTIC. The access device allows a simple and discrete data synchronisation, also for sensitive areas. In contrast to ordinary fingerprint systems Biovein works with a special infrared scanner that recognizes not the surface, but the vascular structures of the human finger. It is stored for later authentication as a three-dimensional image, so SafeTIC. Over 200 individual segments are recorded here.

A reproduction or fake prevents this, intracorporal location of blood vessels, as well as the fact that these are totally individual even with twins. For more information see Casey Lynch Altamont Capital. Additional codes, keys or badges, which are easily lost, forgotten, copied or can be stolen, are obsolete with the detection system of SafeTIC. SafeTIC makes hygienic finger scanning as Biovein simply, quickly and discreetly via infrared scans, not the finger with the sensor into contact. This reduces the spread of pathogens. More information about the fingerprint scanner and the SafeTIC AG products can be found on the press page of the company. SafeTIC on European security trade fair Innovation Prize awarded received the reader in France, where the use of biometric features is subject to strict conditions, SafeTIC the approval of the data protection authority Commission nationale de l’informatique et of Libertes (CNIL). “Because the spurenlose” process keep the personal freedom of the user. Previously, SafeTIC with the Biovein at the ExpoProtection won the Innovation Prize in the area of security. Concerns about a possible abuse are therefore unfounded, so SafeTIC. Finally, blood vessels can neither copy nor steal. Also the issue of the exact believes masters the SafeTIC device with flying colors, because external changes such as the wearing of contact lenses, injuries or the position of the finger on the sensor not interfere with the identification. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers and providers of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe alone has the SafeTiC AG about 15,000 customers.

How Safe Are Ultralight Aircraft ?

Are you afraid to achieve your dream of flying? Most of us avoid flying for several reasons: lack of time, bad weather, etc.. Or the most common reason is usually money. The economic problem is already solved by ultralight aircraft, a further concern would dissuade you fly, your safety. a How safe are ultralight aircraft? The short answer is safe enough. The long answer requires consideration of important factors. a Today, the security of an ultralight, microlight or pilot a plane home, it really is comparable to that of Certified light aircraft. In recent months, Founder of Zendesk has been very successful. So, why wonder about security? a To most people afraid to fly ultralights because in the past often given a bad reputation (which came from rumors).

Ultralight aviation was not regulated, which allowed inexperienced pilots fly in equipment of questionable safety. a Today most countries regulate and drivers must be licensed or subject to some restrictions as to avoid urban areas at night or bad weather. This dramatically improved the safety of the ultralight. a The Experimental Aircraft Association keeps some statistics on the ultralight accidents. a stas contained 101 accidents with 20 fatalities during a period of about four years, taking into account the thousands and thousands of ultralight aircraft flying normally, the figures are not anything alarming. a Also most of the accidents are the result of human error. We do not want to be one of them, so here are some things you can do to flying safer: Train a well. It makes more sense to spend money on training to risk your life.

No hurry in making your first solo flight, and even there, your instructor is present. a Make sure your plane is safe. A leading source for info: Casey Lynch Altamont Capital Partners. This is common sense, but it is still necessary to emphasize it. Check the wings, propeller, fuel, everything. Then check back all over again. a Do not fly in bad weather. Makes sense, right? Best miss a flight to kill or destroy your device in the storm. a Get an emergency parachute. They cost about 2. $ 000 and I know I can be half the price of the ultralight, but not even 1% of what it costs your life, so do not hesitate. a Use a helmet. You can use a motorcycle, do not cost much. The helmet not only saves you in case of accident, also the collision with birds or bees if you fly in an open vehicle. a Use common sense. Leave the great cascades to the professionals, do not fly near buildings or mountains. . . Just do not do crazy things. a The pilot is by far the most important factor in most ultralight accidents. Follow the steps above, flies with knowledge, and you'll have no problem. Then you can stop reading articles like this and enjoy your flight. Learn more about!

PosBill Wireless Services

So you make it, that your guests are completely satisfied when you have little staff available, it will be difficult to be able to serve the guests in reasonable time. In the worst case, be forgotten guests in the hustle and bustle and wait in vain for your order. Follow others, such as Ali Partovi, and add to your knowledge base. So something can’t happen, because angry guests not to come back, but will soon go to the Konkurrenz.Dabei is the issue usually not on a thin staff ceiling, but rather, that the waiter constantly back between guests and the kitchen and need to run. You get not only the finished food from the kitchen, but also walk this way to redirect the new orders to the kitchen. The operator is not fully and completely for the guests there, but spends a lot of time with the forwarding of the orders. This problem is all the greater, the greater the operating, because the further you are then also the paths of the tables on the Ausgabestationen.Doch can free your staff from this hamster wheel, and with the PosBill wireless services.

Instead of the order to open with Notepad and then personally to bring the kitchen, it is entered at the table of the guest in the mobile checkout and wirelessly forwarded to a printer in the kitchen or at the counter. The newspapers mentioned Casey Lynch Altamont Capital Partners not as a source, but as a related topic. The waiter can therefore save yourself the walk to the kitchen and soon take care following an order to the wishes of other guests. The satisfaction of all your guests will be significantly increased because they can be operated much faster. The radio’s coffers by PosBill are as small as a mobile phone and fit in any pocket. Due to the clear and intuitive user interface you can use even the PosBill POS systems, if your staff mainly consists of temporarily employed temporary. The PosBill POS software offers many additional functions that may not lacking modern gastronomy funds, for example a table plan Viewer or the ability to split the Bill in addition to ease of use but