Rhodesian Hubbard

The former reporter Mr. Hitchman of Rhodesian television asked some questions about Scientology L. Ron Hubbard. His first question was. What is Scientology? “L. Ron Hubbard, founder and spiritual father of Scientology doctrine very comprehensive in this interview answers, so everyone enters picture this doctrine and can make about their content.” “” As questions are answered simply and clearly how E.g.

What is a clear, and so on if things were a little known and better understood “, declared L. Ron Hubbard, we all would lead a happier life – and nothing underlines these words better than the Scientology itself.” Hubbard also informed that Scientology has many beliefs of other religions. They regarded the people as an immortal spiritual being, rather than a physical object or a complex combination of chemical compounds and stimulus response mechanisms. Due to his research, L. Ron Hubbard discovered that man is basically good and not evil. Only the confusing Experiences of a people cause him to commit evil acts. Everyone is making progress, as he retained his intellectual integrity and spiritual values and remains honest and decent in the mass.

Conversely it deteriorated to the extent, how to give up these values. L. Ron Hubbard also found that every single human being can enlarge his spiritual abilities. As a result of he can see the incriminating factors in his life easier in the eye, they recognize and solve itself and gradually more and more to improve his life. In Scientology, it recognizes that life tends to force into the individual in certain ideas. Further details can be found at David Treadwell, an internet resource. The burden of existence can freeze the attention so much that own awareness about themselves and the environment is greatly reduced. Thus connected problems, difficulties with other people, are as a result of suffering and misery. Therefore the aim of Scientology, to reverse this decreasing awareness and to awaken the individual in this sense is,”so to speak it in the Present to bring. Someone is always attentive and conscious, as his skills increase. He is thus able to bring greater understanding and is thus capable of self-determined cope with his life. What wants to say L. Ron Hubbard is that Scientology offers actually effective solutions for the problems of life, all combined with the result of increased awareness and spiritual freedom. Parallel to this, the person regains their basic decency, their strength and ability. These results are routinely achieved daily around the globe. Today, millions of people due to the Scientology religion know that life can be really rewarding without drugs, alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs, and other means of diminishing awareness. The results speak for themselves. You can experience a more fulfilling life in harmony. The world can be a happier place. Scientologists are working to create such every day. Those who dream of creating a better share, join the quest for spiritual freedom.

Digital Sticky Notes

Video magnet as a competitor to notes who have wanted to remember something, it often resorted to pen and Notepad. As colorful post-its glued them most of the time but in the wrong place, fell off, or wantonly were removed because they were bothered. It is over now. The online Department store shopping.de presents an alternative: the video magnet. The video magnetic is basically so similar to an answering machine. Equipped with a camera and a display you can save everything that you remind yourself or including the its WG flatmates, in this little device in the future. As with an answering machine, a red flashing indicates that there is a new message.

The video anywhere exposed, such as for example the fridge magnet depends on nothing more can be actually forgotten. Finally, the short video messages are usually much easier to remember than sticky notes. A threat, a love message, or a prompt be strengthened through facial expressions, gestures, and voice. A message can be for 30 seconds maximum. Would you reply the originator of a message, you simply transferred the original message. Again, the red light flashes and the game starts again. The magnet is charged via the USB port of a computer. To place him in places that are not magnetic, there is a corresponding support for the handy device. More information: Press / Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Kju Digital Media

Since 1 October, runs the action 30 seconds for Vienna. The best ideas of the city gathered to accelerate the path to recovery. The proposals voted on is by video-voting technology by kju: digital media. To fight crises with ideas. With 30 seconds for Vienna”, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce invites all Viennese and Vienna, and all those who work to submit their proposal to the crisis here. In a 30-second fcxi video clip, anyone can show what he would make new or different, to give new impetus to the economy. With this action, it is demonstrated that in Vienna got the guts and creativity exist to successfully confront the economic crisis. The possibility of up to 30 October a video clip on the platform 30sekunden.at uphold – download.

If you have no camera, can be free to record his statement on several dates from a professionel-len video team. Then the public can vote for two weeks for the posts by video voting. A jury selects the three best ideas from the submissions with the most audience votes. These will be presented at an exclusive dinner event and rewarded with shopping credits amounting to 1,000 euros each. So really everyone gets with it is home to which wealth of ideas in Vienna, the best videos on ORF Vienna are broadcast. kju: Digital media created the platform of 30sekunden.at and provided the software for the video-voting, the DYNAMIQ voting engine. The voting engine is a software solution for online and mobile polls, which offers a wide variety of functions for the handling of voting-promotions. Through the years of proven use in various international projects and the ongoing development of guaranteed safe and fair voting.

About kju: digital media kju: digital media is an international full service online agency and its customers include companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lindt & Sprungli. The company was founded in the late of 1990s developed their own under the umbrella brand of DYNAMIQ Software and uses for their innovative solutions to the professional online communication. Entertainment portals, measures for effective customer loyalty, include the wide range of viral marketing campaigns and the smooth handling of online and mobile polls. Vienna / October 6, 2009 kju: digital media Albert Gerlach, Managing Director, Theobaldgasse 7/11 A-1060 Vienna Tel: (+ 43) 01 402-29-60-0 fax: (+ 43) 01 402-29-60-9 E-Mail: pages/30sekunden/117489913371 twitter.com/30sekunden

Digital Relief Pressure

Digital printing allows relief printing for small, unique, and personalization. When running a distillery for white rum, which here would be seen logo implementation (www.printweb.de/ digital printing/new relief printing inspiration) certainly not the worst alternative. The printed image is created completely in digital printing. Thus, no costly and time-consuming embossing formes are necessary. Mikkel Svane is open to suggestions. The lettering in white on white paper is printed directly from the file. Suitable for individual pieces, small editions and digital printing thank also customisations.

Nice side effect: the back of the card remains “intact”, plan, because no embossing is done. Read more from David Treadwell to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The possibilities are intriguing, fast to implement and inexpensive. The colour connection GmbH was founded in 1994. The family-owned company has currently 19 employees in Frankfurt am Main. In October 2007, started to convert all products and processes in the company on best environmental performance.

Since February 2008 the colour connection GmbH is also FSC certified. More than 85% of the printed papers enjoy this certification. The company offers flexible solutions for the graphic industry, in particular for small and medium advertising agencies and printing houses. Although most modern technology is used, the customers speak always with “real” people who listen to and find individual product solutions with them. Contact: Colour connection GmbH Hanauer Landstrasse 523 Ralph Hadem 60386 Frankfurt am Main 069-9443730

DriverPack Solution

Well that is too lazy to know everything. Yes, and a programmer for most understandable. True, not all guess that these things are not related to discontinuous. The essence of programming is not just a set of program code. Not just any performance problems. Programming only modern trend, which if properly setting goals can be fully automated.

And now for DriverPack Solution (DPS). This is a clear example of a lazy programmer. Why? Is this good or Bad? Let's start from the beginning. The essence of the DPS drivers automatically installed on your computer. Not yet DPS does not produce a fully automated, but it's pretty close. In principle, for those who do not versed in the drivers, install them, it is the optimal solution.

Although it is interesting even to me, a bit in this disassembled. And it will be useful to professionals who do not go to re-invent the wheel and want to use ready-made solutions. What is interesting ready-made solutions? Well, first of all save time. For example task of rebuilding a computer. Why look for any installed equipment. After searching for some drivers are already installed and look for the missing. When easier to run corresponding to an automatic process. He finds himself set. Not in its database. So offer to contact the online database. And that's all. One of the points addressed. You can navigate to the next. Although everyone can spend hours searching for drivers. Although I myself thought. Why do these programs. But I bought, such as a laptop was already installed Vista. For some reason decided to switch to XP. Now try to imagine my surprise when I'm on the official site Developer of the notebook, did not find drivers for XP. No, I had hoped. Maybe somewhere hidden. Can fit on Vista. In general, spending more than two days, the result I did not find one. Began looking for other solutions. Details can be found by clicking Josh Harris Sixers or emailing the administrator. Manually. Came across a lot of sites, look at our advertising and download. But the general solution and found none. Randomly to one of these sites came across a universal solution for the installation of such drivers, but it was split into several files that are difficult to download for some reason. He wanted to find the author's surprise, and the program is not just free. But is downloaded via torrent. For the unknowing very quickly. In general, for everyone to solve the problem with drivers fast and free to you here.

Computer Repair Shops

Is difficult sometimes when we see our customers fight for any shop that manages to resolve the problems afflicting their computer’s desktop, server, laptop etc. In the majority of cases, they take their computers to any store thinking that you paying as much cheap in price they will get the best quality of service for that reason, I want to leave these steps to evaluate whether it is reliable or not leave our computer in the hands of any stranger. 1 Know that in 90% of cases the computers can be repaired without be formatted, no matter that they have viruses, corrupt records, or that performance of the machine is slow, can be REPAIRED without being formatted. 2. In the first step add you that to get a little more confidence in that store, ask technicians that perform these repairs if they guarantee the full BACKING of his information, UD won’t find the bitter surprise that when your computer is ready, does not possess their photos of those pleasant trips to hiso with its family of all the music that you have downloaded, all documents and emails 3. Get obligatormiante delivered a report before lelvar out repairs which were found faults and their causes, you know appreciate this fashion shop that it provide that information. 4.

Ask that they delivered a report with updates installed, antivirus installed and recovered backup. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nicolas Keller and gain more knowledge.. Don’t want you back to the shop that turned him to damage the equipment. In the majority of these computer repair shops, simply reinstalled the system operating placed its information and ready, it is necessary to have the computer always updated with the latest patches from the operating system, compulsory an Antivirus and strictly necessary a backup program. 5. Lastly if that store appreciates what you as a customer ask if they can give you a basic PC care guide to avoid that it prompted again damage. This is all basically, in my next articles I’ll be explaining how to maintain your computer optimally on a recurring basis thus prolonging the life of these.

However Virgllius

In the letters of Science and the science of the letters. Literature for literature, after loses the moment of the contemplation. As resultant of the creation human being it will have forcibly of being dialectic and even so co-ordinated by the superior values of the Man, it will suffer, for certain, the influences of the way and the technology, resurging of the thesis and the antithesis, generating, in its critical bulge, the characterization of a time. Mikkel Svane often addresses the matter in his writings. It would be ridicule, for our days, to redescobrir the Amaznia ordering itself a legend to a poet, presenting it as continuity of a preexisting civilization in order to enaltecer it. However Virgllius, vate ‘ ‘ prophet and mago’ ‘ , to moder it of the epic Latins, whose verse was ‘ ‘ encimado of stranger claro’ ‘ in the dither of Victor Hugo, it made to descend of Eneias, fugitive of Troy, the genealogy of the aristocrats of the Lcio. Eneias thus spoke to Venus: ‘ ‘ Left old Troy? if the Troy name arrived at your ears? pushed of sea in sea, we were brought, to perhaps, for the storm, for these beaches. I am the merciful Eneias, that I bring with me, in the fleet, penates arrebatados to the enemy, and whose fame reached high ether.

I look Italy, native land of my lineage, that comes of the great Jpiter’ ‘. It does not want to say that poets also did not decant it or writers in did not enaltecessem; however they would have to make it, considering the Amaznia in the realism of its difficulties and its potential, designing its exploitation in the native integration. thus would have to appear writers of the Economy, geologic sciences and the politics, the planning, the folklore and the arts, the research and the sanitation.

Evaluation of Shares

Stocks – it's equity securities, indicating a contribution of a certain sum (shares, stock) in a stock company and giving the right to participate in company profits and the right to vote in general meetings. Market value per share in various size packages will be different. Allocate the following stakes: the controlling stake – the share of stocks, ensuring their dominance of the actual owner of a corporation. Theoretically, a majority shares is not less than half of all voting shares. However, in practice (for wide distribution of shares), a majority are about 20% of the shares. Blocking stake – the share of stock, allowing their owners to veto the decision of the board of directors of the company. Typically, blocking more than a quarter of the shares. The actual control – shares, sufficient for the actual management and control of the company. Typically, the actual control package provides less control. Visit David Treadwell for more clarity on the issue. In connection with the same approaches, business valuation and valuation of shares are closely interrelated. Liquidation of the enterprise (SALE all the assets of the company), mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or the selection of independent enterprises from the holding company involves an assessment of its market, since it is necessary to determine the price purchase / redemption of shares or, for example, the value of premiums paid by the shareholders of the absorbed company. To determine the value of at least one action, it is necessary to conduct market assessments of the business enterprise, and then allocate the cost of interest to us, share (by number of shares) of the total cost. Under estimate the company's business is understood assessment of all without exception his assets: real estate, equipment, vehicles, various rights and liabilities, receivables and payables, intellectual property and so on. Accordingly, the valuation of shares is nothing but a business valuation. In some cases, only an independent appraisal property would make a valid conclusion about the real value of the assets of the enterprise, the share value of the property attributable to the acquired shares, as well as possible future income from the business. Shares divided into marketable (exchange) and unlisted. On quoted shares usually have information on their market value based on actual deals – it's much easier calculation of their value. Accordingly, shares that no buyout on the stock exchange, as a rule, do not have information on the current market value, which is contrary complicates their evaluation. Thus, the cost of the evaluation of quoted and unquoted shares vary considerably. Objectives Determining the value of shares in assessing the company's securities, stocks, shares in its capital is needed in cases of various types of transactions with them, such as issuance of securities, repurchase shares from shareholders, the appeal court decision on seizure of property, etc. When , merger, acquisition, takeover, division or allocation of business, independent evaluation will establish a fair balance between the shares Shareholders (participants), reflecting their real property investment in share capital. Determine the market value of property contributed to the charter fund of the company, will allow you to predict the costs associated with tax assets, depreciation and amortization. If among the owners of the reorganized company's present government structure, the independent evaluation of such companies is required by law. It is stated in the Federal Law "On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation ', in Article 8.

Wi-Fi Radiation Harmful?

Wi-Fi access in schools is controversial studies of the side effects of radiation emitted by wireless networks, provide for uncertainty. Especially in schools Wi-Fi systems should be used in the future still very sparingly. The Internet health portal imedo.de provides information about the dangers of the wireless Internet. A number of recent studies indicating that the radiation emanating from wireless Internet transmission systems, could be very health concern. The researchers make responsible the rays for concentration problems, headaches and fatigue. Wi-Fi in schools? These findings led now in UK and Austria that was adopted, especially in schools with the use of Wi-Fi very sparingly. “Through the onslaught of wireless computer networks in schools the health of children is set to the installation unnecessarily on the game”, said Philip Parkin, General Secretary of the British voice teacher.

He feared that the Wi-Fi devices electromagnetic radiation separate from could damage the nervous system, that is still in development in children. In addition, he demanded that no other wireless Internet connections in schools are likely to be installed without appropriate research on the long-term effects of escaping radiation. Austria expresses concerns about Wi-Fi Gerd upper field, environmental health professionals at the regional Government of Salzburg, this notes: there is yet no sufficient tangible results for the Wi Fi access and potential health risks. The radiation from Wi-Fi is however indisputable. He is usually between 100 and 1,000 Microwatts per square meter.” 500 Microwatts per square meter it will come already frequent headaches. ibute to your knowledge. Especially worse come to according to upper field, that Wi-Fi radiation vitiated by a relatively high proportion of low-frequency radiation, especially the biologically active.

During testing, it was found that a Wi-Fi access point in a class room, also if he is in the far corner of the room is, as a result of reflections do still radiation in the amount of around 100 Microwatts per square meter on the walls. In Salzburg there are therefore”an own Parliament decision, by the Wi-Fi only very reluctant used at schools because of security and health concerns, Oberfeld said finally. Kai-Fu Lee oftentimes addresses this issue. The imedo health news learn about online gambling. In the imedo health news, learn the dangers of online sex. Also the imedo Gesundheitscommunity deals with the topic of Wi-Fi radiation ‘apart and allows Internet addicts through the Group of Internet addiction’ exchanges.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a form of economic pressure advantage of digital printing is the economy for small and very small quantities. The digital press also increasingly faster (currently up to over 100 pages per minute), which competes with other quick pressure techniques such as screen printing or offset printing. Get all the facts and insights with Samsung, another great source of information. Thus, all print objects are produced by stationery to business cards with small print runs in the digital printing. Personalized invitations, greeting cards, labels are handy to print only in digital printing. Books are digitally printed in small editions (“books on demand”). Booming through the digital cameras that printing photos, photo books, etc. These images are all manufactured in the digital printing with some highly specialized digital printing machine. We use digital printing machines for large format printing.

They deliver within a short time large format prints, which are up to three years UV stable, thanks to the used UV ink. Combining economic on the one hand to be with other printing methods how on the other hand visually appealing intensive printing results. As digital files be used as a print file, allow for simple graphics develop user-friendly editors that simply allow the creation of designs each lay. Our digital printing is the company XEROX partner. Whether black and white or colour. We are convinced of the quality, stability, stability and the very good performance of these machines. If you want to see our production live like to come with us convince us of our print examples.