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We provide warranty and after sales service we have acquired the equipment, train your staff to work with equipment based on the company's offices in Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Simferopol, Lvove.Vakuumnaya packaging has many positive effects, the main of which are so appreciate the producers and consumers – is a significant increase in shelf life of products. This important feature gives manufacturers the opportunity to significantly increase the volume of production has little or limited shelf life, for example, products such as cooked sausage, fish, meat, deli meats, etc. Due to 'packing' and 'cut' can also significantly increase sales volumes. The company offers a PKI Technology large range of equipment for cutting and preparation of semi-finished meat products: slicers, (including semi-automatic), meat grinders, saws for cutting the frozen portion of meat and fish and t.d.Novoy step in development of packaging technology has become a vacuum packing in modified atmosphere, which allows qualitatively improve the appearance of such "difficult" products such as fresh meat, meat cutting, stuffing, etc. Advantage Packaging is a significant increase in shelf life, package itself does not touch the top of the product, the product is not deformed. Packaged foods are not so dry, retain their vitamins, natural qualities, smell, taste and color, and the portions are easily separated, and most importantly – preserve the appearance (bright red, for beef), do not turn yellow or darken with no preservatives.

The cost of this package little different from the normal vacuum, if your machine is additionally equipped with a vacuum packaging system in the modified gas sredu.Sravnitelno great shelf life of food products can transport them over long distances while retaining the properties that were previously virtually impossible (unless you take into account the freezing of products, which is not conducive to the preservation of their properties). Producers were able to sell more of their products without fear of return due to damage to the product due to its small storage period, ie losses associated with it are minimized. In turn, this lead and reduce transport costs to ship products to retail outlets. Sometimes sales can grow in a very large range from 40% to 100% or even more.

Peter Drucker

Derivatives and leverage with inherent securitizao are part of financial markets, are instruments of risk management, not of speculation. They cannot be fought, but be stimulated with the regulation trying to always keep a balance. The excess of liberality and the lack of control of the FED mainly, with almost all certainty are the lies learned. My illations on the ciclotimia in the economy are there since 2003 when I had the chance to see with a friend of the sector the artificialidade in the prices of the assets. I find that it delayed until excessively the inflection for low, but now I feel myself more comfortable. Still we will have accomplishment of profits and volatileness in the stock markets, a point of contraction and acol and inflation here located, but the life follows and the economy with its natural forces continues inside of the new global environment where the premises of ' ' Blur' ' the technology will be part of our life, likes or not. We go to the thesis of Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer trusting the premise of the speed to fix the recent estragos. The others are part of the context and our allied.

Still I continue affirming that futurologia in the economy does not exist, but a logic yes. When Peter Drucker cunhou the term ' ' The age of the knowledge and the society of informao' ' in the decade of 60, it predicted the future with crises and vices, virtues and qualities. ' ' Blur' ' of 2000 it is showing its beddings, still well that now for better with the recovery and the return of the confidence. The speed of it I ruin done return in the ancestry of virtuous curve, until the next cycle at least. The correction of the route was made and between died and wounded some had been saved, unscrupulous speculators had gained much money, velhinhas and widowers had lost part of its economies, but all learn the lies, also the governments and the monetary and regulating authorities.

Understanding Net Marketing

In order to efficiently carry out the strategy, and 3 – Culture: To streamline the organization and encourage its people. “Therefore a current manager must be fully connected with their surroundings, the universe and with the rapid changes global economy, business realities and technology, maintaining ethical values central to development. Add to this, if we talk about Colombia, the need for boldness in strategy, specializing in risk management, capacity given in extreme situations and the ability to make decisions in the midst of armed conflict. By way of conclusion we can say that the challenge of the current management is huge and starts to design and implement the ideal competitive strategy for the company to keep within the sector where it is located or take it to another industrial sector. Either outcome will depend on the ability of the Management Leader to make your company a productive and competitive. The manager must understand that the speed of change now leaves only the time enough to accommodate it and innovate as a way to go a little further. Because “Innovation” means, as Peter Drucker, see change as an opportunity.

Whoever does not do is simply taken off the market. A proactive manager should be in line with knowledge-based society. It must, I would say, cause and effect of that well-informed and educated society, and global patterns of increasingly sophisticated technology. Therefore, a central concern of a manager-leader is to be cutting edge in science and technology. That means you do not run awaiting information about new developments in these areas, but the search, the found, the knowledge to interpret and, above all, find ways to apply it to your business address. Manage and implement the concepts of intranet, virtual enterprises, electronic commerce, the netmarketing, artificial intelligence and robotics is an assumption without which no one can believe a good administrator and less a Manager-Leader. Insert company in the world is no longer a simple goal, it is mostly a necessity.

This is done only on the basis of good training and education not only of those directly in a business organization, but at all levels. And since change is so rapid, education must be permanent. Today, globally, can not conceive of a managerial role than “Day to Day”, understood as one that provides the solid platform that ensures real improvement and development and allows management fulfills its role of strategic orientation as a manager can not focus solely on thinking long term and ensure that the organization be a success in 50 years, while the results for the year is over are disastrous. Finally, a manager must be sincerely committed to your company (if you will read “Country”), with ethical values (if we understand by a philosophy that ethics has enormous potential for creating value and wealth) and, go even further, with moral values as rectors of all living entities relational behavior, and which, contrary to what many people think, for me are fully compatible with competitiveness, productivity and profitability.


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