Hill Start

The most surprising feature of the SUV is its ease of use and dynamic behavior in city and highway, where it operates with great poise and comfort. The steering is precise, progressive, faithfully transmitting the sensations from the road. Despite greater ground clearance -20 cm-Renault Koleos stability is similar to that of a sedan, a factor that is mainly due to the layout of suspension (McPherson Multibrazoa forward and back) keeps an optimal balance between comfort and effectiveness factor coupled with electronic systems driving aids give great stability and control in all kinds of paths. Mechanically, the Renault Koleos takes the platform and other mechanical parts of his cousin-brother, the Nissan X-Trail, and All-wheel drive mode 4 4-i. This system instantly corrects the slightest hint of under-steer or over-steer by amending the distribution of torque between the front and rear, even before the eventual intervention of the ESP system.

On surfaces with poor grip (snow, mud, sand), the driver can electronically blocking mode 4 4 transfer 50% of torque to the rear axle, triggering a switch on the board. Similarly, driving in delicate electronic aids is complete with sharp declines in both the start and in the slopes, thanks to Hill Start and Hill Descent. a ste latter is in charge of the vehicle without driver intervention, may drop to 7 km / h on the slopes, both forward and reverse motion. Renault Koleos has a Start Assist system costs very useful in day to day. This device is activated automatically when starting on a slope exceeding 10%. Prevents the vehicle on the slope recoil and facilitates the driver to maneuver to avoid having to pass rapidly from the brake to the accelerator pedal, as in other vehicles. The power, on the other side is covered by a 4-cylinder engine, 2.

5 liters, also from Nissan, letting out a net power of 170 hp at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 226 Nm at 4,400 rpm, which is associated with a continuously variable transmission CVT, which together give a very smooth driving , comfortable and fun. In short, the Renault Koleos comes as a very interesting alternative in the booming compact SUV segment. Their weapons are an outstanding ride comfort and ride comfort for the family, good functionality and this time, very good chance off road to enjoy the countryside. TECHNICAL DATA Ta Engine: 4 cylinder Displacement: 2. 5 liters Power: 170 hp at 6,000 rpm Torque: 26 Nm at 4,400 rpm Drive: Front and 4X4 Transmission: CVT Automatic Suspension Front: McPherson with estailizadora bar Rear suspension: multilink with stabilizer bar Brakes: 4-wheel disc with ABS PRICES Renault Koleos Expression $ 259,000 Renault Koleos Dynamique $ 287,000 Renault Koleos Dynamique Open Sky $ 302,000 Renault Koleos Dynamique four 4 $ 323,000

International Market Builders

On Russian and international markets builders are increasingly choose polyethylene foam. It is also called "cross-linked" foams because of the "matching" at the molecular level. Due to the modified structure, foam takes on an entirely unique properties. The largest and only in Russia and CIS manufacturer, which has almost all the technologies for the production of foamed polyethylene, – JSC "Izhevsk plastics plant." Brand IZOLON known since 1985, depending on the technology production distinguish physically crosslinked IZOLON PES and chemically cross-linked PES IZOLON NC. In such applications as construction, these materials are interchangeable, their key performance indicators presented in the table. In SniP 23.03.2003 "Protection of noise "section 9.13. stated, "Paul on the sound insulation layer (pads) should not have hard links (sound bridges) with the carrier part of the ceiling, walls and other structures of the building, ie must be floating.

The wooden floor or Floating concrete basement floor (screed) should be separated by the contour of the walls and other structures of the building clearances 1-2 cm wide, filled with sound-proof material or product, such as soft hardboard, molded products made of porous polyethylene. " That is, according to building codes, cross-linked polyethylene is not just allowed, but recommended when the device seals. And from the tests NIISF conducted, we can conclude that the cross-linked polyethylene IZOLON index improved sound insulation screed higher than all other foam and is 23 dB at a thickness of 5 mm (see table).. Thanks zakrytoyacheistoy IZOLON structure does not absorb water, so the additional waterproofing is not required, that will significantly speed up the installation process and save your time and your money. Unlike other materials, when there are many questions about the hygienic safety, when used in the construction material IZOLON can be sure of its hygienic clean, after all of it made even the children toys. IZOLON is ideal for use in warm floors, as can be duplicated by the metallized plastic film, which, unlike the foil does not corrode in contact with cement. Flexibility and ease cross-linked polyethylene is converted into IZOLON universal building material of choice for more and more construction workers in Russia and abroad. And most importantly, we must remember that no matter on what you choose, stop, should choose competent professionals who comply with all building rules and regulations, and, if possible, try to control their work, that was not allowed to marry and your money will not have been thrown to the wind.

Won IPhone

The official website of tourism Visit Lisbon offers download free interactive application Lisbon on your Mobile, a guide developed for Smartphone and that it has complete information about the Portuguese capital, and the good thing is that it offers data at real time in an easy and comfortable way. Almost anything you need to know to visit Lisbon will find in this guide, which features information about shops, local entertainment, restaurants, monuments and museums, maps, etc. With it, the traveler will know different aspects of the city and the region just by moving a finger. The guide provides a dynamic list of tourist contents in different modalities of presentation: augmented reality, mode map or list. The information is organized by time, location, proximity, or popularity, although it is also possible to customize the order in accordance with the user’s preferences, which allows us to enjoy a complete guide to the letter.

As for compatible devices, currently encompasses all Android and the iPhone 3GS, but a Symbian version is being developed. It is necessary that, for the good use and use of Lisbon on your Mobile, smartphone count with connection to Internet, camera, GPS and compass, and is recommended if you are using us to count with rate data flat. To install, follow these steps: go to the App Store iPhone or Android Market, depending on your phone, search the Layar application and install it. It then runs the application and search Visitlisboa.Another advantage is that the information can share it with your friends through social networks like Facebook, to convince them that dare and go to make you company or give them a bit of envy. If you have not yet decided where will spend the holidays, the capital of Portugal safe that you will not disappoint. To know their surroundings, you can opt for a service of car hire in Lisbon, an alternative that will give you a huge independence in displacement. If you are still undecided, we leave you a video of Lisbon you done convincing you. Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS iOS 4.1 Won t Be Released Until November Motorola Droid Pro Smartphone Unveiled at CTIA Geek with Laptop bigredchilli.co.uk The Beautiful Brazil Motorola Droid Pro: Another smartphone to attract BlackBerry users TechnologyPunch.com Limera1n Now Available For Download. Jailbreak iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 G And iPad On iOS 4.

SSL Invoices

Digitally signed invoices in PDF format by flyer pilot are right-secure and recognised by the tax authorities. Sennfeld flyer pilot, the Franconian online printing company, has written customer service on the printer paper. “A point in the concept of the Senn fields printer from passion” signed invoices in PDF format are digital. They are tamper – and right safe and are customers of the printing Portales free available. Select Visitenkarten-, flyer, or poster format, set print parameters, print template upload finished. The stuff works at quickly and easily. The finished printed products shipped across Europe. All print jobs have one thing in common: the digitally signed by flyer pilot Bill in PDF format.

Free customer service: invoices with digital signature upon delivery of the printed business cards, flyers or posters to send PDF invoices by E-Mail to the customer. The special thing about it is that they all bear the signature of flyer pilot. The invoice can thus determine whether the Bill data correspond to the original or if tampering were made. A corresponding test tool is available online on flyerpilot.de available. Of course, the online printing company provides signed invoices in the customer area that is protected and encrypted with SSL to download available. Advantage for customers by flyer pilot: the digital signature will save complaints for the next tax return.

The invoices of flyer pilot meet the legal requirements of the signature Act in all respects: they are 100 percent legal, valid and exclude from manipulation by third parties. We want points with extensive customer service not only with our new print Portal standards set. “, so Managing Director Ines Schunk. Also with a comprehensive service for our customers we want to score points. Includes among other things, that we provide digitally signed bills without restriction. Legal security, data security, and free service for our customers is a good Thing. And it costs you a penny extra.

Storing Digital Photos

Like all new and innovative product, digital cameras require accessories for greater performance and popularity. One of the accessories most notable is the digital picture frame. Digital frames appear in the market to provide a solution to a problem that arose when more and more people buying digital cameras and forgot the old and archaic photographic cameras. As a photo album, digital frames are inserted into the Web world bringing dynamism and versatility to the fact of seeing family photos. Different qualities and models, digital frames are a beautiful gift to make to a friend on her birthday or simply give it to yourself. Do electronic tenders which are currently include several highly recommended models: 15 digital frame? DN-1500 Multimedia. The digital picture frame 152 DN-1500 is a digital photo viewer, which also has a digital audio and digital video player. It has a reader of memory card that allows you to read the formats JPEG, MPEG and vine.

One of the characteristics more practices that possesses is the desktop speakers built-in, allowing you to listen to the musical slide shows with your own cliches. Which owns a TV output lets you share your photos with friends or the rest of the family. To this can add you the device external remote, the 4: 3 image aspect ratio, flash memory cards, supported still images formats, formats for playback of MPEG-4 video, vid, and USB connections. Is another model of digital photo frames the digital picture frame 7? SiGMATek DN-720 Multimedia: Unlike the previous this framework has alarm and clock and is extremely easy to use. It also comes with a SD 2 GB memory card that stores more music and more photos on your digital photo frame. In the case of wanting to acquire only the memory card because you already have the picture frame, I can offer them the generic 2 GB at an extremely low price SD, or the generic SD 2 GB micro with adapter SD and MiniSD. Of course they may enter on our Web site to view these or other electronic offerings since we are renewing us constantly to offer a better product. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products don’t forget to first consult the prices since they can undergo changes or updates.


legodo study: Consumers prefer contact with tax authorities and other authorities prefer letter Karlsruhe channels industry, different written, 02.07.2012 – when it comes to the written communication with companies and authorities, then the German consumers prefer the digital way majority. This does not apply according to a study of the legodo ag but for all industries and institutions alike. So, only 37 percent of over 1,600 surveyed consumers with their tax office preferably via email or other digital media want to communicate, while 58 percent would prefer the postal letter or fax, if they could choose the way of communication. But also for the written contact with other authorities and public institutions of classical (49 percent) is preferred mostly way. On the other hand, the vote of 42 percent suggests that the Government in written contact with citizens increasingly digital must align themselves. However, there is in contact with the free company Economy a clear preference for the modern means of communication. This is little surprise for the online retailer, of which almost two-thirds prefer electronically are addressed.

However, the telephone companies achieve a similarly high digital acceptance. Only 29 percent of those polled would remain in the analog world, when it comes to contract questions, invoices and claims. The communications preferences with other service providers such as the utilities, cable providers or train show a similar picture. Compared with the financial firms a more sophisticated opinion among consumers but. Because while 56 percent of prefer digital and 30 percent prefers a letter would communicate with the banks, the situation when the insurance is slightly different. Here the digital channels but also enjoy a certain preference, but the postal communication has also rank relatively high in consumer acceptance. The same applies after the results of the legodo study which Mail-order companies and health insurance companies. In another part of the industry companies is however less desire to communicate with them in writing digitally.

Dolby Surround Digital

Continuous technology advance and this time it’s up to the film to the big screen. Novelty, awaited by the specialists and the people who enjoy the good ear was presented by the company Dolby and Dolby Surround Digital 7.1 system is. This new sound system was seen at the opening of the last festival de Sitges (Spain) with the premiere of Julia’s eyes, film starring Belen Rueda and film that has also become the first that Dolby Surround Digital 7.1 sound system used in Europe. Pixar had already released Toy Story 3 with this technology in the United States. Improvement of the 7.1 with respect to the 5.1 is not only the increase in channels, but also, the jump to an audio signal without compression which provides an additional degree of creative freedom, not only in the phase of post-production and mixing, but also at the stage of recruitment or the sound recording. The new system from Dolby, that provides an absolute feeling of surround sound, adds two channels audio to Dolby 5.1 already widespread, in such a way that it maintains the three front channels: central, right and left, but doubles channels surround that now become four: surround left, surround right, surround left rear and right rear surround.

The new system relies on new files needed for digital projection (DCP) that allow you to enter much more information how different dubbing versions and, of course, more sound channels. The two extra surround 7.1 channels reproduce sound with greater naturalness than its predecessor 5.1, creating a soundscape with sounds that depart from all possible directions. In addition, 7.1 sound is very easy to adapt to the 5.1. In fact, all theaters equipped with digital sound reproduction systems, currently must only perform a software update to accommodate the 7.

Digital Care Planning

Heidekreis-Klinikum puts apenio structured care process scheduling and benefits from deeper integration in the hospital information system which became Heidekreis-Klinikum founded in 1997 through the merger of the two district hospitals of Soltau and Walsrode. The House of primary and secondary care has 450 beds and inpatients treated 20,000 patients per year. BAULOGIS was paper based as initial for digitization of care although already digital information systems are used in many areas of the hospital, the nursing documentation provided. That has evolved over the years of the application continuously as needed and was established by the nursing staff. Then was the introduction of the maintenance complex action scores (BAULOGIS) which reflects the overhead for the highly complex care of patients in the hospital on normal stations, we had doubts, effectively to be able to afford the overhead of documentation with the paper version. Against this background, then, we have for the purchase of a digital care process planning and documentation decided.

From which we have promised us, that she automatically makes the BAULOGIS determination on the basis of the performed nursing interventions”, explains Jorn Sandtvos, who is responsible as the project manager for the system launch in the Heidekreis-Klinikum. A selection process in the strict sense or even an invitation to tender were not necessary. Part of the invitation to tender for the hospital information system (his) in 2006, an integrated system for the care was already. The KIS of choice, fd-klinika Fliegel data, today systema, offered to the program apenio of Bremen IT service provider and care specialist atacama Software. Especially the deep integration with the leading system was important for us. We wanted no isolated solution with superficial involvement for the care, but a consistent overall system. “After systema apenio introduced to us has, we have worked intensively with the solution and the introduction of”, so Sandtvos.