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Nowadays, the virtual world if has become very competitive, and for the commerce segment it could not be different. Its yield will depend on its visibility and power of mark, what it is to be able of mark? The mark power is what it generates confidence and credibility so that the customer buys without second thought in its virtual store, one of the characteristics of being able of mark is: Authenticity. More you believe you can have the accurate product that somebody is looking for, but if it does not obtain to find its site, she will not have conversion, and you she will be losing time and money. The electronic Commerce is gaining force and has grown very in Brazil, the same already put into motion billions of Reals per year, happily in Brazil still it has much fear to buy for the Internet and the possibilities to close conversions it is through Digital Marketing. Wait there! Happily? Clearly! Now it is to the alias process to have one its electronic commerce in the top! Daqui some few years will have hundreds of sites of commerce functioning or starting to function, different of other countries where all the store have electronic commerce, in Brazil still it will take a time so that this happens.

Thus being it is the perfect moment to be roots and to use to advantage this great chance! The SEOSim perfectly understands the necessities of its company to improve the visibility but also to not only obtain the mark power that its company deserves. We have excellent solutions and more than 8 years of experience in dealing with sites that are starting or already operate in the virtual world. Usufluimos of the perfect combination of SEO, Administro de Campanhas with Google Adwords and otimizao of Conversions. Our campaigns will bring more traffic of quality for its site, and will transform visits into conversions. The SEOSim this ready to manage its commerce electronic and we are certain that it will go to be surprised at the results that will be generated. It makes a proposal commercial to the side or binds for we and it requests a visit.

Digital Invitations

Technology places of side the invitations of paper and the space for the digital invitations. Beyond modern, also it collaborates with the environment. A made recent survey on the use of the Internet in Brazil identified that 54% of the Brazilian population have access Internet, this represents about 81,3 million people. Many of the occured changes due to amount of users who are using the Internet currently can be seen in simple situations, as the search for information, or even though to follow seriados soap operas and. Many people who already used the Internet as work tool had started to use it as informative source of the daily news by means of the periodical reading and sites, thing that before exclusively was made in units periodical printed matters. Tools that facilitate day-by-day had more started to be each time looked by the users, therefore, who does not want to decide the problems with more agility. Thinking about this, the entrepreneur Robert Oliveira decided to innovate and developed a site that offers invitations digital.

In, the person can make the invitation of its party, either of anniversary, marriage, infantile, formation or even though for corporative parties. ' ' Through diverse models of invitation, the user chooses one that has more to have with the subject of the party, the invitation is available in the Internet where the guests have access to all the information on the party, (photos, map of localization, list of gifts, etc.) this allows that the host interacts and shares the preparativeses of the party leaving the guests each time more anxious and livened up ' ' , Robert says. In this space the guests still can leave depositions for the host. One of the tools most interesting for the host is the field where the guest can confirm the presence. Robert still affirms ' ' in the age of the technological evolution, the digital invitation turned a fever between the users, with the possibility even though to have access Internet for mobile devices, the young, adores to interact and to see the new features postadas for friends to share them in its social nets, something until then, impossible to be made through the traditional invitations in papel' '. Social responsibility Beyond modern, the digital invitation supports the environment. After all, it saves paper and the more paper is produced, more trees is cut, more water is spends in the production process and more space in lixos and aterros is busy. Data of the Institute Akatu, a not governmental organization without lucrative ends that work for the awareness and mobilization of the society for Conscientious Consumo, for each ton of virgin paper, twelve trees are knocked down. 540 liters are necessary to produce one kilo.