Yevgeny Veselov

And it means the loss of a potential customer. But still need to engage in advertising to ensure a constant flow of visitors to your site. What is the output? Automation. And in e-business is not a luxury but a necessity, of course, if you want to not only earn money but to relax, and have opportunity to enjoy the unearned. What, in this case can be automated and how? Most time-consuming two processes: the newsletter for more information about your offer (product) and order processing. First: People are asking questions to find out more about your offer. Automate this process will help you a clever answering machine.

You are 80% reduced the flow of such letters, if the organizing on your site subscribe to a small e-learning course, which will tell your guest all the benefits of your proposal, answer frequently asked questions, and do it gradually, giving information and dose pieces to your potential client has not received information of poisoning, and all is well assimilated and digested. Information, too, can be poisoned! Clever answering machine will deliver information to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when you're sleeping or relaxing. It will apply to your customers by name, without any irritation over and over again explaining to them the benefits of your product. Work with a clever answering machine one pleasure. And most importantly, it is a force to anyone, even a novice who has just yesterday bought a computer. A total of 30 minutes and you are spared the long hours of daily vigils in front of your monitor. Letters with questions of course, will come to you. But there will be many times smaller.

In addition, you can always reduce their number, if you edit your e-course in accordance with the newly incoming questions. Now the second process – the processing of orders. I think many of you do this work with pleasure. And if it brings pleasure, why would automate? And if you order a lot? But there is another reason which, in my opinion, much more important than saving time You ever shopped online? Certainly, if you know the feeling of anxious waiting after the payment – "Well, when, when I send my purchase and suddenly is not sent? Cheat "I I know that for many of my friends, and for me the very instant delivery of purchased goods plays an important role in making purchasing decisions. So if you sell electronic goods, then I recommend you automate payment and delivery of purchases to the customer. Besides saving time, it also increases sales! Believe me! Now propose to automate virtually all electronic payment system, and completely free! And it's not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Typically, vendors offer detailed instruction service settings. If you are interested in my opinion, I recommend the service Roboxchange. It compares favorably with others in that it allows your customer to choose any convenient e-currency. So that automate and enjoy your free time! Good luck! See you on the network. Yevgeny Veselov