Work Tools are More Common Today

In industrialized countries the adoption of this tool of work has increased considerably in recent years. In Venezuela in 1991, when several companies, consulting and technology services introduced him to 10 years, did not exist for that date statistics on their development as national development showed little of that market. Among the companies started to adopt the outsourcing are at General Motors, Bank Republic and Distributional Benedetto. Scope Outsourcing should be seen as a process that will make companies more competitive because the demands of customers require quality standards ever higher, following a competition where many companies have high quality products.

With the application of this tool can be made to the organization to focus on its core business, while ensuring that all functions are managed as if they were essential and strategic flexibility to address processes of change, a higher value-added service ( but not always at lower cost) and the transformation of a fixed cost into a variable number. Note that in the specific case of the use of technology which is where he has focused primarily on outsourcing, the benefits can be summarized into three: – Access a technological diversity broader and more complex systems. Avoid technological obsolescence. Optimize resources. By giving a specialist management and development of technology to access equipment and solutions that the company does not own and that require highly trained personnel with whom the company probably does not count. As for the service provider’s core business is technology, is updated and therefore also the customer.