Windows Movie Maker

Try to leave a positive message. If you feel tempted to “speak ill” of his competitors, or make fun of them in some way, do not. Regardless of the charges for “defamation” that can win, the public what really interests him is healthy competition, and do not enjoy seeing how two companies publicly detrimental. A viral video will not be an automatic increase of its traffic, because “viral” is not massive. Many viral videos have brought an event unparalleled to their creators, but persist in popular memory for long. That should be your goal: to create brand presence, and an opportunity that not many people know that your site exists to find out that you have a website.

It is true that some products are “best” material to make a video, but with a little imagination, you can make a video of almost anything. Ask for help from users, have a contest online, and encourage your audience to which to get their material. You can edit it, or use it as inspiration to create their own video. No huge investment is needed to make a viral video. There are many applications without going into detail on Windows Movie Maker, which allow you to edit your videos, and set to music eye with the copyright because you can leave your Youtube video without sound if you use a soundtrack whose copyright belongs to third parties.

Go ahead. Take your cell phone with camera and film. After a while, edit. Certainly create a video that meets all the conditions to become viral. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source to Victor Perez Acosta, is an entrepreneur and founder of Internet VPA in 1998. You can find more information and VPA are people in business. We know how you feel other business and what they want. We know you want to save money, but not at the expense of quality. We know you need a reliable partner. A company can always meet your deadlines. We work more than anyone to increase profits for your business, while reducing overall costs.