Wall Street Movie

What is the value of "Wall Street"? The answer is simple: the value of the film is that it shows the clan, not an event but a whole epoch. This 80th year of the last century. Yes, they are not ours, not the poor and disadvantaged Soviet eighties, and American. Lovely hair, a very crude clothing, cell phones, walkie-talkie-sized army. And, of course, a terrific entrepreneurial spirit of America! It would seem that all was so long ago, and even in foreign lands, but to me it very close to the world. It always wants to go back and admire them. Ironically, most of this image is connected with the city of New York, to which I am partial. The benefit of the charm of the American metropolis 80 captured in a large number of films.

They still face the twin towers, business travel in limousines, and only friends are preparing to take a permanent place in the "Central Perk". Mashable gathered all the information. The world of the film "Wall Street" is not only fixated on the financial side. When I first saw it, my financial literacy was at a critically low level. But I realized this film, imbued with its spirit. And the fate of the characters have become indifferent to me, because on the screen unfolds this human drama, and the scenery is Wall Street. I think there will be appropriate example of films about doctors with lots of specific terms, but that does not deter visitors. So it was with "Wall Street": if something is unclear – it is not interfere with viewing.