Vehicle Warranty

Very often, the euphoria of owning a brand new car from the owner begins to disappear rapidly after the first or second visit, the official dealer in order to carry out routine maintenance. According to many motorists, through the payment they receive after the work was not entirely appropriate either the volume of transactions, nor the real value of used supplies and spare parts. Timid attempts Dissent by saving at least an independent acquisition of the necessary parts for maintenance is almost always strictly prohibits employees of corporate technical centers. In this case, the main argument with their hand, tend to favor a promise to deprive the owner of warranty on the car, if he shall gain the required maintenance materials and parts are not an authorized dealer, and freely available. Most often it works, and motorist or continues to pay for warranty service for "full program", or completely abandons him and goes into the "garage shops", thus effectively lishayas their legitimate rights to free warranty repair the car.

Meanwhile, the repair may require a much more serious financial costs than the cost of normal maintenance. Long since it is no secret that most severe competition among producers for the consumer wallet, especially in the segment of the mass budget models, inevitably leads to a significant reduction in profitability of such activities as the sale of new cars. According to various estimates, in Europe, this figure now stands at only 1-2%. In Russia, of course, car dealers earn a few more, but global trends and make them increasingly thinking about the development of other areas of their business.