Twittent – 140 Characters

“I am you, and you?” But “what am I doing?” An approach worthy of a famous philosopher – “Who am I? Where am I? Where am I ?”-… These are the questions of everyday community members Twitter! Each tweet own way, in a purely recreational or professional or even commercial! Sometimes, humor, passion and interest intersect … shot a glance heliast, user system .. Twitter or richness of information flows chosen … Twitter is a mine of information. It is disseminated very fast and massive.

It takes my mind to set a rule of thumb about who you follow (FOLLOWING) and do not follow all goes, to avoid being drowned in information flows that would be useless. ” A graduate of a master strategy, logistics and e-business, heliast seeks to keep abreast of the most advanced and new business. Some news site could Twitter has generally sufficient, but … Links to articles somewhat offset “The idea of Twitter being expressed in 140 characters, it is important to write a strong hook to sharpen the focus of my contacts. Often the original articles that I can not find on national news sites but at sites more professional and BtoB or on blogs are those that are among my favorites.

Sometimes I also communicate on subjects went outside the box as one of my tweet To those who do nothing this summer “(campaign at a must see!) A computer selected leisure … remains in line with professional ambitions Sometimes the professional interests engender passions and vice versa. The viral media short messages contributes to this type of behavior. Heliast found this medium perfectly suited to share his passion with his “digital friends” that “he does not know physically for the most part. Then the evening entertainment twittent with professional reality. “I connect daily to increase my knowledge in the field of Internet, e-business, etc.. With the links I have published, the people I know do not follow my news and I can expand my social network to better inform me. I am therefore starting to build a network of totally free, which I will always professionally one day or another. ” Everyone has one’s own use tweeter, a study from Harvard Business School also shows that 10% of Twitter users generate 90% of Twitter.