Twilight Interview

It is necessary to look at contemporary films and you can see at once how far the filmmakers have stepped in technology and in how many steps they went backward, and modern movies can full of colorful scenes and magnificent large-scale special effects, but they have lost meaning, disappeared acting, stunts, scenery and technical effects. In the movies less and less of a script. Take for example the theme of vampires. Now become very popular saga Twilight vampires. Young people just fanateet, and many of the older generation looks with pleasure. And only few of them admit they watch these movies just for the reason that all of his watch and praise.

Film Twilight is filled with a mass of computer effects, a few cute and almost spineless and faceless heroes, a bunch of unintelligible absurdities that and explain it is not necessary because of the lack of explanations, and the plot, which not particularly different from the cheap Mexican soap operas. See a movie can be the strength of the time, and that he especially not how you remembered. Compare Twilight with the so-called junk, cult film "Interview with the Vampire." Absence computer effects – possible negative, but an excellent and thought-out plot, great actors play, wonderful scenery, costumes and special technical effects and, most importantly, this film is remembered. If now take any movie and just remove many moments in which we show some traced in 3D detail if you remove all of these moments, the movie scene as a whole on the strength of will last for 15 – 20 minutes. If this continues, then we will soon we can see 2 hours of 3D version of the famous "Arrival of a Train," in which there is nothing but train. We hope that soon something will change.