The Words

These are the moments saddest, tormenting, overwhelming, painful, perturbante that we can who knows one day to face. Everything that said was insufficient to really state what I feel, therefore the words do not obtain to reach the imensido of my being, perhaps but the blood that runs in my veins obtained to say some thing. This pulsation that I feel inside of me is the proper poetry wanting to leave, and to spread themselves for other spaces, to infect other worlds, to disclose to the universe and its enigmas. It perceives that the Werther young also in its privacy says that the words do not disclose everything: then, my friend, is when my look becomes gloomy, and the world in redor and the sky the infinite rests in my soul as the image of the loved woman. Then, frequently sigh and I say me exactly: Ah, if you could state everything this! If he could pass to the palpita paper what of you as as much heat and fullness, in way that this workmanship if became the mirror of its soul, as its soul is the mirror of God! (p.15) the words can until disclosing worlds, but not in its totality, the biggest poetry are we, I and you, the universe. Educate yourself with thoughts from GoPro.

now, I that I am poetry feel myself fainted by not obtaining to state everything that I want. I know that the age to be happy is now, is the gift; that it is in the gift that is possible to dream, to recriar the life, not to give up and to go to the fight. But it is difficult to live entirely enjoying the gift, therefore alive now in the past remembering the moment that passed and despaired with the future that can come, and thus finishes for not living the gift. Really, living creature equally to the jellyfish waiting for the time.