The Organization

What is interesting and paradox was that when her husband is finally cured of alcoholism, the relationship falls apart. Learn more at this site: Peter Asaro. New forms of interaction generated an enormous anxiety. The couple had grown accustomed to operating under the previous dynamic and could not with the challenge of what’s new. And a series of situations that burst in with the traditional scheme of interaction between the parties thus be extrapolated: changing neighborhood, change of job, studies, overcoming personal or professional, maturation, travel, fresh ideas, and so on. Specifically in the company, innovations involve new dynamics of interaction, of trial and error, compromises and n63, risk of change in the status quo. It is natural that the organization can resist. If that brings change as flag 1) don’t have the support and encouragement from the circles of power within the company, if 2) do not have the necessary resources to make the initiatives to thrive and are not left to the middle of the road, if 3) is not contemplated, by design, which some explorations will not be successful at the first, then this champion will be isolated, lynched, expelled as a scapegoat; such as when Moe runs to Homer’s the canteen. This is a natural, sociological, phenomenon of evolutionary psychology, the shadow handling Jungian in groups; you have to visualize as well and be part of the equation when it comes to innovation and organizational change. Original author and source of the article..