The Hospitable Pedagogy

The Hospitable Pedagogy constitutes a special way to understand the Pedagogy. One is oriented and formed by the incontestable fact of the disease and framed by the concrete scope that constitutes the hospitable institution where it is carried out. It is offered like a vitalizada Pedagogy, the life and for the life, that a constant experiencial communication between the life of educating and the life of the educator constitutes, and takes advantage of any situation, by painful that can seem, enriching to suffers who it, transforming his suffering into learning (Lizasoin, 2000). In this same line, Of Valle and Villanezo (1993) they clarify that the Hospitable Pedagogy is not a science closed but multidisciplinary, that still is delimiting its object of study to give answer to those situations that, in the conjunction of the sanitary and educative scopes, the society is demanding, becoming equally necessary programs of attention to the convalescent boy, that is to say, conceiving the convalecencia in the address like an prolongation of the period of hospitalization. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. The Hospitable Pedagogy considers in addition like a ramification to the Special Education, inasmuch as it takes care of specific form of the children and children with health problems, after all of children and children with special educative needs. Nevertheless, it cannot consider like fundamental and exclusive task of the Hospitable Pedagogy solely the attention of the hospitalized boy and its family. The intention of the Hospitable Pedagogy goes further on, including an ample panorama much more within which more schooling is an element, next to many others, that comprise of the evolution and global improvement of the human being. Therefore, the Hospitable Pedagogy is beyond the medicine and beyond Sciences of the Education, there where the dignity and the solidarity of the ill-hospitalized boy and his familiar context protest, it has more to do with the health and the life that with the instruction and the training: without resigning to the specific contents of the education, it goes beyond this one.