The Future

the coitado one of the filly if to escafeder all. It did not have to such party. The young horse or the young horse was with a muzzle and a rope of nylon. Ones 8 meters of rope. It entered in the corral and he was looked at for the filly. It caught the rope and it made the filly to run in circle. First in the counter-clockwise direction.

Later in the clockwise one. It repeated one ten times. each return diminua in the distance between it the filly. It went cuts shortening it. When the filly already sufficiently was sweated and tired, it released the rope in the soil and was of coast for the future sire.

At the few it was arriving, arriving and stopped to a distance of one three meters. I silence it was total. It gave to listen to the breath of the animal. It did not capsize to face the filly, without before placing the hand in the pocket and uncurling a rapadura piece. Firm then looking in the eyes of the horse, extended the hand and the horse ate the rapadura piece. It started to walk in zigzag and it folloied it to the horse. It arrived at the fence, it caught a woollen bacheiro of sheep and placed in lombo of the said one whose. Later it took off and it gave it to smell. It came back to place the bacheiro and it placed the saddle. It pulled the horse for the center of the corral it made and it to walk calmly. It released the rope and it was for the center. The horse estaked not less of one meter. Of this time instead of giving plus a rapadura piece, it fondled it, it spoke to the ear, it passed the hand in the head and then it gave plus a rapadura piece.