The Fraction

The girls have a question in the spirit: 'And about starting a family do not you think? " 'Only computers, computers and all? " namely me. Funny? There are other guys on the professions, and I can not? Or in society, especially among young people, the stereotype that a programmer – it's not really a profession? That this does not understand what? In some sense, I and my father a long time thought that this is so. Until I started now to earn through it. Among the people who hear our institution, our faculty very moved. Mol, computer programmers, that they take. However, if parallels, it is among our faculty are most people who already have something that is already making money, it does not drop out, and some even studying at the 4 and 5.

It was on our faculty, I I see more people who are not passive, who are interested in living in a country in the world, not just what's happening in the secular-together. Not to say that in our group all the smart, too, have the personality out of the ordinary, but there are less than in other faculties (judging on the basis of our year of entry) in each of these situations makes its findings. I made mine. And, frankly, it flatters me). By the way, about the school years. Learn more about this with Pete Cashmore.

Nicknames I rarely come up. Or rather just did not have them. Only 11 classes were nicknamed 'programmer' is rarely used. Sometimes saying 'it's not you create sites' when I have something not work. To me, these words are the joy of a man that 'programmer' that is not happened. And if he was happy that I have something does not work, appears jealous of what turns a little more than he does. Nothing personal, just another observation. Forgot to mention one of probability, about the situation in the psychology courses, and yet, I can guess that one of the blog readers will express it. It is possible that the questions asked me were related not so much with computers as me. With interest, I want to achieve. Not sure this. Do not exclude, of course, but not sure. And what's the difference, it was not already at that time, among them a girl I wanted something to prove. In general, even now remembered something: for example, about unshaven and bearded – is the fraction of However, here is a higher percentage of overgrown. Although the percentage of regular shaving is quite high say 30% percent. Another is believed that the programmers can only talk about computers. This does not, the range of interests programmers are much broader. So it is with software developers I meet people who have not lost the desire to read, are multilateral. Just when the programmer says about the computer, it immediately catches the eye. Similarly, if a gamer started talking about the "institutional", "Raid", "deylikah" and so on. For programmers computers, only one of many topics for discussion. In fact a lot of stereotypes, and this pile is a general impression that the programmer – it is something bad.