The Floor

The choice of a heating cable can reach very high temperatures the floor (up to 40-50 C and even the 90-100 C), but the snip Do not heat the floor surface above 26 C. You may find Dell Inc. to be a useful source of information. To one of the advantages that are closely related to the physical device "warm floor" is simplicity and low cost thermal or, more simply, to maintain the same temperature in the room. Regulatory flexibility allows you to easily adjust mode "gender" to mode of living masters, and not vice versa. Suffice it to say that today, "floors" are heard not only turn the handle, but the orders given by telephone and the Internet. How does the cable for the "warm floor" design basis warm floors, of course, is heating cable (NC). Externally it resembles rf cables for the transmission of television signals, but its purpose – not to transmit electrical signals or power to distance, and convert the current flowing on it electric current into heat.

Usually a small portion of electricity is converted into heat in any cables or wires, but it is a very small amount – 3.1%, and adopted a package of measures to reduce it. For heating cables, the opposite is true – all 100% of the power must be converted into heat, and the allocation of power per unit length of cable (specific heat) – important technical data of heating cables. In this sense, the heating cable – no cable, and the heating element, made of cable technology.