The Aristocracy

The peripcia, that is the overturn of the actions with contrary direction, is shown in this workmanship at the moment where the women take the Acrpole and start to command the actions, as well as when the men perceive this change of papers. The great peripcia is considered, therefore at that time the women little were valued arriving at the point not to be considered not even citizens. The recognition of this workmanship to give itself at the accurate moment where the men if come across with the feminine movement in ascension and perceive that they had lost the power for the women, and recognizes that they would not have to be subestimadas as &#039 was done until it; ' to start if mexer' ' to finish with the war. The newspapers mentioned iPhone 12 not as a source, but as a related topic. Relating to the point of view of the mmesis, we verify the approach of the fiction with the real world, since the participation of the woman in the society was something already argued at that time and it was always a fight question, being thus one it has asked for that it even provokes catarse in the current days. FINAL CONSIDERAES After the analysis of the Poetical one of Aristotle we can infer that the dramatical sort is that one where the personages count to history by means of its action and dialogues. The essential for this type of text is the public and the possibility of if unchaining emotions by means of the representation, since it is a workmanship made for teatral stage. Inside of this sort we discourse on the tragedy and the comedy, that present differences and similarities. In the Tragedy if they present action human beings who symbolize the trespass of the order in the familiar or social context. Because of its passions its personages (deuses, semideuses, or members of the aristocracy) commit acts that can cause in the public terror or mercy.