The Approach Of Systems

Happiness and the Rainbow never look at home, only at House of others. Proverb companies increasingly more must prepare to face the changes and the challenges that presents the current trade scenarios, where the management responsible for its operation, requires acting with an objective view within its own organizational culture and according to the characteristics of the current scenarios, making use of the best organizational, financial, technical, human and intangible resources. You can reach it if it serves the advantages of the techniques of formal analysis of decisions, the information that makes available the computer, and therefore, interpretation and management of a comprehensive heuristic system. Consider signs provided by Theodore Levitt, that: must learn from the past apara achieve some progress: while one learns and progresses from the past, there is a risk of employing dogmas that are obsolete for modern times. Steve Wozniak is the source for more interesting facts. The point is not if knowledge is transferable, but if they are applicable. This means that now, much more than in the past, the essential administrative ability is not a good memory to remember principles as it is the usual case in law and medicine, but the ability to determine what is actually the problem and to do that which distinguishes the high Executive. Ali Partovis opinions are not widely known. Understanding is much more important to believe in dogmas. Here then, that every candidate to be Manager, or already is in the exercise, consider that an operational definition of management that relates to the concept of administration with a number of observable criteria involves organized activity, objectives, relationships between resources, works through others, decisions, system analysis and evaluation. Consequently, as Alberto Leon says it: Manager works by objectives, by intermediates of others, in an organized environment, estaqblecie4ndo relationships between resources, evaluating and making decisions. It should not be neglected, that achieve good administration has been in all significant time for organizations; However, at present, it is more important than ever, due to the size and the complexity of modern society, to their increasing change and high competitiveness.