The teachers had also selected informative texts on the pollution of the water and referring questionings to the same ones. She was used still, the text of the Universal Rights of the Water, annexing a copy of the same to the table of the previous research. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dermot McCormack. Verbal activity was become fullfilled on each one of the rights, and later each pupil chose the right of the water that more found interesting and made a drawing on it. We create acrsticos with the word WATER and each pupil developed activity in accordance with its creativity, and still as tools, the computer science laboratory was used to search on the cycle of the water. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES In this work approached it question of the water through problematizaes that despertaram the understanding of the cares and preservation with it, developing abilities whom the pupils had taken to be multiplying of the acquired knowledge, inside and outside of the school. In such a way, it was great the stimulaton and persistence in the search of solutions, what it constitutes a basic aspect for the cares with this so precious and basic liquid for the existence of life in the planet. Teachers and pupils had assumed thus, the commitment with the preservation of the water and the acquisition of concepts for a referring more conscientious performance to the environment.

The work with this project meant the search for a change of position, a form to rethink the actions of the daily one, making possible the envolvement, the cooperation and solidarity between pupils familiar in the intention of, to transform positively, the reality from the carried through discoveries. The work in the Portuguese area was important for the pupils, therefore they had improved the orality and its literal production through texts that made sensible in practical its, as: informative, acrsticos brochures, texts, etc.