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Upward Cork

You need 24 matchboxes, a cardboard tube and a little padding. It is good, If you have about nine Cork, a wrapping paper roll. In addition the following Office equipment in use will be: scissors, pencil, glue, tape, pencil, ruler. Instructions and now it can go. 25 pieces (10 x 5.5 cm) should be cut out of the wrapping paper. Take a box and smeared it with glue.

Then, a piece of paper to be wrapped around. An edge is over, you must glue also him. Now know the first step in making the children very well and do the same thing with the other twenty-three boxes. In the next step the children will need adult assistance eight corks into thin slices cut (approximately twelve to fourteen slices per a Cork). Now you can attach four wheels on each box. So twenty-two boxes have been so slowly take shape.

For the engine, you must use the cardboard tube, she will be halved. Then 5.5 cm should be cut off from the half roll. Now it bends the edges inward, approximately 0.5 cm are there then. Paper wrapping around the last piece to the cardboard. The part is now coming to a matchbox. The last Matchbox must be pushed from one side, however, but rather a bit pull the charging, otherwise she may still adhere. The children like to attach wheels, it must be three piece from each side. Upward Cork, as well as some cotton comes even a smaller and a bigger piece. This should represent the smoke. The joy of children at this craft will be tremendous if they see how the locomotive is transformed into their hands and slowly takes the final form. Now the next step – the locomotive and the cars to connect occurs. It works very well, if a long band, however, is stuck from the bottom. But so much space must remain between the cars, you can pull the load yet. Now comes the math for little handymen in question. Now the numbers from one to twenty-four on the cars and the locomotive must be written. This is the purest pleasure, the children will be as much trouble. Also populating the advent calendar with smaller treats is very nice on the craft. Recently Viacom sought to clarify these questions. The craft brings much joy to children.