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Chief Rich

99% believe that the rich are slaves of money but this is totally false. do those who change their time for money? does holding 8,10 14 and more hours for a salary a month? and the day that does not work the simple don’t charge, or which were spent half a lifetime investing large amounts of money and effort studying things that are never practiced for that? for the final be tied to an Office, or place of work, always depending on under someone named Chief that le’s orders. It’s really sad to see people at the 30, 40, 50 and more years begging for a job. This for me is a slave. Instead the rich do what they want, travels, buy, gift, stands up to the time that you want to, eat what you want, not you have to endure humiliation of anyone and simply have the money working for, or is that the $$$ is the slave of the rich.

This 99% passed life looking for $$$ by changing your precious time, his youth, his strength, his life for a salary, why why, why? Instead of seeking money, must learn the process for win it. The majority of people are tied to lies, traditions that keep them tied accustomed to be between barriers and limitations but it all depends on the person’s ability to realize that God endowed him with absolutely all the tools necessary to succeed but the poor will always be poor until he not change his mind and the rich will always be rich. Let me explain: * the poor receive salary and spend it on whatever, so the flea market or the market of the fleas or etc. To know more about this subject visit Harlem. * the middle class receives the salary with half pay debts and with the other indebted worse. * the rich receive salary and they are always thinking about how put it at that produces most. It is not a sin to be rich, the bad thing is loving the riches, but when one understands that you it is archimillonario / why is absolutely nothing for our all powerful God.

Then well. That when you believe in God, the open doors where there were only walls. By: Cristy Parra Twitter: Aprendeaganare if you want the book that has helped thousands of people write me to matter want totally free book I send it, change the mind is excellent. Cristylily success is nothing more that a few disciplines, practiced every day, whereas failure is simply make mistakes without trial and repeat them all day. It is the accumulation of our disciplines and judgements that lead us to Fortune or to defeat. Success is nothing more than a few disciplines, practiced every day, while failure is simply to make mistakes without trial and repeat every day. Is a collection of disciplines and our judgments that lead to Fortune or defeat.